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" Oasis"

Whether you like them or hate them, this established band seems here to stay for some time more.

Who are they?

The band formed in 1993 in Manchester, UK. Oasis performed their first gig 11 years ago and it was 8 years since their debut album with their first single “Supersonic” from April 1994. They have travelled beyond novelty into a well-established band. There was a time when I was thinking that it might be the last we will hear from them. However, to come back down from the mid-nineties of Blur versus Oasis, it is hardly surprising that people might question them when they no longer stay at the very top. As with all bands, they come and go in the pop charts but they will still remain to have dedicated fans.
Oasis seem to have transcended above being pop icons from the Britpop days into a band that sticks to a style that the band members like rather than bowing to whatever is in fashion.
The thing about Oasis is that they have always tried to do things differently. They never actually sent a demo to a record industry because they were so confident that they did not need to. They were happy enough to let their attitude and songs sell themselves. They were eventually seen at a gig in Glasgow and were signed up by Creation Records.

Who is in the band?

The current members are Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Alan White.

Band Members have been Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Tony McCarroll, Alan White, Andy Bell, Gem Archer and Paul McGuigan in some combination over the years. There has been some line-up changes but the Gallagher brothers have remained there from the beginning. Since it is considered their band, its not likely that they would continue without one another. It seemed possible that the band could split some time back with conflict between the Gallagher brothers. Fortunately for Oasis and their fans, they have grown up and no longer act in the way they used to.

Liam Gallagher
He does lead vocals and plays the tambourine.
His singing style is powerful but edgy and gives the songs a touch of confidence. He is from the original line up and only recently has got involved in the song writing.
He is the more troublesome member of the band and is younger than Noel. He’s been the bad boy of the band with drugs and alcohol indulgences. He is famed for sticking his fingers up at the press and splitting on stage.

Noel Gallagher
He is the lead guitarist, does backing vocals and the main songwriter.
Noel is definitely the more sensible and reliable of the two brothers in the band and the backbone of Oasis. Noel occasionally does sing lead vocals but not usually as Liam does this.

Andy Bell
He is Oasis’ bassist
He joined in 1999 to replace Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan.

Alan White
He plays the drums and percussion.
Alan White replaced drummer McCarroll who was got rid off after "Some Might Say" was released. However, he was asked to leave the band in January 2004.

Gem Archer
He plays rhythm guitar, piano and harmonica
Gem joined Oasis in November 1999 as a rhythm guitarist. He replaced Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs. He mainly is the rhythm guitarist but has started some song writing.

Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan
He was Oasis’ ex-bass guitar
He was from the original line up of the band. There is not much known about him because he keeps away from the media during 1995, he left Oasis for a short time because of depression. He was replaced by Scott McLeod who can be seen in the Wonderwall video. He returned but then left before the 4th album was completed and no one knows the reasons. It has been guessed that it might be drug use or tiredness.

He is an ex-rhythm guitarist.
He left around the same time of Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan for similar unknown reasons.

Tony McCarroll
Tony was the drummer for the album Definitely Maybe but he was got rid of because he was not that good at it. He was replaced with Alan White.

Type of music

Oasis bases their music on these styles: British Traditional Rock, Britpop, Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock and Hard Rock.
During the mid 90s, Oasis were very much writing music that fell into the category of Britpop.

Oasis has been criticised heavily for ripping off other people’s music. In particular the Beatles. If you listen to the piano intro of Don't Look Back In Anger, it sounds an awful like John Lennon’s Imagine. I think one of the worst rip offs is in ther song Hello from Whats the Story Morning Glory album. It sounds very much like Gary Glitter’s Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again. Not only were the words nicked but also the tune!

Band’s behaviour

What sets Oasis apart from a lot of other bands is that they seem so straightforward. There is no portentousness.
The Gallagher brothers have been quite troublesome over the years. They have been quite vocal over their opinions of other people. They have quarrelled with a lot of people such as Blur, Backstreet Boys and members of the Beatles. Their overconfident ways with their honest opinionated attitudes have rub many people the wrong way. Not all celebrities like being criticised so rudely and indiscriminately and Oasis has upset many people over the years.

Major successes
  • Definitely Maybe was the fastest selling debut in British history and entered into the charts at number one.
  • Christmas number 3 in 1994 for “Whatever”
  • Winner at the Brits 1995 – Best Newcomer
  • Masses of gigs being sold out in less an half an hour of the tickets going on sale.


Definitely Maybe
This album came out in August 1994.

