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Fun biscuit, Well Packaged, Price and Availability

None really but watch the calorie and fat content .

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Although I like to think I have a sensible head on my shoulders I'm the first to admit that I am easily taken in by advertising or recommendations by other people. I'll buy books and DVD's after reading other peoples reviews on them here and once I decide that I have to have something the thought niggles away at me until I give in to it and spend my money on items I didn't know I wanted or needed until I read about them. Yesterday goes to prove the power of ciao as I was in Tesco buying a few essential groceries and ended up down the biscuit aisle with the intention of buying some Hob Nobs, instead my eye was drawn to a box of Oreo's and remembering a couple of reviews I had read recently about them I decided that I had to have a box of my very own...

The Packaging

My rectangular Oreo's box is predominately blue in colour and features illustrations of the biscuits contained within. It is a 'snack pack' box containing foiled 4 packages each containing 4 biscuits which presumably make them ideal for a packed lunch or picnic. At a cost of £1.20 per box this works out that each biscuit costs 7 and half pence each which I didn't think was too unreasonable although compared to other biscuits it does make these a relatively expensive choice however the old adage 'you get what you pay for' applies here though and if you like Oreo's then you're going to pay the price regardless of if you consider them to be expensive so long as they're not ridiculously overpriced.

The box informs that each individual Oreo contains 53 calories, 0.6g of Protein, 7.2g of Carbohydrates (of which 4.5g are sugars) and 2.3g of fat (1.2g saturates) so if you were to multiply these amounts by 4 (as that's what you get in each sealed, foil pack - 4 biscuits) it does work out that these are quite high in calories and fat which really shouldn't come as any great surprise given what they actually are.

Incase you weren't aware of what Oreo biscuits are they are described as being a 'chocolate flavoured sandwich biscuit' and are made up of 2 patterned outer layers of thin biscuit either side of a of vanilla fondant-like centre and advertised with the slogan of "Twist, Lick, Dunk". The 'idea' behind eating these is to take one of the biscuits, twist off the top chocolate layer, lick the vanilla centre and then dunk the remainder into a glass of milk and even though I'm 39 years of age and probably not the target audience for this method of eating an Oreo this is what I did.
The Eating Experience

Although my tastes in food are primarily centred towards savoury snacks rather than sweet ones I do enjoy a biscuit every now and again and whilst Chocolate Hob Nobs would usually be my first choice I tend to buy whatever catches my eye when I'm shopping. Oreo's are not as chocolatey as some other biscuits that are available due to the outer layers being quite hard to bite through and if you do decide to eat them in the traditional way of biting directly into one then you might be surprised at how tough these can actually be. The twist, lick, dunk method seems to get more flavour from the biscuit rather than eating them straight down as the vanilla centre does seem to get lost in the crunch and rough texture of the biscuit itself and anyway, it's far more fun to pretend to be 10 years old again and making the treat last that bit longer by means of a three-step eating plan. If milk isn't your preferred dunking liquid then be aware that the biscuits do hold up to quite an extended dunk in either tea or coffee and don't end up becoming too mushy if left immersed for too long. I hate it when bits of biscuit fall into a hot drink and whilst I personally think that plunging one of these in cold milk is probably the best way of eating them as the milk does seem to compliment both the chocolate and vanilla flavours either hot or cold drinks allow the biscuit to hold its form but each to their own of course.

I do think Oreo's and milk do make for quite an indulgent late night treat or supper and whilst they're not my favourite biscuit in the world there's very little to complain about overall. They provide a sweet sugary rush and although they're nowhere near as rich or sweet as some others (Chocolate Digestives or Hob Nobs for example) at 53 calories each they're not *that* bad for you really and like everything else should be enjoyed in moderation. I do like the packaging idea behind the 'Snack Pack' box as it does keep the biscuits fresh and are ideally sized for any childs (or adults!) packed lunch even though you are undoubtedly paying a little bit more for the convenience of having them packed this way but 16 biscuits for a little over a pound isn't that extortionate anyway.

I'm not going to pad out this review with details of who makes Oreo's or where they come from or how long they've been available to buy in the UK as I feel those details are irrelevant. If you've come to this review to see what I thought about their taste then I hope I have covered all you would want to know. Oreo's are available to buy in the majority of supermarkets in either snack pack boxes or traditional rolls and prices will vary depending on where you shop, expect to pay around a pound and you won't be far off.

As far as my rating goes 4 stars seems fair to me. I do like the taste, they're easy to find and the snack pack box is a great way of keeping the biscuits fresh. Most of all I like the fact that I can pretend that I'm 10 years old again when I eat an Oreo and enjoy dunking them in milk, they do say that small things amuse small minds but I don't care, they're a fun biscuit and anyway, life's too short to worry about what other people think.

Thanks for reading my review, please note that this may also appear on dooyoo under my username.

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Secre 21.06.2011 16:19

I probably ought to get round to trying Oreo's at some point, although at the moment the amount of reviews surrounding them is making me stubbern! Lissy

louisechackett 21.06.2011 12:15

All these Oreo reviews are so making me crave them! Excellent review!

angelboouk123 20.06.2011 14:56

Excellent review :D

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