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Now you see me was released in UK cinemas on 3rd July 2013. It is directed by Louis Leterrier and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Dave Franco and Isla Fisher.


The film is about four talented but hard-up magicians (Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco & Woody Harrelson) who are united via an unknown person who arranges for them all to meet in one room. The film then skips forward one year where the four have a successful show in Las Vegas called The Four Horsemen. They are sponsored by billionaire Arthur (Michael Caine) who owns a huge insurance empire.

During one of their hugely popular shows the four perform an extreme trick which they have never done before. They allow the audience to choose at random a member of the audience and enable him to rob a bank in Paris using teleportation. The stunt is a success and the crowd is showered with the millions of Euros stolen. And when the bank in Paris opens the money is in fact missing.

Of course following this stunt the FBI get involved and arrest the four magicians. FBI agent Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) is assigned to the case with the help of agent Alma (Melanie Laurent). However they can’t find any grounds on which to detain the horsemen since the only explanation they can find is magic. In the meantime the agents get in contact with Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman) who works out the logical explanations behind magicians tricks and makes TV shows and books explaining them.

It turns out that wasn’t the only big stunt the horsemen have planned though, as they continue the stunts become more and more extreme and we realise the mysterious man who united them had been planning these tricks for a long time in order to seek justice. The questions remaining are will they pull it off and who is the mystery man who brought them all together?

My Opinion

I saw this film because it was different and it definitely was! The magic theme was really interesting and made for a really fun plot. However it was never taken too far and into the realms of fantasy which kept the film grounded and the plot believable. The effects used were good and all the magic scenes looked realistic.

When the film began I didn’t realise how complex it would become. I assumed it would be all about the first stunt and the FBI trying to catch them out to enable an arrest. However it was so much more than that, the plot became very deep and was surprisingly involved and a far cry from the frequently used predictable plot structures. In many ways the film played tricks on the viewer (in the same way the magicians played tricks on their subjects) in that it gave you a false sense of security in that you knew exactly what was going on from the start and thought you had understood the reasons behind everything, only to discover that you really didn’t have a clue! This was fun and meant there were a few surprise twists which I didn’t see coming!

The main issue tackled by the film is that of justice and I suppose Karma, in that those who had done wrong ultimately got what they deserved. It was therefore a feel good film, yet you didn’t really know it was until the end. The ending of the film was conclusive in the most part, except one thing which is left as a bit of a mystery. It wasn’t something you needed to know though so didn’t leave you with that annoying feeling when it ends. Besides, I expected a film like this to leave at least one question.

The cast were well selected and well suited to their roles. I thought Isla Fisher was particularly good and brought a lot to the film. I’ve never minded her as an actress but never rated her as such, but I was really impressed by her performance in this film. I was surprised to see Dave Franco as a main character in the film as I had only ever seen him as a supporting actor. He was good in this film yet I feel he always comes across as the same person in his films (which I suspect is his own personality coming out) therefore I just don’t rate his abilities that much.

Mark Ruffalo’s role as FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes was interesting and he was much different to the characters I’m used to seeing him play. He was actually quite an angry, aggressive person but he pulled it off perfectly. Other notable performance, as always, came from Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. Both gave their usual naturally excellent abilities and complemented the film.
Overall Opinion

There is much more to this film than first meets the eye and it offers something different, therefore it is well worth watching. The cast complement it well and the concept is carried off perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone.

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  • emmad5689 published 03/08/2013
    We've been to see this very strange film, great review x
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    E review.
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