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Do you need new equipment for your home or work office? Then browse through this category for the top printers and calculators as well as the most ergonomic chairs and desks. Plus check out the software section to make sure you are ready virtually as well as physically. You can read users' reviews, compare prices and ... more

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Multifunction & Office Machines
Xerox (90)
Hewlett Packard (362)
Brother (246)
Canon (307)
Lexmark International (252)
Samsung (138)
Casio (191)
Texas Instruments (52)
Sharp (92)
Desk Display Calculators (216)
Scientific Calculators (146)
Desktop Printing Calculators (91)
Paper Shredders
Cross Cut Shredders (244)
Strip Cut Shredders (145)
Confetti Cut Shredders (57)
Diamond-Cut Shredders (5)
Dictation Machines
Olympus (148)
Sony (77)
Panasonic (11)
Sanyo (16)
Philips (103)
Grundig (15)
Office Machinery
Binding Machines (44)
Guillotines/Trimmers (8)
Laminators (37)
Label Printers (14)
Cash Registers (5)
Folding Machines (3)
Electronic Reference Machines
Electronic Translators (91)
Electronic Dictionaries (97)
Audio Phrasebooks (150)
eBook Readers (9)
Text-to-Speech (21)
Electronic Encyclopedias & Thesauruses (2)
Office Stationery
Personal Organisers, Planners & Diaries (90)
Pens (174)
Highlighters & Markers (53)
Binders & Combs (77)
Staplers & Accessories (107)
Envelopes (112)

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My beautiful butterfly book

19.04.2014 Review of WH Smith Butterfly Magnetic A6 Notebook

"I was lucky enough to receive this lovely butterfly notebook as a birthday present from a good friend which was very well received as I find that as I am getting older I am using a notebook a lot more than I used to, to make lists and notes and just gener ..."

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Sharpie Fine tip Permanent Marker...

15.04.2014 Review of Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker

"...an office there is a key number of items that I use on a fairly regular basis. One of these is my Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker. The marker is something that I use on pretty much a daily basis. The marker pen gets used for a variety of office ..."

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Kodak Printer Hero 9.1

12.04.2014 Review of Kodak Hero 9.1

"I bought a Kodak Printrer Hero 9.1 as Kodak Printers are famous for cheap cartridges and the name Kodak is a famous name. I am not sure whether I was unlucky or it is a bad product. I had to change it as soon as it arrived. It is highly automated and s ..."

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Must-have Moleskin

12.04.2014 (16.04.2014) Review of Moleskine Memo Pockets

"...== "Moleskine Notebooks" == === What it is === Moleskine notebooks - specifically this version, as the pocket version, is just about hand-size with an elasticated strap. Moleskins have a reputation of being a very, very high quality - but do they stand up ..."

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