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Wall of Noise

24.04.2012 (26.04.2012)

Cleanses the eardrum and aids loss of hearing

Sticky and smells of ear medication

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Be Phroar.

Silence, there is no doubt it is: peaceful, quiet, tranquil, relaxing, and luxurious. Everything around you seems at a faster pace, just by observing the Cherry Tree outside the leaves are dancing to the silence of the wind. Peoples' lips are moving yet no legible communication is apparent - they are shuffling in their leather chairs yet no noise complies with their actions. While placing the coffee mug onto a glass surface, instead of the glass meet china sharp clatter an unrecognizable thud hits the eardrum quite a few octaves lower. When it comes to deafness I wallow in the tranquility of peace and lose myself more so in a novel. Usually with no interruptions - blissfully I absorb the text easier than if I had full hearing. I'm completely unaware of any vocal tirades, or the impatient door knockers. The vibrating 'thud, thud, thud' of helicopters overhead doesn't change in tone or frequency either. Deafness comes to us from time to time- when wax over produces and cakes the small noodle canals of the ear, blocking the eardrum. Allow yourself several nights of unbroken sleep before attempting to unblock the lugholes to a wall of noise - that is my advice. This is when you have a genuine excuse to not hear the sweet twitter of your better half asking you to 'humpty da ben'. No it didn't make much sense to me either, after much irritation she pointed at the full bin and I assume she said 'empty the bin'. Deafness has its good points but sadly aiding a loving relationship is not one of them.

Being able to lip read has its advantages, during those silent days prior to getting treatment. Admittedly, the idea of staring at a guy's lips longer than normal is not recommended if you're a heterosexual male yourself - excluding the Pharmacist and Doctor. They're occupationally programmed to relate to the social problems of being deaf. Not quite the same for local nurses though. During a particularly blocked ear period whereby both ears required extensive syringing; I sat in the GP waiting room for far longer than I should've done. I didn't see or hear the dwarfish nurse popping her head around the corner quietly calling my surname. She expected me to follow her immediately. She had to come back and physically prod me to get any sort of reaction. She knew I was deaf. I lifted my head up rather sheepishly from an article and there adjacent was three elderly people smirking and looking at me as if I was a person who'd lost their marbles. Naturally, I signed I was deaf, but they were more interested to pigeonhole me that I had lost my marbles.

Jaw Ring.

Notably Otex doesn't work in my heavily congested ear canals, unless there is mild traffic. Simulating a traffic warden it can cope easily if the traffic is manageable, preferably motorbikes, bicycles and rickshaws. In the past, I've tend to use the product ineffectively as a last resort rather than for precautionary measures and it works; albeit, Olive Oil Eardrops does exactly the same job, yet cheaper. For the 10ml Otex Ear Drops - I've paid 5.25 GBP for the privilege. Five drops in each ear suffices: the application is most effective while your head is down on a pillow so that the medically scented liquid can kick start its epic journey down the canal. You'll get a tickling sensation as the wax exterminator enters into the inner ear and embarks on coordinating traffic. Repeat twice daily for three days and consult your doctor if deafness remains unchanged. Depending on each individual's ear condition: syringing is the next treatment. It has the same effect that a water-cannon has while dealing with animated rioters on a crowded street. Otex manufacturers boast that their product would guarantee the block of wax will be loosening its grip to the eardrum and usually with one gurgling swoosh of tepid water; the eardrum swatter will come out in one clump. Inadvertently this'll make the nurse squeal in delight at the same time as hearing clarity is registered; mission accomplished. They never learn. You open the door and a great wall of noise greets your cleansed eardrum as if you've just scored a goal in the F A Cup Final.

And After.

Otex's simplistic pipette design has to be marveled. If a Martian came down to planet Earth, it'll know what to do with Otex; the product is so established. Otex is made in Watford England: even when deaf Watford sounds like Watford; so great logistic marketing has been achieved there. The only downside apart from regaining your hearing is the smell. Your ears seem to be engaged to the smell as if they've bathed in the stuff since birth - a medicated scented ear does nothing for your sex life. So hold off the ear nibbling for a considerable time. Do you year be? No, enjoy the silence while it lasts.

Unlike most medications, Otex's external use is fine for; pregnant ladies and most people with other unfortunate ailments. Not to be used if you've a perforated eardrum, or any ear infection. ©1st2thebar 2012
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Novabug 30.04.2012 21:37

Made me smile. :)

nic63 24.04.2012 21:37

I can relate to this as my hearing in my right ear is terrible, I've had syringing done and tried otex but I'm still deaf in there! Getting quite embarrassing when I keep mistaking what people are saying to me and giving them a totally irrelevant answer!! xx

catsholiday 24.04.2012 20:41

Never had the problem myself!

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