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Community Level 1lincolnscot


Nissan Serena LX 2.0D 1993

AdvantagesCheap 8 seater, massive load space with seats folded,

Disadvantagessluggish especially on hills,

"...who wishes to stretch out 2 Normal front doors and a lhs sliding door for the rear passengers. Front and sliding doors have mechanical wind windows; the rhs 2 rear rows have swing windows with catches and due to the sliding door the lhs last row window is fixed. Basic fan heater/coooler independent systems and controls for front and rear. However there are on/off switches for the rear fan both on the drivers console and in the rear, this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1KK23


It's 'only' a Serena but we LOVE IT!!

Advantagestoo many to mention

Disadvantagesexpensive when parts need replacing

" Ours has plenty of 'go' and always picks up well. The serena is not the smartest looking MPV but being comparatively narrow makes it much easier when driving round the lanes of my native Isle of Wight and also easy to park. My only gripe is that when it goes wrong and needs to go on a diagnostics machine, as our did recently, it has to be taken to a Nissan dealer and this is expensive!! To sum up this well priced car is great for families, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nolz14


Nissan serena

AdvantagesBig,Cheap and looks good

Disadvantagesexpensive to buy parts and of course speed

"...children and often took out a friend or family members on journeys with us which was great, There is ample space and great for holidays plenty of room for luggage, cots etc and still you had room unlike our last car which my husband often wishes he had just for speed only because he wouldn't swap it for the world it was the best buy we have ever bought, Its great for trips you get brilliant view from all windows and being high at the front even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1samuel3


Great People carrier


DisadvantagesThe amount of leg room in the back

"...PC, yep, a people carrier. As we did not have too much money to spend we bought one of the cheapest on the market which was of coarse, the Serena. The onlyt thing I have to complain about is the leg room. In the front and the middle seats there seems to be bags of it which is great but in the back, uh oh, hardly any. What happened.? We have never had a spot of trouble with it and we have had it for 3 years now. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bigbird842


A great all rounder

AdvantagesSpacious, sliding doors both sides.

DisadvantagesChecking oil under passenger seat.

"I have had a nissan serena for three years and have had no problems with it at all. It is great to ride if a little noisy with the engine under the front seats. It's great for carting the kids round and also makes a good sized van with the back seats folded up. I've used it for school runs, holidays, car booting and carrying a market stall. It's a real good all round utility vehicle. I would definately buy one again. Unfortunately my serena and me ..." Read review

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good for your body mind and spirit
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