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18.12.2005 (06.01.2006) Diamond review

It's a Nokia, plain and simple, but funky too ;)

Samsung have been doing this for months

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Anyone who keeps an eye on me knows I've been going through a rough time for a while now, while I don't feel up to sharing, I do feel the need to involve you in something that cheered me right up, albeit only for a while.

**What does your mobile say about you?**
I've been keeping my eye on the O2 site for a while now, waiting for this little lady (for she has to be female, technology mixed with ease of use, fine lines and sexy curves mixed with sleek styling and superior knowledge to every other model) and finally, the Nokia 6111 came up on my upgrade list. She cost me a mere £20, although I'm sure she would be free for new subscribers. And she isn't yet available on pay as you go. My little 6111 says I'm cutting edge, on a contract, and have to wait 12 months before I get another new phone, but at least I won't have to shove someone elses socks down my pants!!

**The initial downfall, and recycling!**
After the first phone arrived (sigh) I charged it up (male phone, failed to get a full charge!!) I returned it and felt let down. Days later the replacement arrived and I'm ready to roll! Charged up and raring to go I handed the 6230 to my eldest daughter, and she handed her 3100 to her sister. who handed her 3310 to her brother, who is three, and over the moon at his green screen!

I amazed at the difference in the growing technology, the 6111 is only marginally lighter than the 6230, heavier than the 3100 and so much lighter than the brick shaped 3310's we once thought were amazing. It's the capabilities of each subsequent Nokia that brings a smile to my face, green screen to colour, colour to camera, camera to video, and finally, what is now, a mega pixel, multi zoom camera, 60 minute movie making, large screen phone.

**What's in the box?**
My phone (wooohoooo!), battery, charger, loads of bumph I will never ever read (sigh!) and the radio earphones. There is no memory card as with the 6230, the memory on this baby is all internal! Oh, oh, oh, and a charger. Sadly this is a smaller connector than the others in the house, so now we will be forever littered with two on the kitchen side.

**How pretty is she?**
She is top totty. Very sleek in classic black, with a chrome tone edging to her facia. On the front she is mostly screen, with a naviagational pad, a shortcut button either side, and below those are the make call, end call buttons. Sliding her open as she lights up (fancy) you find the numerical keypad.

**Easy to program?**
Okay, nothing is ever so easy it's not a chore. As I have already said, I won't read destructions, but it was okay. Everything is self explanitory from the main menu, easily accessible with the phone snapped closed, and although the numbers were a chore to type in, it wasn't a tough job. I had over 50 names and numbers typed in, made my usual contact groups, assigned each group a tone and picture well within 30 minutes.

**So, what will I use her for?**
In short, most of it, although I have no intentions of using the radio, I really don't see the point, although someone must.

**Video camera**
The video camera is dependant on memory, holding up to an hour, which would use up the 23MB internal memory. I have often captured my dogs playing, or children doing something daft on my phone, and I love to share these around. I can now record for any reasonable length of time, download to my PC and record onto disk (using a data cable, not supplied, but cheap enough on Ebay). Blackmail for the kids in 15 years time when their other halves come for the "What are your intentions" speech!

The camera, although much less capable than the digital cameras of today, it's a clarity thing, it displays up to 262,144 colours and even on the larger screen of the 6111, it's crystal. To actually download, enlarge to a poster and print, it would be appalling. The whle idea of mega pixels is so as not to lose clarity and detail in enlargements. I have prined off some 6x4", and found these to be fairly reasonable, and well detailed. That said, I wouldn't want to go any larger. And as it has 6x zoom, which comes in handy, as soon as man, child or beast think they are having their picture done, they move.... even distance is no longer a huge problem.

I can't seem to find the way of infra red, never have, but I love the Bluetooth technology. When I thought I was losing all my ringtones to my daughter I was heartbroken. The joy of Bluetooth means I can transfer files from one phone to another, within the general area, for nothing. It's also rather funny mistaking a friend's phone for a complete strangers in the school playground, but that's another story...

**The MP3 player**
This is another story. The tones pre-programmed in the phone are awful, but the sound is astounding. Once I had my seasonal tunes, sexy tones and funky songs bluetoothed across, I was ready to take calls! No phone ever matches the sound of live music, but this comes pretty close. There is no mono, tinny, feedback noise, and is probably about the best I have heard on a mobly. With the phone's 'Music Player' feature, you can put on your favourite tunes and listen to them in alphabetical, numerical or any other kind of order, or shuffle them around for a complete surprise!

