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O2 Pay As You Go Talkalotmore

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I've been on this tariff for a year now and it's great. If you top up at least £10 every month you get 300 texts. You can choose whether you want texts or calls. £15 top up will get you 150 mins, £30 300 mins etc. Calls to other networks (when chargeable) are cheap but most of the time you ... Read review

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You really can talk alot more

AdvantagesFree texts, cheap calls, promotions


"...you get to choose an o2 treat from three or four different options e.g. 25 free anytime mins, 25% off calls to other networks etc. 25 mins may not sound a lot but it's better than nothing. Every 3 months you get 10% of your top ups back e.g. top up £10 every month for 3 months and receive £3 back and there are some great bolt-ons especially if you're going abroad or you know someone abroad and want to call them. There's a bolt-on for a one of payment ..." Read review

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Community Level 4stepho222


cheap call rates

Advantages300 texts free

Disadvantagesyou have to top up every month on the same

"...are offering you. throughout the year o2 do promtions that you can earn free call time which is good they text your phone and tell you when these promtions are going happen it is usually something like if you top up this weekend we will give you so many free minutes i have had this sim for 3 months and i have had 10.00 credited to my phone which isnt bad. so if you are looking of a traiff that is cheap and has no hided cost go for this as i ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Stuart1984


My O2 Tariff

Advantages150 Off-Peak Minutes or 300 Off-Peak Mins. 300 Free Texts

DisadvantagesHaving to top up every month

"Having been on Contract for 2 Years, i had got bored with openig up ANOTHER bill which was more than i thought it would be. PAYG you know what you are getting and what you are spending, its perfect for kids and for someone on a tighter budget as you dont have to top if you dont want to. But you do get 150 mins and 300 free texts when you do top up, i never spend a penny on my phone and have pushed my credit up to around 40quid as I never spend anything. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1v80kev


O2 talkalotmore GREAT TARIFF !

Advantages300 or 150 offpeak evening and weekend calls. 10% credit back every 3 months

Disadvantagesminimum top up of £15

"I have been an o2 pay as you go customer for 3 years and quite frankly became upset about the exspensive tariff when phoning anyone apart from a landline or another o2 phone. O2 soon cheered me up by launching there new talkalotmore tariff. Now I can phone any mobile free of charge after 7:30pm to 7:30am weedays and all weekend. All you have to do is top up atleast £15 for 150 free anyone offpeak minutes or £30 for 300 minutes. If your already ..." Read review

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