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Numark X6 Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects ( Numark X6 Mixer )

Numark X6 Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects ( Numark X6 Mixer )

Two-channel digital tabletop mixer 24-bit no-noise no-distortion digital mixing with ... more

Alesis technology Digital effects interface with
12 Beat-Sync effects with wetdry control Vocoder
Tape Echo Echo Flanger Phaser Filter two type of
Reverbs and more Inputs two phonoline switchable
RCA three line RCA mic 14 inch Outputs Balanced 14
inch Master RCA Record RCA Headphone 14 inch
stereo D-Type digital crossfader with reverse and
continuously adjustable slope control Microphone
channel with gain EQ onoff switch and aux input
Three-band rotary EQ three-band push-button Kills
and gain on each channel Mini-crossfader cueing X6
is a two-channel digital scratch mixer with
Beat-Sync digital effects. For any DJ who values
the fidelity and precision of their records CDs or
digital files X6 employs a 100-digital signal path
with Alesis technology. This 24-bit mixer
faithfully transmits every detail and nuance of
your music adding zero distortion and zero noise.
Each channel features a switchable phonoline input
and an additional line input three-band EQ and
three-band push-button Kills. A 14 inch mic input
channel also has a line input for further
flexibility. The mic channel contains dedicated
gain EQ and silent onoff controls. X6 kicks your
mixes up a notch with twelve 24-bit advanced
assignable digital Beat-Sync effects Vocoder Tape
Echo Echo Flanger Phaser Filter two type of
Reverbs and more all sync to the beat or your tap
input. You can hit the beat perfectly as you fade
in Tape Echo and give a shoutout with the Vocoder.
X6 has a D-Type digital crossfader with reverse
and slope-controls as well as mini-crossfader
cueing and balanced 14 inch outs for professional
reliable connection. For total DJ vibe alignment
X6 is the ticket.

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9V Numark X6 Mixer replacement power supply adaptor

9V Numark X6 Mixer replacement power supply adaptor

This 9V high-quality power supply adapter serves as a replacement PSU for the Numark X6 ... more

Mixer. The adaptor features overvoltage,
overcurrent and short circuit protection to
protect it from damage.

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Numark X-6 - 2-channel DJ mixer with 12x integrated 'Beat Sync' digital effects (with wet/dry control), vocoder, tape echo, echo, flanger, phaser, filter, 2x reverb types plus others, 24bit digital technology (no background noise or distortion). Inputs: 2x phono/line switchable (RCA), 3x line (RCA), 1x mic (6.3mm jack). Outputs: balanced jack (6.3mm), master (RCA), booth (RCA), record (RCA), headphones (6.3mm stereo jack). Digital crossfader, 3-band rotary EQ with kill function and gain on all channels. Weight: 3.

Product details

Long Name X -6
Manufacturer Numark


Listed on Ciao since 25/11/2009

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