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OtterBox Commuter TL Case for iPhone

OtterBox Commuter TL Case for iPhone


With an expensive gadget like an iPhone, you're willing to spend good money to protect it aren't you? After all, buying a decent case has got to be cheaper than having it repaired. After making my way through dozens of iPhone cases - some good, some bad, I think I've finally found the perfect case for my needs. The OtterBox Commuter TL Case, that's a bit of a mouthful so from I'll just refer to it as the OtterBox.

OtterBox are a company dedicated to protecting your expensive and beloved gadgets, they make cases for a range of mobile phones and in terms of Apple products, they have you covered with their range of cases for the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPad and they've currently got cases for the iPhone 4 just coming into stock. OtterBox currently have their own website (google it) and they currently retail from Amazon. This specific OtterBox case will set you back a mere £15.78, a little more than some cases, but I'm here to tell you why this is the Daddy of all iPhone cases.

The Case

So, where to start with why this cases eclipses all other cases on the market? Shall we start with the styling? OtterBox have managed to create a case that's fit for purpose, but also a case that you're not embarrassed to be seen using in public. A lot of the more robust cases on the market you wouldn't want to be seen dead with, a bit like introducing Phil Mitchell to your parents as your new boyfriend. The OtterBox case manages to protect your beloved iPhone, whilst providing you with a bit of style. I love the polished look of my iPhone sans a case, but since purchasing the OtterBox I would now prefer to utilise the OtterBox when out, than go out without any protection (there's a euphemism there somewhere). From the indented outer rubber shell, to the visible plastic middle with the OtterBox name on the bottom, this is by far the most stylish case I've used. Wait for it though, as we haven't even got to my favourite part of the case yet, Apple products are products of style, substance and above all they're a statement to the world, carrying a gadget that has that little Apple symbol attached to it, makes you feel good doesn't it? Then why on Earth do a lot of cases feel the need to hide that? Fortunately, OtterBox don't, they've recognised that Apple is a symbol to be proud of and have come up with an ingenious way of showcasing your product, whilst maintaining an overall protection. Where the Apple logo sits on the back of the phone, the case has positioned a little transparent window, so that the Apple logo can still be clearly seen, but it's protected by polycarbonate to eliminate the risk of any scratches.

The OtterBox case utilises a shock proof rubber that encompasses the sides and part of the back of the iPhone. The indented rubber gives you an enhanced grip of the phone, whereas, without the case it was very easy to drop the iPhone due to the polished surfaces. All ports of the iPhone are covered too. The hold/on/off button and the volume keys are both covered by the rubber. The good thing being, that to access them you don't have to lift or move anything out of the way, you simply press down on the rubber just as you would without the case. The buttons remain just as responsive as they always were. The silent button situated just above the volume keys isn't protected, but the rubber does sit above the slider, meaning that it'll be almost impossible for the slider to be damaged by anything if dropped or knocked. Unlike a previous case I've used, the slider is in no way obstructed by the case, therefore switching silent mode on and off is just as easy as it is without the case. The headphone jack is completely protected by the case, meaning that you'll need to open the little slot that fits snugly around the compartment to inset the headphone jack. This is done with ease and I've never been worried about the rubber breaking off when pushed back as the case seems very versatile. The speakers at the bottom aren't able to be covered, as of course if they were you'd never be aware of any phone calls or messages, however, the plastic part of the case fits snugly around them, again, eliminating any risk of them becoming damaged during a knock of a fall. Finally, the USB slot, possibly the most important part of the phone is protected extremely well with a rubber slot that slips down, enabling the phone to be charged. When the phone is charged you simply slip the slot back into place. The USB protector can take a bit of getting used to though, it needs to be put into place in a certain way, right at the top, anywhere else and it will flap about slightly, however, it will only take a couple of attempts to figure out the correct way to replace the slot therefore this is only a very mild inconvenience when you first purchase the case. The camera lens isn't protected, however, the plastic rises above the lens, protecting it from any knocks or drops, just like everything else with this case and the camera is in no way obstructed by the case.

Applying the case is very easy, although it's likely that you'll take extra care on first application through fear of scratching the iPhone. There's a plastic backing which runs through the middle of the iPhone (protecting the back from scratches) and clasps onto the top and bottom of the phone. This case does provide a very tight fit, however, the clasps will not scratch the surface of your iPhone and they fit on fairly easily, with removing being just as easy.

Screen Protector

When buying the case from Amazon, it's supplied with a screen protector too. I've had a lot of issues with screen protectors in the past, until discovering Phone Devil who provide excellent screen protectors at bargain prices. I did try the complementary screen protector though. The application process is relatively easy, there's a little cloth provided in the packaging, which you use to thoroughly clean the screen before removing one tab from the screen protector, applying it to the screen (using a credit card to prevent air bubbles), when stuck down, remove the other tab and voila! However, the protector feels very gammy on your fingers and doesn't stick down well - I quickly reverted back to Phone Devil.

All in all this is a fantastic case, the best I've had and I can highly recommend it to you. With exception of the screen protector, the case is faultless, it's stylish and more than fit for purpose and for the price it's a real bargain.

==Highly recommended.==

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    Excellent consumer review x
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    That's a pretty smart looking case!
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