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Do you need new equipment for your home or work office? Then browse through this category for the top printers and calculators as well as the most ergonomic chairs and desks. Plus check out the software section to make sure you are ready virtually as well as physically. You can read users' reviews, compare prices and ... more

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Multifunction & Office Machines
Xerox (101)
Hewlett Packard (380)
Brother (219)
Canon (285)
Lexmark International (97)
Samsung (125)
Casio (147)
Texas Instruments (44)
Sharp (83)
Desk Display Calculators (206)
Scientific Calculators (129)
Desktop Printing Calculators (88)
Paper Shredders
Cross Cut Shredders (205)
Strip Cut Shredders (128)
Confetti Cut Shredders (44)
Diamond-Cut Shredders (5)
Dictation Machines
Olympus (105)
Sony (69)
Panasonic (11)
Sanyo (16)
Philips (98)
Grundig (17)
Office Machinery
Binding Machines (44)
Guillotines/Trimmers (8)
Laminators (38)
Label Printers (14)
Cash Registers (4)
Folding Machines (3)
Electronic Reference Machines
Electronic Translators (91)
Electronic Dictionaries (97)
Audio Phrasebooks (150)
eBook Readers (9)
Text-to-Speech (21)
Electronic Encyclopedias & Thesauruses (2)
Office Stationery
Personal Organisers, Planners & Diaries (92)
Pens (203)
Highlighters & Markers (60)
Binders & Combs (80)
Staplers & Accessories (110)
Envelopes (114)

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super glu

24.06.2017 Review of Bostik Blu Tack Glu Dots

"At work, we have magnetic display boards which is great except everyone keeps pinching the magnets so it's difficult to keep displaying stuff. I'm fed up of the cheap white tack work buy instead of the blue alternative which also turns the paper greasy ov ..."

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While my guitar gently weeps

11.06.2017 Review of Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

"Well, the great and good people of Ciao have thoroughly surprised me once again! Firstly by allowing this category at all, and secondly by putting it under "office supplies"! Really? I went to great trouble to request it under "musical instruments>guit ..."

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TI-83 Graphing Calculator is a useful tool

06.06.2017 Review of Texas Instruments TI 83

"I have owned a TI-83 for many of my high school years as well as my whole college career. As an engineer, this device has proven quite useful for a number of applications. Most recently, I used the calculator to plot various series of data and used the Cu ..."

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Snapclick Does The Trick

02.06.2017 Review of Pilot Snapclick Ballpoint Pen Retractable

"Review of Pilot Snapclick Retractable Ballpoint Pen A pen is one of those things that we tend to take for granted. Like many households we have a ‘pen pot’ in our home, where pens seem to mysteriously appear and disappear with extreme regularity. It ..."

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