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Review of "On The Couch with a Ciao Member"

published 28/01/2006 | Playgirl27
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"On The Couch With The Devil"

The Devil himself

The Devil himself

So after a lot of thinking which member did I wanna get on my couch? Hehehe got to be the lovely Devil himself. So I am at home at the moment awaiting him to turn up. Got my Questions ready and ooh here goes a knock at my door. Yes that's right you jealous lot I have Dempsey_review on my doorstep. Overall opinion just as cute in the flesh ooh I am a jammy little Angel. So Demps in you come have a seat hun, now shoving the poor guy in the door before he changes his mind. So on with the challenge at hand.

~~Ok first question How Old are you Demps?

Well, I am 24, but still act like I am 18 I guess, not sure if that is good or bad, but hey, I'm just a big kid.

You still look 18 hun don't you think everyone.

~~Secondly Where did you grow up?

Well this is a hard one as I have never stayed in one place long enough. I was born in Birmingham, oh yes, I am a Brummy, stayed there until I was 6. Then moved to Northampton, did my School years there, and when I was 16 I moved to Skegness and went to college.

Lincolnshire brummy a strange combo there Demps.

~~What is your hometown like?

Busy in summer, but a ghost town in winter, I suppose that's like any other English sea-side town.

Think I have once been in november and everything was closed and freezing cold. Hope you wrap up well.

~~What do you think is the first thing a woman notices about you?

Oh dear, what a question to ask me. Urmmmmmmm… ok. Judging by the comments I have had from some females on this site who have seen my photo, and what past partners of mine have said, I guess it's the eyes. I get away with a lot with these winkers, I can always make them look really sad if I want too, which normally makes the ladies feel really sorry for me which in turn gets me to have my own way.
And now that I have given away this little secret I'm well and truly fluffed!!!!

I would have to agree with you hun they are very lovely hmmm come to bed eyes springs to mind. lol shut up lou.

~~What do you look for in your ideal woman( lets see if anyone fits the bill)

This is easy for me, you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous (although if you're a Sandra Bullock look-a-like you've got me), but really all I like is some girl who is completely crazy, makes me laugh and someone I can trust, and that's all I normally ever look for in a partner, just a 'crazy chick'! And no, I do not mean Charlotte Church!

Ooh Demps you just described me lol.

~~~What is your craziest drunken experience?

Oh Lou, this is naughty of you to ask!
I was at a house party, and drink was in very good supply. To make matters worse, it was my house warming party, and I had yet to invite any neighbours, nor actually meet any of them. Me, Sarah and my friends got very drunk indeed, and started playing the 'truth or dare' game. Not wise thing to do under the influence. Me, being the daredevil I am, obviously chose the dare option. The dare was that if I could not neck a half pint of straight vodka, I had to run round the block naked. Stupid I know. Needless to say, with the first sip of this drink I heaved, therefore loosing the challenge and having to take on the worse part of the dare. So I was stripped and forced out of my own front door, and not to be let back in until I did a full circuit run around my road. Imagine my surprise when my darling neighbours whom I hadn't met yet and who were at the dear old age of 60 plus, were on their way back from the bingo hall, and me not looking where I was going ran straight into them naked! But oh no, if that wasn't enough, someone had made a complaint to the police half hour before hand about the music level coming from my home, and the police car was approaching my house to ask us to turn it down. Fortunately for me, both my neighbours and the very nice police man and women saw the funny side and just left me rather embarrassed and asked me to turn the music off. Never the less, the dare was completed, and I looked like a prize idiot.

Lol would have loved to have seen that sounds hilarious.

~~~What is your craziest sexual experience?

I knew when you asked me to do this Lou I would get embarrassed!
I was 17, and me and a girls name I will not mention, were travelling home from college early on the afternoon bus. It was a double decker, and the top floor was empty. We decided 'do it' on the back seats on the top floor of the bus, which seemed rather crazy to me at the time, and that's all I am saying.

Ooh you dirty monkey you. You can tell me the details later lol.

~~~If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy me lol?

I would buy you another lottery ticket and hope you had the same luck as me lol! Nah, only joking, anything you want angel x

Ahhh this guy is a true sweetie and of course cute with it.

~~~What is your favourite pet and why?

Well it's not really a pet, but if I could have one as a pet I would be very happy.
A Koala Bear, they are so cute and cuddly and I have always wanted one ever since I was a little nipper.

Now I never expected that as a answer sending you a large Koala Via royal mail. A teddy people not the real thing that would be cruel.

~~~Whats your favourite colour?

Red! Colour of danger, matches my personality lol!

You can all see why Devil suits him can't you.

~~~Do you drive if so what make of car and what colour?

Vectra SRI, Champagne colour, with red interior.

Ooh Nice you can take me for a drive anytime hun.

~~~If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go?

Sandra Bullocks bedroom!
I hear she has nice drapes.

Well we can't blame him for that now can we lol.

~~~Whats your favourite holiday memory?

Magaluf Majorca. I had the best time there, made lots of new friends, and had the best time with my old friends. When it was time to leave, everyone was so emotional, and the memories of the whole holiday will be with me forever.

Magaluf ain't that nicknamed Megamuff lol.

~~~Whats your favourite drink?

That would have to be Mr Jack Daniels, with dry ginger ale. Shaken not stirred lol.

So you know what to get him drunk on now best be getting him a large bottle. hehehe.

