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published 21/06/2016 | thedevilinme
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I came on ciao to write and be published. It seems most wrote for money after-all. Well there is no money in writing and a vocation
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Office Angels Recruitment

Office Angels Recruitment

To experience the real EU positives and negatives towards Britain you need to try and get work from - or work for - an employment agency. The industrial ones are packed full of Eastern Europeans here and so are the factory floors they fill. If you are British and an industrial temp in this country you will work with few British temps these days. I worked industrial ten years ago and it was mostly British workers. Now it’s about 70/30 overseas. The Remain campaigners say the Brits will no longer do these jobs purely on the basis they are now mostly done by Eastern Europeans. Well I would say that’s not fair and it’s the pure numbers of Eastern Europeans coming here is why they dominate the factory floor. There are plenty of guys and girls to pick up the rifle for what is very boring work and they are no more likely to work harder or enjoy the work anymore than Brits.

Mass labor immigration allows for employers to drive down wages and conditions and Mike Ashley’s warehouse and those zero hours deals are a sign of things to come if we stay in the E.U. If you are a working class lad your life is dead-end jobs and employment agencies and you are now competing with most of Europe for those jobs. My friend Paul runs an industrial employment agency and he says they employ Eastern Europeans over British people for industrial and catering work as they are easier to get rid of before their time served holiday pay entitlement arrives. Brits will have better access to local services to contest reasons for temp contracts ending. Some Eastern Europeans bite back by ending contracts before they have to pay tax under P46 rules and so get a full rebate when they leave the U.K for a holiday as they bang in the form. Couple that with the fact they spend most of their money in Polish shops here and you can see not that much is going into our economy. 70% of E.U students in the United Kingdom are behind with paying back their student fees and loans and 505 have paid nothing. It’s too expensive to collect it abroad. I’m not convinced they add as much to the economy as the Remain tells us.

I have various jobs in the summer with my brother and families businesses and try to temp in the winter. There is simply no way of being guaranteed employment in the industrial sector anymore so I go for office work. I don’t enjoy office work but they tend to employ more locals and the more articulate. I speak fluent English. I have used all the agencies over the years and have been employed by most of them in my hometown of Northampton. Office Angles was the last one I worked for and so used. The unwritten rules still apply that if you turn down more than two jobs in a row you wont be asked back and if you leave contracts early twice in a row you wont be asked back. It’s pretty cutthroat. Baring in mind 78% of all jobs are now advertised through third party websites and employment agencies you have no choice but to use them. Days of pitching up to the high street agency with your CV and best clobber is over, 50% of agencies closing down on the high street or moving online in the last 5 years. It’s less stressful joining online though.

Northampton has a high street Office Angels and the girl’s very polite and honest inside. You have to buzz to get in (which I hate) and yes it is all girls inside. The sexist name of the agency has been allowed and does put guys off going in there, a bit like Sheila’s Wheels in car insurance. If there was one called ‘Blokes Builders’ Employment agency I’m guessing the feminist would be up in arms. Not that I want to see feminist upper arms. They are not in every town but Northampton a pretty big place so we have one. We do have a lot of head offices here due to our central location near the M1. Barclaycard and Nationwide have their head offices here so always work there.

I’m sure the girls that work there are well briefed on who the client wants and what sex, age and ethnicity etc. Yes, clients and staff in these places are not supposed to be prejudice but they have a code for that to. Ask anyone who works for an agency. I’m guessing they have a code for no Eastern Europeans now. Your CV has to be right though and so does your bull**it in these places. There are various ways people will tell you how to write a CV but for me I write it as if I am the employer and what I would like to see on it. Keep your age off it, boost your postal address to a better area code and big up your previous employment, skills and experience. They hate gaps like they hate old people. Get the interview first before you have to back up your lies. If the boss or HR person likes you in the interview and thinks you are competent you will get the job. If it’s an office job being young and attractive helps. Male bosses like sexy secretaries still.

My general visits to Office Angels have been and are inquiries for jobs on the window. They didn’t keep me waiting for an answer when I got up the stairs and again polite. If those fliers on the window are preprinted they are generally generic ads to get people in and the job doesn’t actually exist or they are jobs that did exist but filled and not taken down yet. Either way don’t expect them to have that particular job. If they tell you its gone and don’t suggest another job you could do or ask about your skills in general then they probably don’t want you. That’s goes for on the phone to. If they offer you their card to email your CV in or join online then fair enough. Most agencies prefer you to join online now. It’s easier for them and they use online algorithms to job match you. I prefer to go into the office so to face-to-face them and try and get them to like me. Believe it or not but that is possible.

I did get some work with them this winter but only lasted four weeks. It was basic admin work in an office full of crumpet for 20 hours per week so a big disappointed to lose it. They offered me another job but it was shift and out of town and I had no car and so I turned it down. They have not called since although I haven’t shown my face lately to actually say I am still looking. It’s always a good idea to pop in and so you are looking when you are registered. I will pop back in the autumn.

On the whole I would say they are perfectly fine as an agency. They are all the same if the truth be told and all scraping over the same contracts. Agencies do talk to each other so you can be blacklisted. Their website I don’t use much but again straight forward with current vacancies and an online application area. They also give that CV advice and other tutorials. The application to join is not too long and they ask for you to tag your CV at the and of the questions about education and skills etc. With a cup of tea in your hand it takes twenty minutes. Online is where we live now and so get used to it.

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