**A future of texters**
As in In December 2004, 2.4 billion text messages were sent in Britain as the traditional Christmas card was dumped in favour of a seasonal text message, I realised I had succombed to fashion rather than tradition.
SMS launched in 1995 and has escalated so far that we now send 3.6 million text messages an hour in Britain alone, my Darling Husband seems to think at least half of those are mine!!! Texting on the 6111 is as easy as any other Nokia, although the buttons are a little more fiddly than it's predecessors. Texts can be viewed with the slide shut, so to speak, but to reply it must be fully extended. The format is the same as every other mobile out there, except the buttons are twice as long as they are wide. (Okay, except for those of us who have thumbs like a cows hoof!)

**To call..... or not to call**
Making a call is easy, and can be made with phone open, or closed. Select down from the easy to use navigator button to find the recipient in the phone book, and then press green to call, how long you stay chatting for is up to you, although if it exceeds 3 hours, even on a full charge you may want to say a swift ta ta.

Included on the phone are Backgammon, Golf Tour, Rally 3D and Solitaire. The graphics are amazing, but sadly the games are not. Solitaire is simple enough, but the cards are just so tiny, Rally 3D, well darn it, I can't even get a medal to progress to a half decent car, Golf, pretty addictive seeing as I HATE golf, and Backgammon...... It's black and white chequers, right? All games can be played with the phone snapped shut.

There's a world clock, which I don't think I will ever need, but it's so handy, right? Okay, maybe not. But the converter is, I can transfer celcius to farenheit, pounds to kilos, and all manner of weights, volumes, areas and measurements! This I use, as metric and "old money" (as my dad calls it) confuses me beyond belief.

The internet reaches the mobile technology world in a rainbow of colour with whatever you want to search for at your thumb tip! If you just can't wait until you get home, then hit the browse button, if you can, wait, it's so much cheaper!!

**Battery time**
From empty
Pictures of Nokia 6111
Nokia 6111 Picture 2374027 tb
Fully erect
it takes only a coupld of hours to give her a full charge, now I've had my 6111 a while, the battery is at it's full capacity, and as a light user (maybe 35 text messages coming in and going out, and 25 minutes of calls each day) the battery lasts around 5 days. I put her to sleep at night, and she wakes me up on school mornings, what a sweetheart!!

**Making top totty unique**
The covers aren't interchangeable as with 75% of Nokias. You can download your own MP3's for tones, add pictures, games etc. You can also add themes which run through the entire mobly, a bit like a PC theme.

**The downfalls**
After singing her praises, I have to sacrifice a little and mention the downfalls (she is only human after all).
I dropped her this morning, and there is now an apparent crack above the camera lens. This isn't a crack at all, I had to glue a chip back on, so she is fragile. (Yes guys, I know what you're thinking!)
The facia's aren't exchangeable, but as she comes in pink, silver or black, make your mind up first.
The text messages.... On the 6230 it told you how many characters were left until you went on to a two message text, this doesn't.
The screen is all to ready to be scratched, with no cases available directly for this model, I need a pouch which can, and will, muffle the quality and level of sound.

**Would I recommend her?**
Yes, and no. Considering she isn't freely available on pay as you go, it means tying down to a 12 month contract. In 12 months time there will be so many more better phones (it's okay, I covered her ears!) For a "keep" phone, there isn't a comparison I would make...... yet. I'm more than happy with my new addition, and will be until my Darling husband gets his upgrade in May, no doubt!

**A texters guide to the Oxford dictionnary**
AFAIK As far as I know
ATB All the best
BTW By the way
CID Consider it done
CUL8R Call you later
EZ Easy
H&K Hug and kiss
HHIS Hanging my head in shame
IYSS If you says so
KOTL Kiss on the lips
LOL Laughed out loud / Lot's of luck
LTS Laughing to self
L8R G8R See you later alligator
LUWAMH Love you with all my heart
JM2p Just my two pence worth
OTOH On the other hand
2MORO Tomorrow
CU 2MORO See you tomorrow
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
SHID Slaps head in disgust
SOHF Sense of humour failure
THX or TX Thanks
TTFN Ta ta for now
TWIMC To whom it may concern
oxoxoxoxo Hugs and kisses
WUSIWUG What you see is what you get
YBS You'll be sorry
YKWYCD You know what you could do
YTLKIN2ME You talking to me?
YYSSW Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

So, it was JM2p, u no me, WUSIWUG, THX 4 reading,
L8R G8R oxoxoxoxox
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inbetweendaysx 10.06.2007 11:18

Woah tonnes of information! It's great. this phone reminds me of the phone I have, but sounds much better, I have the nokia 5200, similar shape.. music phone. I like the little dictionary you included at the end. Great review!!!!!

bibby29 18.05.2007 15:00

I am looking to buy a phone at the moment and am really thinking about buying this one. thanks. x

tracy_3princesses 11.04.2007 12:01

Very well written, i have this phone and totally agree with you on it . Tracy xx

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