~~~Whats your job and do you like it?

You might say I am in the fashion business. And yes I really love it, until I am old and useless and no one wants me anymore.

Think you have a few years left yet Demps.

~~~We know you like films whats your favourite and why?

Well, you all know I like my horrors, so I suppose it would have to be Halloween, with Michael Myers. Alright I know the series goes on forever but the original spawned a whole new horror genre, and I just love watching it in the dark with lots of jelly babies.

Horror Film, jelly babies and Demps to hold your hand sounds good to me.

~~~What music do you like Demps?

I'm eclectic, (meaning I like all kinds). But my favourite artists would have to be, Snow Patrol, Eagle Eyed Cherry and Def Leopard.

Would have to agree with Def Leopard excellent.

~~~What are you at the moment happy or sad?

Sad. I have just come back from Poland, I am very tired, still have stomach ache, and I am missing my friends there.
Could you give me a hankie please Lou?

Here you go Demps Lou Lou will look after you hunny.

~~~Whats your favourite food and why?

I know. I am such a kid, but I love this. My mother used to make this for me all the time and I just have an unhealthy obsession with it. Anybody want to make me one? I will give them a big squishy hug!

Thats it now Demps loads of cheesecakes in the post. But hey I can make a mean cheesecake. ooh can I have the Squishy hug then lol.

~~~Whats your earliest memory?

My sister being born. She was bloody ugly, I could never forget that first face she pulled, eeewwwwww! Mind you, she looks like a smacked arse even now!

Demps your poor sister hope she doesn't read that.

~~~What one thing would you do if you had a week to live?

Hunt Sandra Bullock down and ask her to marry me. It's only for a week, I am sure she wouldn't mind seen as I have fancied her since the age of 6.

Sheer heaven then hun.

~~Superhero or invisible?

I am such a clumsy Clark Kent in real life, it would be nice to be able to rip my shirt of with a big 'S' on my chest, fly off with my own Louis Lane.

Can I be your Lois Lane ooh demps looks embaressed!!

~~Whats your favourite pastime?

Easy, watching horror movies!

Cool answer demps.

~~What footy team if any do you support?

I am going to get slaughtered! ASTON VILLA RULE!

You may get slaughtered your Angels will protect you lol.

~~Now you gave me the title of one of your Angels what does this mean I am sure others want to know?

He he. Well to be a 'Dempsey's Angel', you have to be witty, funny and have secret powers of course. So the question is what's your secret power? My guest book is open lol.

Ahh the sweet man's gb will be really full lol.

~~What would be your Ideal date? Calm down ladies

May 18th - Not too hot and not too cold lol.
No seriously, my ideal kind of date would have to be doing something with a pure adrenaline rush, something that is fun but a little scary, like bungee jumping off a cliff together holding each other really tight.
Then maybe after we can relax on a hot sandy beech and stay there to watch the sun go down together, but the adrenaline rush first!

Sounds fabulous Demps when you wanna go.

~~Romantic or passionate?

I can be both, although sometimes I can be a klutz too, which makes my romantic gestures fold like a house of cards.

Lol you can't be that bad.

~~Shy or loud?

Loud, with my job there is no time to be shy.

No being shy would hinder modeling hun would have to agree.

~~If I could grant you three wishes what would you wish for?

1. An Aston Martin car like the one in the latest James bond movie, but in red.

2. For my family, friends and of course my 'angels' to always be safe, well and happy (what a nice little devil)

3. And finally, and most important. For all the starving children in the world to be free from poverty and disease. I hate seeing children on TV or in real life encounters that are suffering, it's just too much for my little devil heart to take, and it pulls on my heart strings. Even devils can't ignore there suffering. PEACE!

Loved those answers sweeter by the minute,

~~~ And finally my little Devil why did you join ciao and why do you like it?

Well I joined for some flaming cash but that don't seem to get me very far!
But after a while, the making money side of it was replaced by genuinely having fun writing my own opinions and stories on many different things, and having you guys tell me what you think. Everyone likes appreciation, and if you get it for something you're good at, or that you hope you're good at, and then you, like myself, get a little satisfactory feeling inside that lasts you throughout the day. What more could a little devil want?
Well Lou, I seem to have answered all your questions, thanks for inviting me too you're ciao home to do this, it was fun. And thanks to you guys for reading. And remember now - If you look like your passport photo - you're too ill to travel! Bye bye, Dempsey x

Well we all joined for the money hun, But at least we have all made decent friends/

Well unfortunately for me this has come to an end. And the lovely little Devil is off home but hey got him here on my couch so I am not complaining. We really enjoyed this review they are Dempsey's answers from himself. I got some of the Questions from other ciao couch reviews so the members I got them from thank you its appreciated. Well I will have to go away and think up another review with the Devil to get him to come back.
We thank you all for reading it was fun to write Angel Lou & Dempsey Devil xx

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  • hewks published 28/08/2006
    Great review, made me giggle babe xxx
  • Morning_Becomes_Electra published 03/05/2006
    Umm the Devil looks nice.Those eyes! Enjoyed that review. Good fun. Electra xx
  • g-virus published 25/04/2006
    what a cool challenge, will have to do this one, defo! james :p
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