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Number Ones - Michael Jackson

1 CD(s) - Pop R&B - Label: Sony Music Distribution, Epic - Distributor: Sony Music/Arvato Services - Released: 13/04/2009, 03/08/2009 - 886970465922, ...

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Review of "Number Ones - Michael Jackson"

published 27/03/2004 | helpa4eva
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"Buy it!! Buy it! dont you make me repeat it!"

By helpa4eva

I could never really call myself a fan of Michael Jackson, i just liked his songs.. the down-to-earth lyrics of The Earth Song, and the upbeat words to Beat It. So when i noticed the advert for this album, i moonwalked (well, sort of) down to my local CD shop and got myself a copy.

1. Judging a CD by its case
The case was plain, but bright and enjoyable. It has "Michael Jacksons Number Ones" written on it (obviously) and above it a picture of the man himself striking one of his famous poses. On the back there is a listing of all 18 songs, in chronological order, and on the left of the listings, there is Michael Jacksons rinestone-covered white glove. Below i have written each song on the order it is on the CD, and a short text on the lyrics, and what i thought of the song;


Not MY favourite, as i find it a bit repetive, but it has a nice beat, and of course great singing by Michael Jackson in it, and the lyrics are well thought out, although, as i said before, slightly repetetive.

2. ROCK WITH YOU - 1979

Also, not one of my favourites, but the lyrics are very emotive, and it describes Michaels love for a certain someone, and how he wants to stay with her. The beat is also varied, and very good.

3. BILLIE JEAN - 1982

One of my favourites, and one of his most famous songs. A great starting beat, and he brings in some great vocals. He talks about a girl called Billie Jean who goes out with him, and after warnings from his family, he still goes out with her, but she has a child who is not his. very emotive, and a fabulous song.

4. BEAT IT - 1982

This song is my favourite on this album, a spooky start, but it brings in the drums, and after a slow pace, it suddenly speeds up, and brings in some great guitar. Absoloutley BRILLIANT lyrics, warning someone to stay away, and dont act hard in such a dangerous and cruel place, and even if you are right, it doesnt matter, just get away whilst you can.

5. THRILLER - 1982

Probably one of the most famous songs of its decade. Made in MJ's peak, it cost millions of dollars to make, as such was the scale of the video, and the length. But i remember it for the amazing lyrics, and the mezmerizing tune.

6. HUMAN NATURE - 1982

A famous tune, although frankly, definitley not one of my favourites. the beat is nice, but im not too sure about the lyrics. Everyone to their own though. It is still an okay song.


Another of Michaels calm songs, compared to the likes of beat it. Great lyrics, absoloutley fantastic. The quietness of the background music really adds emotion, and it is the most emotive song i have ever heard, apart from "Bright Eyes" by another artist.

8. BAD - 1987

Another one of my personal faves, i love to dance (well, try to) to this song. The lyrics are basically saying "Come on, im the king of this area, you wanna fight? bring it on" and is really upbeat, particularly in the chorus, where there are backing singers.


A very strange beat, and thats putting it lightly, quite a swinging, active song, that makes you want to dance. An okay song, that i would rate 6/10-ish

10. DIRTY DIANA - 1987

This song has a great tune, and even better lyrics, saying youve conned loads of people but you wont get me. Although i think the chorus is a weak point of the song, i still think it is one of the good tracks the Michael Jackson has released in his time.


Ashamedly i first heard this from the absoloutley butchered cover version by Alien Ant Farm, who i might add, do not exist anymore. It is a does what it says on the tin song, it is about a girl called annie, whos is chased round the house by a smooth criminal, and she is killed.

12. BLACK OR WHITE - 1991

A very upbeat tune, with the main instrument being a guitar. A very tuneful song, even though that sounds like a pretty stupid thing to say, and the lyrics put across the pretty obvious, but important message; that it doesnt matter if you are black or white.

13. YOU ARE NOT ALONE - 1995

Another brilliant song, as we get closer to the modern day, i really noticed the change in Michaels song style, he has calmed down, if you will, and is releasing more down-to-earth songs. The lyrics are very emotive, and make me feel quite sad

14. EARTH SONG - 1995

Another emotive song, talking about where have all the important things gone that you said we would get? What about sunshine? What about rain? What about all the things that you said we were to gain.

16. YOU ROCK MY WORLD - 2001 )
17. BREAK OF DAWN - 2001 )
18. ONE MORE CHANCE - 2003 /

The above 4 songs are his most recent, releases, and the last ones on the album. The reason that i have written about these as a whole is the fact that i find all 4 not great. But then again, as i said at the start of the review, i am not a Michael Jackson Fan.

So after listening to all the songs on this CD, i am a "fan" of Michael Jackson, in the way that i like most of his songs, all of which are on this CD. The CD as a whole is a brilliant buy, at a good price from HMV, and i would recomend it to anyone who likes Rock/Pop. Michael Jackson will never grow old, as his music keeps his youth, as is shown by the fact he continues to sell millions of CD's. Michael Jackson puts heart into everyone of his songs, and could beat any of the modern "bands" if thats what you can call them.

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Michael Jacksons Number Ones (CD)

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  • mimicmwb published 04/09/2006
    WICKED REVIEW---Michael
  • lilro published 14/09/2004
    very good review
  • emilyo published 28/08/2004
    Must have album for all fans. Good op honey, Em XX
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