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Do you need new equipment for your home or work office? Then browse through this category for the top printers and calculators as well as the most ergonomic chairs and desks. Plus check out the software section to make sure you are ready virtually as well as physically. You can read users' reviews, compare prices and ... more

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Multifunction & Office Machines
Xerox (101)
Hewlett Packard (398)
Brother (222)
Canon (305)
Lexmark International (97)
Samsung (125)
Casio (147)
Texas Instruments (44)
Sharp (83)
Desk Display Calculators (206)
Scientific Calculators (129)
Desktop Printing Calculators (88)
Paper Shredders
Cross Cut Shredders (205)
Strip Cut Shredders (128)
Confetti Cut Shredders (44)
Diamond-Cut Shredders (5)
Dictation Machines
Olympus (105)
Sony (69)
Panasonic (11)
Sanyo (16)
Philips (98)
Grundig (17)
Office Machinery
Binding Machines (44)
Guillotines/Trimmers (8)
Laminators (38)
Label Printers (14)
Cash Registers (4)
Folding Machines (3)
Electronic Reference Machines
Electronic Translators (91)
Electronic Dictionaries (97)
Audio Phrasebooks (150)
eBook Readers (9)
Text-to-Speech (21)
Electronic Encyclopedias & Thesauruses (2)
Office Stationery
Personal Organisers, Planners & Diaries (92)
Pens (203)
Highlighters & Markers (61)
Binders & Combs (80)
Staplers & Accessories (110)
Envelopes (114)

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I'm in a sticky situation here...

04.10.2017 Review of Sugru Mouldable Glue

"'''WHAT IS SUGRU?'''' A mouldable, flexible silicone based glue that is freezer, UV, heat and water resistant, as well as electrically insulating up to 24 watts and 1 amp. It's basically a glue unlike any you usually come across, as it resembles plastic ..."

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Does the Aurora add up?

25.09.2017 Review of Aurora DT 398

"...Although my laptop and mobile phone have perfectly good calculators built into them, in my office we do have traditional calculators that we use. I have the Aurora DT 398 on my desk which is a dual power calculator. Of course I can do any calculations on ..."

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Superb Sharpies

24.09.2017 Review of Sharpie Permanent Marker

"There is a new craze that I have recently become aware of where you decorate a rock of your choice. On the back of the rock you hash tag the name of the facebook group you belong to (for us it is #channelrocks as we are in South East Kent) and you ask th ..."

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Cheap paper from a top brand

21.09.2017 Review of Canon Copy Paper

"...In my office despite being kitted out, pretty much top to bottom, with Lenovo office gear, when it comes to printing, we put our trust in Canon Copy Paper. Canon is a highly respected brand when it comes to photography and printing and for the price of th ..."

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