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published 30/11/2009 | emma29879
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"NPower........terrible terrible terrible terrible"

I would advise people avoid this company at all costs!!!!

I had a large bill with npower (due to heating faults) and was paying £70 direct debit. i went on holiday and returned to find a letter stating they were going to increase my payment to £239 per month

I called and said I couldnt afford that and we agreed £130 per month. The advisor stated this would not start until after the next payment which suited me as I was moving house and coming into some moeny so intended to pay the bill off in full.

so the next payment day comes round (which coincidentally was the day i sign for the keys for new house) and how much do you suppose they decide to pinch from me......yep you guessed it £239!!!!!! I feel i should point out this is not an isolated incident as i know of at least one other person who they have done the exact same thing to.

So straight on the phone less than impressed as obviously this could quite easily have left me short on funds fro new house, I demand they fix the problem only to get a flimsy apology and the suggestion i go to the bank and ask them to reverse the charge. This really didnt help me but would just put me further behind.

so now moved house i ring with final meter readings and provide forwarding address. A few days later final bills arrive, at this point for some reason known only to npower they decide to separate the utilities into two bills rather than the one they have had all along,

So I ring to pay them off, give advisor card details confirm I want to pay BOTH amounts and get him to confirm back to me the total to be debited.

A few days later after checking bank account I discover rather than taking the full amount they have only taken for one utility. I ring to query and get told "oh well you can pay the other one now or wait and see if it goes out" nice to now npower have a clue whats going on then

at this point i decide to leave it and wait for a follow up or reminder letter.

THREE MONTHS pass and i get a letter saying i am going to be charged £7 for not providing a forwarding address (even though final bills came to new address??!!??!!??) and if i dont pay outstanding amount court action will be taken against me.

So yet another phonecall and i get told the £7 was an error (good job i was paying attention wasn't it?) and to speak to customer services re outstanding bill. So after more heated discussions we agree on a payment plan which they tell me i cant pay by direct debit, oh no, i have to go to a pay point with a card to pay...could this be another way to try to get more moeny out of your customers by making it as hard as possible to pay.

Now you say surely nothing else can go wrong at this point can it?? ho ho don't ever underestimate how truly sneaky and thieving they can be! My payment plan letter turns up and lo and behold there is a £7 discrepancy between the final bill and payment plan amount, seems they decided not to credit it after all. so YET ANOTHER phonecall to get that credited.

At this point i decided to ask about making early payments on my payment card, you see i am actually keen to pay this off!, the payment date i have is the 4th of each month so i asked if i pay on the 1st of december allowing a few dyas for the payment to go through thats fine. should i then decide to pay the next payment on say the 20th of december could i count this as the january payment OH NO!!! that would be classed as an extra payment. As i said it seems like they do everything they can to make it hard to pay them its as if they want you to defualt so they can take you to court.

So anyway there is my experience of npower and i fear i am not alone in the terrible service i have recieved.

i would strongly urge anyone to go elsewhere!!!!!!

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