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... I have this little phobia thing were I hate swallowing (please ladies kill those thoughts) because the tablet always seems to get caught in my throat and I get a choking feeling so I go for Nurofen Meltlets… For me Nurofen are the brand to buy anyway and although you may pay that bit ... Read review
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Community Level 6BadCompany77


Tis An Art To Getting Rid Of A Headache

AdvantagesFast Acting Relief


"...feeling so I go for Nurofen Meltlets… For me Nurofen are the brand to buy anyway and although you may pay that bit more you do get what you pay for. For £2.50 you get this neat little slimline packet of 12 self-dissolving tablets. You get a choice of a few flavours but I hate that chalky flavour so I go for the lemon one instead…… On opening the box you get two strips of six tablets which when opened are just a bit bigger than a 5p and slightly ..." Read review

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Fast acting pain relief ==

AdvantagesFast acting

DisadvantagesTatses chalky

"...makes them different form normal Nurofen and what attracted me to them in the first place is that you do not need water to take them. Instead you just place them on your tongue and they melt meaning you can swallow the melted tablet with only your saliva instead of having to drink a glass of water. Now I dislike taking tablets but I don't have a problem swallowing them like some people do, why they appealed to me was that you never know when a headache ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Brummie699


Melts in My Orifice Review with images

AdvantagesMelts in yo mouth

DisadvantagesSlightly chalky taste

" No, no, no more Nurofen capsules for moi. I’ve now moved onto something formerly tested and passed on new born babies (OK, I’m lying about that bit). Those clever, eggheads at Nurofen HQ have come up with the answer to all of our prayers. Ok, at least my prayer then. Rather than having to endure the often inelegant struggle with a pill baked at the equivalent temperature as that at the centre of the Sun, one can now simply swallow a Meltlet. Better ..." Read review

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Community Level 4CatK



AdvantagesPain Relief Of Course

DisadvantagesSlightly Chalky

"...met him that I discovered Nurofen Meltlets. Derek would more likely put up with a headache than take anything else. )))) PACKAGING (((( I will keep this brief (for a change) the box is silver with Nurofen written in red on the front and two sides. The Nurofen logo (red, orange, yellow and white ‘target’ circles) is shown underneath the name brand. Meltlets is written in purple with a purple target circle also. )))) THE TABLET (((( Each ..." Read review

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Perfect for people who can't swallow tablets.

Advantageseasy to take, lemon taste, relieves pain, no need for water

Disadvantagesnot everyone likes lemon, slightly chalky after-taste

"...= = = = = Nurofen products are clinically proven to provide relief from a huge range of pains including niggling headaches, persistent back pain and even the symptoms of flu. They have a perfected range of products to help target pain, right at the source. Nurofen's success is the result over 25yrs of research and development. Nurofen provides faster and longer relief from headaches than standard paracetamol tablets and Nurofen Express targets pain ..." Read review

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Long Name Meltlets, Lemon Meltlets
Manufacturer Nurofen
Type Pain Relief
Type All Round Pain
Type for Subname Pain Relief
EAN 5000167047523


Listed on Ciao since 22/02/2001

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Work reasonably well
Not very long lasting, doesn't help with all joint pain (*)
Instant Relief, easy to apply
none found (*)
practicallity and effectiveness
cost (*)
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Doesn't smell fabulous (*)
Easy to apply, not scented
Not for use on anyone under the age of 14 (*)
similar by Manufacturer (Nurofen)
An effective pain relief.
Dependancy, Constipation, stomach ulcers ... (*)
Heat relief, no medicine
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Effective, price isn't too bad
No huge difference between this and store brands (*)
I bought them cheap!
Didn't work a jot on any problems I had (*)
Does the job fine
Nothing special and not worth the price (*)
Everything, these are quite simply the bomb!
None for me! (*)
very effective (and relatively cheap) pain reliever for most minor and common ailments
Still dearer than the old Apirin or Paracetamol B.P. (*)
Designed to target the knee area specifically, fairly easy to use, heat lasts a long time
Price, uncomfortable and poorly designed wrap to hold the pads, limited to use when sedantry (*)
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