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Orblivion - Orb (The)

1 CD(s) - Electronica - Label: Island - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 02/1997 - 731452434722

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Review of "Orblivion - Orb (The)"

published 23/10/2013 | KHetherington
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Pro Relaxing,expansive,lots of sound manipulation, nice warm synth sounds,toxygene
Cons self indulgent at times, too much spoken audio sample usage can bore the listener
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Quality and consistency of tracks
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"Toxic genes Bedouins asylums and assorted ambient ryhthms"

the Orb Inlay photo - Fehlmann and Paterson

the Orb Inlay photo - Fehlmann and Paterson

The Orb released this offering in 1997 prior to this set they had released the "Orbus Terrarum" a big all encompassing album. Orblivion is very much in the same style and a continuation of where they left off. In other words more shimmering ambiance, dub hefty break beats and eastern influences and rhythms.

Track Summary

Delta MK II - Is an ominous opener to the album, opening with dub styled bass and percussion, and some American communist witch hunt vocal samples. Its quite a brooding and dramatic track with lots ofstrange noises and drum breaks and beats.

"Ubiquity" Is a far eastern sounding collage of ambiance and styles synth lines, it has a memorable melody and has a somewhat underwater feel to it. Whistles echoes tablas sitar and stuttery explosive beats with claps add to the mix as we delve further into the depths of this eastern sounding groove 7/10

"Asylum" This has always been a particular favourite of mine, this version is more mellow and ambient that that of the single version which I loved so much. Still its no less impressive its just missing some elements from single cut which is better in my opinion. Anyway its a journey into spacey synths glasses of wine being poured (yes really, crazy samples) clatters and a thudding breakbeat. The mellow string sounding synths really make this tune special. Incidentally its mixed with another single track "Rose Tinted" so two tracks in one 8/10

"Bedouin" Has more thick sounding grooves and a thudding beat. Some ethereal sounding synths twinkle on here together with a dubbed out underlying rhythm. It actually does give one the impression of a Bedouin trudging through the haze of the blazing sun in hot desertscape 6.5/10

"Molten Love" Sounds very spacey and intergalactic with bells a dirty bassy sound exudes here. a pretty good semi ambient piece here 6/10

"Pi" Opens to the sound of seagulls and choppers roaring past a la "star" or little fluffy clouds. Thensome northern guy starts preaching something about the mark of the devil and bar codes on packets of johnnies and ciggarettes etc. pretty much a dialogue collage with some spaced synth lines layered over the top, Ok track 6/10

S.A.L.T. Opens into another dub landscape 'do you ever get the feeling your bein follared' the vocal sample declares again,its pretty much a continuation of the previous guy prattling on about some rubbish pretty boring now 4/10 skip this and the previous track.

"Toxygene" in its single form was a real classic Orb track brilliant Jupiter 8 synth lines blaring horns puffing steam trains screeching tires etc and huge pounding crunching beats. But this is the album cut, its obviously an ambient reinterpretation from the beginning. But then "Wait a minute" cuts in together with that ethereal blast of a Jupiter 8 monster synth lines and you know this is easily the best track from the set, so 9/10 for the brilliance.

"Log of Deadwood" Opens up with more spoken vocal samples,then a nice a break beat comes through. There's some very spaced out middle eastern sounds running through the groove. A nice melody and big crashing beats make this a good track 7/10

"Secrets" Carries on the mellow eastern sounding groove. There are some weather report vocal samples to tell us about the weather again too. Again good beats and a good groove on here but samey 6/10

"Passing of Time" Is an ambient journey with sweeps and blustering synths, and elegant keys work, it starts to build into a crescendo of industrial clangs and sounds, nevertheless not bad 5/10

"72" The track begins with a daft LSD vocal sample a pause then some jungle sounding breaks and buzz saw synths not bad but does not fit with the ambient styles on here. halfway through the dub interlude is pretty nice though 6/10

In conclusion There are classic tracks on here like "Toxygene" (my favourite Orb track) "Asylum" and "Bedouin" which make it worth a purchase. Then there are some very boring dialogue heavy self indulgent plodders, all just samples and no groove or tune. But still the album has some great atmospheric tuneful moments.

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1 CD(s) - Electronica - Label: Island - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 02/1997 - 731452434722

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