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The buckle

The buckle

When I broke my watch at the end of last year, I was pretty upset – I like wearing a watch as yanking my phone out of my bag or pocket all the time is inconvenient, and I’m always late to stuff as it is! I don’t need any help with that at all. I mentioned it as a potential Christmas present and lo and behold, on Christmas morning, a little square box was sat under the Christmas tree!


When I first opened the box with my watch in, I have to say it wasn’t really what I was expecting. My last watch was silver with a few small diamantes around a small cream watch face, and I’d expected to be given something similar. This has a tan leather strap with a gold coloured buckle, a pale gold face, gold hands and a gold frame around the face. There is also some detail on the front with gold coloured circles held to the face with tan leather strapping. It’s actually very hard to describe, so you’ll have to see the picture to know what I mean!

There’s an hour, a minute and a second hand, and four simple dots at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions to help you ascertain the time. The word ‘oasis’ is written in small letters – mainly, I think, to confirm which way up the watch goes! All in all, it’s a very clean and simple look, vaguely utilitarian but quite stylish. The strap is quite narrow and the face wider but still smallish, so it has quite an elegant look which I really like.

The gold frame of the face has two little grooves going all the way round it. For me this is one of the drawbacks of the style because although it looks quite good, the grooves are perfect for collecting little bits of dust which can come together and start to make the watch look a little bit dirty. I try to counter this by running my fingernails or a tissue round the groove every so often, which helps.

Wearing the watch

I find this watch really comfortable to wear, and I barely even notice I’ve got it on most of the time. If I get quite hot (obviously that only happens when I’ve got the central heating on too high because the weather certainly isn’t causing it!) then it can feel a little sticky and uncomfortable due to the fitted strap, but I think this is the case with any similar watch, really.

I don’t have the daintiest of wrists, and I only use the middle hole. I’d say that this would easily fit the wrists of most women.

I wear this as an everyday watch, and I only take it off to shower. I generally wear it overnight too, as I hate the fuss of taking things on and off all the time. I’ve had watches before that I couldn’t wear overnight because if my hand went near my face, the ticking was too loud! This isn’t the case with this one and it has a lovely tick – you can hear it if you put your ear to the face but it’s not too loud to disturb you if you’re reading or something.


As you’ve probably guessed by this point, this is pretty low on bells and whistles. If you like your watch to wake you up in the morning, remind you to take your tablets, tell you the time in Singapore and accompany you on your deep sea dives, then I’m afraid this isn’t for you at all. Basically there’s a little dial on the right hand side of the face to set the time, and, er… that’s really it.

There’s absolutely no information in the box, on the watch or on the website about whether this has any kind of water resistance, but as water would probably damage the strap anyway there’s not really a lot of point worrying about it, is there?


As I wear this watch every day, it’s important that it’s quite sturdy and can stand up to most things. I lead a fairly staid lifestyle so it doesn’t really need to be up to much!

After wearing this for just over a month, there are a couple of problems coming to light. Firstly, the gold coating on the buckle and the watch face have started to wear off and silver metal is showing underneath. It’s not terribly obvious from a distance, but I can tell, and if it gets worse then I think other people would be able to tell.

The second problem is the strap. It is marked as ‘genuine leather’ but seems to be sealed at the sides with some sort of plastic. Where the strap has to be bent to go into the buckle, it’s becoming very creased and distressed, and losing its colour. Also, the strap has actually split down one of the plastic seals, which is very disappointing! I think the only way to prevent this would be to take it on and off as little as possible, and that’s not really possible with a non water resistant watch. I have to take it off at the very minimum when I want a shower! Again, these problems aren’t visible to others for now, but it’s still a bit disappointing.

Price and Availability

The watch is available on the Oasis website and the ASOS website. Most Oasis stores and concessions tend to have a small watch collection on display, but it tends to be quite limited so you wouldn’t really be able to guarantee that this particular one would be there.

It retails at £40 which seems okay to me. I think you’re paying for the nice look of the watch more than anything, as in terms of functionality it’s not really anything special. The strap may be genuine leather but I don’t honestly think it’s of the best quality, as I’ve said. I consider £40 to be the type of price I’d pay for a watch that I’d wear day in, day out for a couple of years, rather than a watch for special occasions which I think I’d pay a bit more for. Unfortunately, though, this doesn’t seem quite up to it. I’d hoped it would be a bit sturdier than it is.


Overall I think I’d recommend this watch, with the caveat that it’s quite delicate and won’t withstand much wear and tear. Perhaps it’s the kind you could get to wear only with certain outfits or something? Not that I would ever dream of coordinating my watch with my clothes, but I’m sure some people would!

It’s a lovely watch, elegant without being sparkly or too girly, and I’m glad I got it!

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    It looks good. John
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    It does look very elegant - super review!
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    Super review
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