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... The second type are Clarifying facial cloths for Oily/Combination skin, if you suffer from greasy or spotty skin these wipes will unblock the pores, and remove any of the day to day grime that builds up. The wipes will clarify the skin and reduce the grease. The third being Soothing cloths ... Read review

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Community Level 5amberlevi267


Hip Hip Horay!!! My Face Is Clean Today.

Advantagescompact, easy to use, cleanse, tones and moisturises all ot once.

Disadvantagescan be a wee bit sticky, if you dont rinse after use.

" I have been looking for a decent face wipe for a while now, I have tried all sorts of wipes at different prices and I could not seem to find anything to suit either me or my skin, until I came across Olay's daily facial wipes at my local boots store. I love using face wipes, as they are so easy and quick to use. All you do is pull one little wipe out of the pack, wipe your face thoroughly and your done. These are ideal for people on the go, I use ..." Read review

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Olay Olay.. for cleaner feeling skin everyday!

AdvantagesSimple and effective to use, cleanse without drying skin, value for money

DisadvantagesStruggle slightly with heavier makeup

"A commitment to a good skin care regime is a must for healthy glowing skin, or so my Mum used to tell me when I was growing up. At the time I ignored her, thinking nothing of wiping my makeup off after a long day using a simple face wipe. However, as my skin is getting older, and beginning to show the odd line I am beginning to take more notice of her advice and put more time into following a better skincare regime. One such item that I like to have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1unseen_girl


Wish I'd Invented These...

Advantagesvery convenient, hygienic, cuts down on number of products needed

Disadvantagesperhaps not really suitable for very dry or sensitive skin

"I have used Olay Daily Facials to cleanse my face for about 4 years - pretty impressive brand loyalty! The reason I first decided to try them was because I was about to go off on holiday for 2 weeks to Peru - this would involve staying in basic hotels with a group of strangers, carrying much of my stuff about on long walks, and finally, the Inca Trail! I didn't want to be carting various bottles and jars about up and down mountains, so the cloths ..." Read review

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Community Level 6weebagpuss


Daily facials in a box

AdvantagesQuick, easy to use, no bacteria build up since individual cloths, removes makeup and also cleanses and tones

Disadvantagesa little pricey

"I was browsing around Boots with my Mum a few months ago, looking for something to spend her many boots advantage points on. I needed some eye makeup remover and also a new facial cleanser, so was pleasantly surprised to see that Olay now did ‘Daily Facials’ which were supposed to do both – and more. However, looking at the price – 6.99 for a tub of 30 cloths and then another 5.99 for refills – was it really worth it? ..." Read review

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Community Level 7AimeeLouis...


Brand new skin in a box

Advantagesleaves skin smooth,makes face feel refreshed


"...those lovely people who develop Oil of Olay have been creating different products that help tighten,soften and keep skin refreshed.Best known for it's anti aging products,many women use nothing other than Oil of Olay on a daily basis (and I don't really blame them). And now they've made their service even better by adding these new daily facial products to thousands of shelves around the country.But what do these daily facials do? Simple they keep ..." Read review

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Long Name Daily Facials
Type Cleansing Cloth
Manufacturer Oil of Olay


Listed on Ciao since 20/09/2000

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