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Review of "Oreo Cookies Vanilla"

published 17/06/2011 | labellavita1992
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University graduate. Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. www.ofbeautyandnothingness.co.uk
Pro Very cheap, Oreo cheesecake ('nuff said), vanilla/chocolate combination, filling
Cons Amount of sugar and fat in one 11g oreo! and they can be a little sickly after a while
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"It's Oreo time!"

Oreo Cookies Vanilla and packaging

Oreo Cookies Vanilla and packaging

Oreo biscuit/cookie Review

- About Oreo’s

The first oreo was created in 1912 in New York City and the oreo brand is part of Kraft Foods (nabisco). The name oreo is thought to be derived from the greek ‘oreo’ meaning mountain - which is what the original oreos looked like. Oreo is stated to be Americas Favorite cookie - although I think it is actually a biscuit (here goes the ye olde biscuit/cake...cookie debate)!

- Did you know?

“If all the Oreo biscuits ever made were stacked up, they’d reach to the moon and back five times! If put side by side, they’d encircle the earth 381 times at the equator!” Oreo eu

“Rumour has it that 7.5 billion biscuits are eaten every year! Or 20.5 million a day!” Oreo eu

- Ingredients

Sugar, wheat flour, vegetable fats (with antioxidants: E-306, E-304), fat-reduced cocoa powder (7%), glucose and fructose syrup, raising agents (sodium and ammonium bicarbonates), whey powder (from milk), cocoa mass, salt, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (vanillin).

Contains: Wheat, Soya and Milk!

- Nutritional information

Per 11g oreo, contains the following:

52 calories (which is 3% of the guideline daily amount)
2.3g of fat (which is 3% of the guideline daily amount)
7.2g of carbohydrates
4.5g of sugar (which is 5% of the guideline daily amount)

- Packs available and types of oreo’s (vanilla, chocolate and mini)

There are various size packs of oreo biscuits including: 176g packet, 220g ‘bumper box’, 66g snack pack and the 154g pack - which is what I have. There are also different types of biscuits including: mino oreos (a new addition) and oreos with a chocolate filling instead of the original vanilla filling. There are other types which I believe are only sold in America including: the oreo brownie, oreo fudge creme cookies, peanut butter oreos and an oreo cookie pie crust for baking.

- Packaging (Information on the packaging, etc)

I like the packaging, it looks quite retro/american to me. It is brightly coloured and it quite a lot of information on it. The information on the packaging includes: nutritional information, ingredients, guidelines for the daily amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein - for adults and children which I think is quite useful. It also contains contact information such as the addresses, website (link below) and phone number.

- Appearance

The oreo cookies/biscuits have changed in terms of their appearance since their launch in 1912. They were supposedly called ‘oreos’ as the greek meaning is mountain or mound, which is what the oreo’s in 1912 were stated to look like. The appearance now is quite flat and does not resemble a mountain at all - although they can look like a mountain if you stack them...

Anywho, they are flat, they have the ‘oreo’ brand name printed on the front and they raised pattern on the front only too. The top section is printed, then there is the vanilla filling (or chocolate which ever you buy) and then there is the back section which is plain with no printed design on.

- How to eat an oreo (or how you are supposed to eat them)

The adverts for the oreo have been targeted really at children and how to eat an oreo - the oreo is supposed to be twisted, then licked (the vanilla filling) and then dunked into milk. This is shown on all of the oreo advertisements I have seen and I don’t follow this oreo rule (rebel), mainly as I hate milk. I just eat them normally really, just like a normal biscuit, although oreo cheesecake is rather good!

- Taste, after taste and the evidence left behind...

The oreo has two main flavours, the chocolate biscuit sections and the vanilla filling inside. the biscuit of the oreo is dark in colour and I don’t know if it is that colour because of the type of chocolate it is made from - dark or milk chocolate. On the ingredients the chocolate component is “reduced-fat cocoa powder” but to me it tastes like dark chocolate - it is a little bitter than milk chocolate and the colour and taste led me to think that the biscuit is made from dark chocolate cocoa powder - I think I am analyzing too much into this!

The second main flavour is the vanilla filling, which is in between the chocolate biscuits. The combination of chocolate and vanilla is a classic and it works really well here. The slightly bitter chocolate biscuit and the fairly sweet vanilla compliment each other quite well.

I like the two flavours together and I don’t really like them apart - alone I think the vanilla filling is not very nice but with the chocolate biscuit is works well and tastes nice. I also don’t like the chocolate biscuit sections with out the vanilla - so for me they work well together and shouldn’t really be eaten separately - not nice!

One thing I don’t really like about this product is that it can get stuck in your teeth - like cheap sweets - which is not very nice and especially as the chocolate biscuit is dark in colour - it would show up more (so probably not the best thing to eat before going to the dentist). This makes the after taste fairly bitter, like the chocolate biscuit section, but it does not last very long.

I find that they are fairly messy to eat, due to the crumbly chocolate biscuit sections they do create a lot of crumbs, which is not good, especially if you are like me and do not like cleaning!

I find that they are quite filling for me, I don’t really eat too many sweets/biscuits and one/two of these are more than enough for me. Also they can become quite sickly after a while, so I would not eat a few of these at once - unless your are Adam Richman from ‘man vs food’.

- Other ways to use/eat Oreo’s

While on a Royal Caribbean med cruise last year one of the desserts on the menu (Royal Caribbean international cookbook - savour - volume 2 is the cookbook which I purchased while on the ship) was an Oreo cheesecake, which was rather amazing. Other ways to eat/use oreos is to crumble them over ice cream, which is especially nice with vanilla ice cream, like the vanilla filling in the oreos.

- Price and availability

I bought the 154g pack (which contains 14 normal size oreos) from tesco and they were 99p if I remember correctly. The 175g pack is 1.20 at tesco and the oreo mini 150g pack is £1.58, also at tesco. They can be bought from most supermarkets and online.


  • Useful product information on the packet (guideline amounts)
  • Nice filing snack - for me anyway
  • Can be used in different ways - such as a oreo cheesecake which is great!
  • Really inexpensive
  • Flavour combination of chocolate and vanilla work really well - although the chocolate biscuit part for me is a little bitter
  • Widely available

  • Does contain 2.3g for fat, 52 calories and 4.5g of sugar in each 11g oreo!
  • Can be a bit sickly after a while - for me anyway

- Would recommend oreo biscuits?

I would recommend oreos for an occasional snack, but due to the sugar and amount of fat in each oreo I would not recommend them to be consumed regularly. I would also recommend them as they can be used as a great ice cream topping and they can be used to make an oreo cheesecake which is also great!

For more information: http://www.oreo.eu - with information such as nutritional information, on the other oreo biscuit varieties.

Thank you reading my review - this review will also be posted on dooyoo under my username tigger1992x

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  • Coloneljohn published 01/07/2011
    I've never tried these yet. John
  • brokenangelkisses published 26/06/2011
    I can't imagine what else I'd want to know!
  • jesi published 22/06/2011
    When first introduced in UK/Europe they were called Cookies, as the packaging was merely relabelled with an ingredients sticker, and they were an 'American' import . . . to an American, the term 'biscuit' refers to something tasting a bit like a scone (made of a mix of flour/raising agent/etc like the 'Bisquick' recently featured as PoW) . . . I have only known Oreo in a round shape in my 60 years, and it has always been that hard dark chocolate melts-in-your-mouth textured-print twinned disc with a firm creme/cream filling. . . I believe the milkiness is all in the filling, and to me it makes a wonderful contrast . . . ♥ ~ Jesi ~ ♥
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