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Number Ones - Michael Jackson

1 CD(s) - Pop R&B - Label: Sony Music Distribution, Epic - Distributor: Sony Music/Arvato Services - Released: 13/04/2009, 03/08/2009 - 886970465922, ...

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Review of "Number Ones - Michael Jackson"

published 06/12/2003 | BUBBLES171
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Pro A lot of the good old songs he sang.
Cons his life at the moment.
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"Whos Bad!!!!! Michael Jacksons Number Ones."

I am writing this review and opinion as a fair one, I have my personal opinions on him but this is not what this is about.

No matter what has gone on in the past, Michael Jackson is a legend. He even has a monkey named after me lol.

My next door neighbour from my last place idolises him and will not hear a bad thing said against him so for Christmas I decided to get her the Michael Jackson Number Ones.

Now Ciao, tut, tut, if your trying to catch me out to see if I have got this cd, then I must point out to you that you have the wrong picture on the review heading. Ciao shows it as Michael jumping sideways. This is actually one of the pictures inside the cd and is not the main cover.

The CD Cover
Very basic, white front and back cover with a picture of Michael Jackson with his had on his head and lifting the opposite leg up to his waist as though he is caught in one of his dance actions. He is wearing black and white clothing and a hat with a red ribbon around it.
Underneath in black it has Michael Jackson Number... Ones is written in red under that. That is the front cover.

The back cover shows is wrist and the infamous white sequined glove with the list of the 18 songs on it.

The inside of the cover as show in Ciaos heading is pictures of him doing dance routines. and also different ways of how to order this product.

The songs

1) Don't stop till you get enough - This is a good dance music song and as I am typing away to this I am bobbing up and down. This is one of my favourite songs and is mainly piano back up with a few brass instrument.

2) Rock with you - This is a bit of a slow one that you can dance with and ok it might be synthesised and not a real orchestra playing along but it is ok.

3) Billie Jean - One of his famous songs released in the 80s about his so called friend Billie Jean. This is definatley dance song and this reminds me of the 80s when dance music was in. This was in the days when pianos were been replaced by electric keyboards and synthesisers.

4) Beat it - Keyboards are the back up to this song and again the lyrics are very clear and it is how a young man is trying to be macho... This is quite a fast song and was typical of the 80s. This one is good but not my favourite. A lot of synthesisers in this.

5) Thriller - EEEEEEEk, hide under your duvets now. Who says they have never heard of this not many. I liked him when he wore his red gear, I remember when this came out people were commenting on his colour change at the time and how thin he was. This song is his finest and was ahead of its time with choreographers all dancing bang on in time. It is about a young man who meets a young woman and turns into a werewolf/ghoul. Sorry but I am now really jigging along to this. It features zombies of which he becomes one. This is his best ever. A few weeks ago I saw this video in full on digital tv and it is as good as it was 20 years ago. Vincent Price actually says these words on the CD, are you ready, those who are scared do not read on, lol
The foulest Stenches in the Air,
The funk of 40,000 years,
And grisly ghouls from every tomb,
Are closing in to seal your doom,
And thought you fight to stay alive,
Your body starts to shiver,
For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller!

6) Human Nature - Now the era is going and more of this LP now CD is used via electric keyboards. It is a very soft record and is about a young man meeting and eyeing up a girl and that this is human nature. This ok but not on my top 10 of his.

7) I just can't stop loving you - A slow musical intro, again mostly eerie keyboards, It is another slow love song. Right have just had a love song so am not going to get you all slushy... Well it isn't 3am at the Ritz you know.

8) Bad - Who's Bad. A good fast rhythm, most of his records by this stage are now by keyboards. A good dance beat. Different voice vocals. Yes this is a cool song.

9) The way you make me feel - This is a 4 beat rhythm and is mainly keyboards and drums all synthesised or electric. Crikey after listening to half of this now, I have just realised that most of his songs are between men and women, oh well it has only taken me 30 years to realise. Good song but even though this was an 80s song, I think it would be more appropriate in the 70s.

10) Dirty Diana - This starts of an an eerie metallic sound and then in the background you can hear the crowd cheering. The song is about a woman seducing him. Not impressed with this song, too hard to sing along to and this is not a dance record. The worst so far.

11) Smooth Criminal - Starts with the OW! drums play a large part in this again as well as the keyboards. He is not singing but speaking really hard and fast and I cannot understand a damn word of this, oh at last he is singing. Not a dance single, Infact this has just replaced number 10 as the worst.

12) Black or White - Ow starts again, good dance theme of synthesise rhythms. One thing I like about some of his songs is his lyrics. Basically this is saying it does not matter what colour you are.

13) You are not alone - Imagine yourself back as a teenager, it is the last dance at the club and you grab the nearest person and you smooch to this. A very soft slushy love song. Just basic keyboards in the background. The song is about a man who is in love with a woman who is far away.

14) Earth Song - This is all about the Ecological effect on the earth. Who remember somebody at a pop concert disrupting this song. This is more of an easy listening record and he puts a lot of feeling into it. I love this song and is my number 2 on this album. Very soft keyboards in the background. It is not a loud song, more atmospheric song.

15) Blood on the dance floor - 2 Beat rhythm, mainly keyboards. Very hard to hear any lyrics due to the music in the background. Although I can make out it is about a man and a woman.

16) You rock my world - A medium dance song, with a 2 beat rhythm, it is a bit to slow for my liking as I find Jackson to be more powerful in higher pitched and in your face songs not sloppy ones.

17) Break of Dawn - Another slow love song about him and a woman having emmmmm! enough said, use your imagination please. Slow ballad song, why is he wasting his talent on this sort of slush, I do not know.

18) One more chance - Another slow one, mainly keyboards, one more chance at everything. This is the final one.

What Have I got to say on this?
I purchased this as one of my special offers at Woolies on Friday and it retails at £13 but I got it for £6.50 and thought it was a bargain.

I loved all his old powerful songs of the 80s and early 90s but as the CD went on, it became a bit too slow and slushy.

Then again you have to think when your buying a cd, you will not like everything song on it and I found I was bopping around to all the old ones as though I was a hormonal teenager which would explain why it has taken so long for me to write this opinion.

Would I recommend it and what age group?
I have been meaning to get this for my neighbour for a couple of weeks and have not bought it but now I have, I am keeping the original and she can borrow it when she likes.

I would say it is for a child of the 80s who remember Michael Jackson at his height. I find the last couple of songs to be so middle of the road which is a shame as he could so much better.

But a lot of people still like him and his music so I must say anyone under 50.

To order this product
Available at Woolies and Supermarkets and all decent record shops.

or 0906 664 8874

Well that is it, hope you enjoyed it.

Karen :0)

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  • mimicmwb published 04/09/2006
    WICKED REVIEW---Michael
  • Ryan74 published 08/02/2004
    Great stuff. I love any of Jackson's stuff from 'Off The Wall' up until 'Bad'. It's a real puty that he completely lost the plot after that point.
  • Gryffindor published 18/01/2004
    Good op.
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