This album features Noel playing the guitar forcefully and aggressively whilst Noel sings almost scornfully and full of self-confidence. They have created catchy memorable melodies and great lyrics.
On this album Tony McCarroll plays drums with Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs on rhythm guitar. Paul McGuigan plays alongside Liam's voices.

Track listings:

Rock 'n' Roll Star
Live Forever
Up In The Sky
Bring It On Down
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Digsy's Dinner
Slide Away
Married With Children

(What's The Story) Morning Glory
This album was released in the UK in November 1995 and got to number one in the album chart. Some Might Say, Roll With It, Hey Now and Wonderwall all did brilliantly in the UK charts from this album.
This is personally my favourite album. This album gave Oasis the fame they deserved. The songs and tunes are catchy and Oasis remain as self-confident musicians. The songs are full of personality and confidence.
Champagne Supernova has some very odd lyrics in it though! What is all this stuff about “walking down a hall, faster than a cannonball”!?? Very very strange. I believe Paul Weller guest appeared in Champagne Supernova.

Drummer Tony McCarroll was replaced by Alan White, when Oasis performed their #1 UK single "Some Might Say." On Top of the Pops.

Track listings:

Roll With It
Don't Look Back In Anger
Hey Now
Some Might Say
Cast No Shadow
She's Electric
Morning Glory
Champagne Supernova

Be Here Now
After nearly a two year gap from the last album, Oasis released this album in August 1997.
The line up of Oasis at this point was Liam and Noel Gallagher, Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, Paul "Guigs" McGuigan and Alan White.

Track listings:

D'You Know What I Mean?
My Big Mouth
Magic Pie
Stand By Me
I Hope, I Think, I Know
The Girl In The Dirty Shirt
Fade In-Out
Don't Go Away
Be Here Now
All Around The World
It's Gettin' Better (Man!)
All Around The World (Reprise)

The Masterplan
This album came out in November 1999. Oasis has no master plan except to write great songs. There is no ideology about them to change the world but to just entertain people.

Track listings:

Underneath the Sky
Talk Tonight
Going Nowhere
Fade Away
The Swamp Song
I Am The Walrus
Listen Up
Rockin' Chair
Half the World Away
(It's Good) To Be Free
Stay Young
The Masterplan

Standing On The Shoulder of Giants
This album came out at the end of February 2000.

The name comes from what Sir Isaac Newton said in a letter to Robert Hooke - "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants." From what I have read, this name was picked because Noel looked at a new £2 coin while rather intoxicated and observed a quote around the rim of the coin relating to the album name. I personally have not noticed this on the coin. Noel must have been very out of his head as the quote is a little wrong in the album title but I’ll be forgiving ;)
Without meaning to over analyse, I guess Oasis has stood on the shoulders of Giants such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles as their music is heavily influenced by them.
Both Liam and Noel have calmed a lot by the time this album came out. They have matured with families and have even turned their backs on the excessive drug taking and opted for a clearer lifestyle.
Both Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs and Paul 'Guigsy' McGuigan left the band. The new line up features Gem (rhythm guitarist) and bassist Andy Bell with Noel, Liam and drummer Alan White.

Track listings:

Fuckin' in the Bushes
Go Let It Out
Who Feels Love?
Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is
Little James
Gas Panic!
Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Sunday Morning Call
I Can See A Liar
Roll It Over

Familiar To Millions (Live at Wembley)
This album came out in November 2001 but differs from the rest as it was recorded live at Wembley. It is a two CD album contenting the whole of the concert. The extra track "Helter Skelter" was a Beatles' song recorded at the US and not at Wembley.

Songs included:

Fuckin' In The Bushes
Go Let It Out
Who Feels Love?
Step Out
Gas Panic!
Roll With It
Stand By Me
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Don't Look Back In Anger
Live Forever
Hey Hey, My My
Champagne Supernova
Rock 'n' Roll Star
Helter Skelter (album only)

Heathen Chemistry
The newest album to date, this came out in August 2002.
The album title came from a T-shirt Noel bought in Ibiza. Nothing at all deep in it.

Track listings:

The Hindu Times
Force Of Nature
Hung In A Bad Place
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Song Bird
Little By Little
A Quick Peep
(Probably) All In The Mind
She Is Love
Born On A Different Cloud
Better Man


Their music is easy to get a hold of from any highstreet record shop.
If you like modern rock and roll, this is probably for you.

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    Saw them for the first time at V this year...awesome!!
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