Omron Electronic Pulse Massager HV-F115

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Omron Electronic Pulse Massager HV-F115

Pain Relief - For Muscular Pain

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published 24/08/2001 | Bobbin
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"Omron Electronic Pulse Massager HV-F115"

I bought my Omron Electronic Pulse Massager HV-F115 five years ago, in easier English - it's a TENS machine. I have an upper spine injury situated between my shoulder blades. I have two discs missing and 'spurs' have developed on my spine. Pain-wise - well yes it's very painful and I require daily pain killers. I can only describe the pain as having a permanent, throbbing stitch on my spine. Often this causes my right arm to weaken and puts pain into my neck. Not pleasant! Unfortunately I have yet to find treatment that banishes the pain completely and I'm sure like many of you reading this I look towards pain 'management' to help ease the discomfort.

I have tried many things - no doubt I will write about many of them here! However, the TENS machine is one of the few pieces of pain management wear I have bought.

What is a TENS Machine?

A TENS machine is a small unit - slightly smaller and lighter than your average walkman. It produces low-frequency electrotherapy which transmitted to the body via electrode pads. The electric pulse has a massaging effect, helps release endorphins and hopefully over-ride the pain signals.

The Omron TENS machine has three different pulse variations which are Tap, Knead and Shoulder. These produce different pulse sensations - as the name suggests 'Tap' is a tapping short-sharp tapping sensation whereas 'Knead' feels as if someone is kneading your flesh in small, circular motions. 'Shoulder' is a mixture of Tap and Knead. Another excellent feature is the 'repeat' button, this repeats a section of the pulse program on a loop.

There is an intensity dial, rather like a volume control, that has intensities between 1 and 5, 5 being the most powerful.

Each programme lasts 15 minutes which is the recommended length of one session though I often run two back to back.

Not all TENS machines have this number of programmes - some just have one. I recommend you talk to your GP or physiotherapist as they can often lend you a TENS machine to see if it benefits you before purchasing your own. I bought my TENS machine from my local Boots store who said I could have it on a four-week trial, it may be worth asking your local chemists if they could arrange a similar deal.

How much is a TENS machine?

This depends on which make and model you buy. My Omron cost £79.99 (five years ago) and came with a small carry case and I believe prices have fallen in subsequent years. TENS machines with only one pulse program come in at around £30 but as I suggested above it is worth seeing if you can test drive some to see if it would be more worthwhile to pay a little extra for a feature which may be of benefit to your condition.

After the initial unit price you must allow for the cost of batteries and replacement electrode pads. My unit uses a DC 9V battery and I find it needs changing every two month if you use the unit on an average of once a day. When the battery power goes down so does the intensity.

The electrode pads eventually loose their adhesive quality and I find these also need changing every two months if used regularly. The pads for this unit cost £8 for two and I have to order them in at my local chemist in advance.

Who can use a TENS machine?

The TENS machine is an excellent form of pain relief for certain nerve and muscle complaints. I find it is most useful for the muscle tension I experience around my upper back and shoulders rather than the nerve pain caused by the damage.

However there are certain conditions you cannot use the TENS for or with. These include people with pacemakers, high fever, certain lung diseases and malignant tumours. I highly recommend you get advice from your doctor and read the instruction manual fully before commencing TENS treatment to be on the safeside.

Is it obtrusive?

One thing I like most about this TENS machine is it is portable. It is very small and weighs just a few ounces. I find I can put the unit on under my clothing and carry it in my pocket without the wires showing so it is unobtrusive and I am happy to wear it when needs be when out and about though it cannot be worn when driving.

I find this TENS machine is highly beneficial to my programme of pain relief when used in conjunction with other medications and relaxation techniques. It is easy to use and suitable for many situations due to its portable nature. It is disappointing that you have to buy the unit yourself and no doubt this will put many people off. However if your budget allows I would recommend you look at the TENS machines with more features such as different pulse sensations as I find these help tailor the pain relief better given that different types and levels of pain you may have.

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  • MichelleScott published 04/09/2001
    Well-written and informative op. You answered all the questions I would have asked of this machine.
  • BizzyBek published 28/08/2001
    Hi Mum :o) It's true - this is a great little piece of equipemtn which i often borrow if my shoulders are tense after working on the computer. Dropped myself in it now - I'll have to buy the next set of batteries and pads as rent!!
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