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... Oxo granules are great with any meat dish. Lamb chops, beef joint, on bangers and mash. The list is endless. Why not use in a casserole or stew. There are very little calories or fat in a serving ( calories 11) fat (0.15) so I did not think necessary to give all information. NOT suitable ... Read review

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Community Level 5nigelblue



AdvantagesEasy to make


"...joint. Adding flour and an OXO cube to make a thick and tasty gravy, full of fat? I expect some of our older members still do. Then along came gravy granules to make life easier and it became quick to make. I used to buy own brand granules and add an oxo cube to give it a better and meatier flavour. Now I have found something that I did not know existed and that is OXO Gravy Granules. THE JAR It is made from plastic so can be recycled when finished. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3sheffsal


join the gravy boat

Advantagesinstant gravy

Disadvantagesnone that I can think of

"Oxo gravy granules are a staple requirement in my cupboard. In its little plastic jar with the red top, I know this is for meaty dishes such as beef stews or steak. By adding 4 heaped teaspoons to 1/2 pint of boiling water I can have instant gravy. But where did OXO come from ?? It was the German chemist Baron Justus von Liebig and the Belgian engineer George Giebert who developed a technique to extract large quantities of beef extract from carcasses. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joerin


oxo granules in jars

Advantagesconvience , taste


"I don't think oxo gravy granules can be bettered for taste and convienence. Imagine my shock today when both Asda and Tesco in Southampton don't sell them in jars anymore ! Only oxo cubes , which to my way of thinking is going back years. The simplicity to spoon out as much as needed , without having to crumble in your hands , having to stop and wash them before continuing cooking. The choice of flavours includes beef , lamb , chicken. There is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1peanuts46

Quick review of Oxo Gravy granuals

"I have always used bisto gravy granules ever since they appeared in our shops and would never consider using anything else UNTIL (last year ) a friend made a gravy with Oxo Beef Granules and I was converted THE TASTE BEATS BISTO HANDS DOWN.... NO CONTEST...... I have had to revert to the cubes which are okay but as another reviewer said "This is going back not forward" plus it is messy and can't be all that hygenic using your hands.. BRING BACK THE JARS....PLEASE!!!

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Community Level 1Ramsgirl

Quick review of Oxo Gravy granuals

"OXO gravy granules are the BEST. Mealtimes just aren't the same without them, especially the Sunday lunch when Beef granules made the meal extra special, at an important time of the week when families have the opportunity to sit and enjoy a meal together. BISTO is greasy and leaves an unpleasant coating in the mouth. The taste is awful. Surely the opinions of us, your loyal customers, is enough to convince you that OXO granules is a product we MISS and if you bring it back for us, WE WILL BUY IT. For months I searched the shops of Derby trying to locate the granules, please, please, make many housewives happy and listen to our request. Please!

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Type Gravy
Manufacturer Oxo


Listed on Ciao since 04/07/2005

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