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published 29/05/2012 | audriana
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Pro Never have to thinking about taking a pill!
Cons Cramping.
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"My experience with Nova T 380"

My Background:
I'm a 22 year old mother with a four and year old child. Before I had my son, I had never been on birth control so after I had him, I wanted to make sure there never be anymore,"oh no's".

My Birth Control Experiences:
I started off with the depo shot (needle in your hip) six weeks after I had, had him. I was excited with this choice at first because like an iud, I didn't have to think about taking a pill, it was a simple needle and then I didn't have to think about it for another three months. Well my excitement quickly faded because after three months of non stop bleeding (and not the spotting or "light period" type) I had, had enough. So I went on the pill, and I bled continuously on those too, (I went on three different types!) So I thought, well I guess birth control isn't for me! But after another "oh no" appeared that ended in a miscarriage and I never wanted to go through it again.

Why I chose Nova T380:
So my doctor told me about the IUD, first telling me about the mirena and after telling me the price (500!!!!) I knew that, that one was completely out of the question as well because it has hormones in it, and from past experiences with other birth controls I knew that I needed something natural that would just let my body do it's own thing. So she then told me about NovaT and told me that it was copper and had no hormones in it, so as nervous as I was I thought, perfect! Finally something that I don't have to take everyday, because with the pill if you skip a day, it doesn't matter if you take a double dose the next day, there is such a chance you could get pregnant. Once it's in, it's in, and in the long wrong it is SO much cheaper then taking a pill everyday. On average, it is 20 dollars a month for the pill...$240 a year, $1200 for five years. Yes Nova T380 is alot of money upfront ($200) but over a five year span (that's how long it's lasts) you're saving $1000.00!!

The Procedure:
I suggest that you take an over the counter pain medication an hour before your appointment, it helped me greatly. You lay flat on your back and the procedure starts just like a paps would. Your doctor will probably try and talk to you about the weather while in your head you're just thinking, "Please shut up and get this over with." During my procedure my doctor told me I would feel two pinches, I didn't feel the first one, but because of the plunger broke she had to put it in manually. I definitely felt that pinch, but it was more then manageable. The procedure itself probably took ten minutes in its intirety and I was able to take the bus home.

After the Procedure:
For the first week, I think it's because I knew it was there, I thought I felt it. I was scared to move incase it fell out or something. I was checking everyday for the "fishing wire" feel, just to make sure I was good. When it comes to intimacy,I was terrified it would ruin the experience but my boyfriend didn't feel anything! Over the course of the month your cervix sits different so sometimes the strings will be low and sometimes they'll be high, but in my experience, they were never felt in the intimate moments. At my first post IUD insertion apt, she checked to make sure that it was in the right place and she told me that she couldn't feel the IUD and that I needed to go for an ultrasound and I was worried because I had felt them the morning prioir to my appointment. I went for the ultrasound and it was in the right place so as it turned out my cervix wanted to be high that day.

My period:
My period had never been the short and sweet kind so It didn't bother me that after the IUD was inserted that my period was 7 at most 8 days. I never cramped before when I had my period so that was a first. It was definitely a hot water bottle, eat lots of chocolate and stay away from everyone kind of pain, but nothing some over the counter pain medication couldn't fix. I wouldn't say that my period flow was heavier, but after getting the IUD, it was definitely more "Hey I'm here" instead of a day warning. I had the IUD inserted March 12th and it is now May 28th, my period has always come on time without a second thought until this month. I was a day late and of course my first thought was "oh no" but when it comes down to it, I don't think I realize how much my daily life affects when or if my period comes. I've been stressed and eating different so of course it's going to throw my body off. So if this has happened to you, don't just say, "Oh I wasn't stressing that much, where's my period???" Or if you go on a week long "I'm going to eat whatever the heck I want!" binge and it's completely different then the diet you had before, expect it to be different. Or even if you want to loose weight and you're just starting to work out, that will make your period either late, or come early (Because it happened to me). I had thought when it happened that this IUD was another failed birth control for me, but it was just my body responding to the change in my daily routine.

I really do recommend Nova T because it has honestly changed my outlook on birth control. Wouldn't you want to be in control of your body? When or if not you want to have a baby? Yes you can get pregnant on and IUD but it is MUCH more rare then with the pill. There are no hormones at all and it is wonderful. So what if I get cramps, I'm protected, it's cheaper, and I don't have to think about it everyday!

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  • audriana published 30/05/2012
    @RICHADA I live in Ontario, Canada and birth control is not free here at all. I only put the dollar references in to show the people that actually do pay for their birth control the benefit I felt in price difference it gave. Nova T380 should be available everywhere, my pharmacist didn't carry it on hand, but had no problem ordering it for me and had it delivered to my house the next day.
  • RICHADA published 29/05/2012
    I'm concerned about the Dollar references in this one - contraception (the pill at least) is free here in England I'd also be concerned about the availability and cost of the Nova T380 here. R.
  • gingelou published 29/05/2012
    Great review and welcome :)
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