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published 01/06/2006 | anonymili
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"Office Angels? More Like Incompetent Devils!"


Office Angels was set up in 1986 and they have about 80 branches across the UK dealing with different sized businesses. They specialise in supplying office support staff at varying levels such as secretaries, administrators, HR staff, accounts staff and call centre agents. Office Angels is owned by the Ajilon Group of Companies.

They are number 8 this year in the Sunday Times best 100 companies to work for. That's the 2nd year running they've made the top 10.

Office Angels has a pretty blue and pink logo. The word "angels" in the logo has a halo above the angels to indicate its angelic qualities.

This is quoted directly from their website, "At Office Angels, we're dedicated to ensuring that we provide a truly personal and tailored service to our candidates. This guarantees that whatever role you're looking for we are totally committed to finding the right position for you." I have to disagree with this statement of theirs. Read on to see why…


Having read various reviews about this agency I thought I'd write down my own personal experience of these so called "Angels".

I registered with them some time ago. I was in a job where I'd been for several years and felt it was time for a change as I had gone as far as I could go in the company without changing direction totally, so off I toddled to Office Angels on my day off. Now I worked in a professional company which had a very laid back dress code, I did not own a single business suit at this time. So I entered Office Angels to register (having made an appointment by telephone a few days before) wearing a jumper and casual trousers. I had been told to just come along as I was when I called as there would be form filling and PC literacy tests as well to complete.

My "recruiter" wasn't very friendly at all. She said she needed to take a Polaroid snap of me. When I asked why she said it was because SO many people registered with them, if they didn't take photos, they would forget what they looked like and it was more as a memory aid than anything else. That made me feel very special NOT! To be told by a recruitment consultant that they need your photo so as not to forget what you look like made me feel like one of 1000s of candidates (which I probably was) who would register and be forgotten. The PC literacy tests were mundane, I passed with flying colours (and would've been very shocked if I hadn't as I was working as an IT Trainer at the time). The tests were all quite easy and tedious; I was asked nothing really relevant during my brief interview and was told "we'll call you once we find something suitable." I was told my CV would not be sent anywhere without my permission.

I heard nothing from them at all. I called a couple of time to speak to my "recruiter" who was never available to speak with. I gave up the ghost and explored other avenues of finding alternative employment.

Shortly afterwards, I found a new job and had handed in my notice. Because I'd been with the company a while, I gave a longer notice period than was required which was mutually agreed with my employer. Things were going fine, I was helping recruit someone to take over my position and a few weeks before I was due to leave I received a call from the Personnel Manager asking if I could pop over to her office. She showed me a fax she had received from Office Angels.

It was a page of badly laid out key skills of myself along with my picture at the top of the page. The picture of me wearing the jumper which I had been told was just for the agencies eyes only. They had basically typed out this sketchy list of my key skills (some of which were wrong anyway) and faxed it out randomly to companies without discussing it with me, which I had explicitly asked them not to do. To make matters extremely worse they had sent it to my current employer! My Personnel Manager was someone I got along with quite well and she was pretty gob-smacked to have received such an unprofessional looking document from anyone. She thought it would be a good idea for me to give Office Angels a call and tell them off a little bit. She also chuckled and said that it wasn't a very flattering photo of me that they'd used to market me!

I called my "recruiter" up as soon as I returned to my office and asked her what she was playing at. I said to her "It's a bloody good job I've already got another job or else this could be very potentially very embarrassing never mind damaging to my job here." Her response? "Oh well as you said you've already got another job so no harm done is there?"

I could not believe this attitude, but I remained polite, I asked her to remove my details immediately from their files and never to contact me again. I didn't put in a complaint. I didn't want to be the cause of someone losing their job. On the other hand, I wasn't sure even if any action would have been taken had I bothered to make a formal complaint.


A few years on and I'm working in HR (Human Resources). I've taken over from the previous HR person and inherited the agencies they used to use. Office Angels is on the list. Not one to hold a grudge I thought I may as well continue to use their services.

Coincidences of coincidences, it happened to be exactly the same branch I had registered with. My "recruiter" was no longer working there, so that had to be a plus! Or so I thought. I placed a few admin vacancies with them and clearly stated the essential skills and experience required to do the job, e.g. minimum 12 months experience in admin, intermediate to advanced PC literacy, etc. I made it clear that I did not want to be inundated with CVs of candidates not relevant to the role I was trying to fill.

Days later my email inbox was full of emails from Office Angels of candidates with barely any skills relevant to the positions I was recruiting for. People with no PC literacy whatsoever, people with just retail experience and no admin experience, people who could not even speak English were being sent to me. I told them to stop sending me every CV off their database but they didn't listen. I ended up blocking their email address and then stopped taking their calls! Mean of me eh? Well I had 101 other things to do rather than read 200 irrelevant CVs a day!


You might think this is a harsh review, but it's written from personal experience of dealing with a company which should know better. In addition to this, I've worked with many people over the years and have a wide circle of friends - no one I know personally has ever got a job through Office Angels.

If I've done Office Angels a disservice I can only reiterate that I've written this review from the point of view as a candidate and as an employer. Neither role in which I was satisfied with the service provided.

NB: the branch I had my unfortunate dealings with was the one in Ealing Broadway, West London.

Their website can be found at

UPDATE - January 2008

I have been asked to edit this review by Ciao as Office Angels has complained about my review. I removed a few sentences from the start of the review, maybe they were not flattering. I cannot remove anything else as this is a review of my experience of them and none of it has been enhanced to make for "a jolly good read"!

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Comments on this review

  • Seresecros published 28/01/2008
    And the head of the company doesn't issue orders through a voicebox on his desk to three attractive young female agents? A wasted opportunity, indeed.
  • inycon2 published 28/01/2008
    Don't think Office Angels can ask you to remove a review which is based on your own experiences and clearly says so. How can we truthfully review anything if this review is removed and a precedent set. Excellent review.
  • Lemonhead563 published 27/01/2008
    Thats surely a breach of Data Protection by faxing out your details without prior consent.............sounds very worrying. I have registered with Office Angels in the past, but after not hearing anything I moved on to other agencies which I have found to be more reliable.
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