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published 25/01/2017 | catsholiday
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Pro Feel good film, amusing and god acting
Cons Quite forgettable and rather unbelievable story
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"Our Idiot Brother - or was he just naive and too trusting?"

Our Idiot Brother (DVD)

Our Idiot Brother (DVD)


I was looking through Amazon prime and spotted this film and Prime were offering a big reduction so I thought we should give it a try. Paul Rudd seems to be in every comedy movie these days and he is okay, not super funny but I quite enjoy the films as they are an easy watch, requiring no brain power at all. This is not the sort of film you will feel enlightened, uplifted and that will stay with yo. It is fluff of the highest order, requiring virtually no brain cells to be switched.


GENRE: Drama, Comedy
LENGTH: 1Hr 30 min
DIRECTOR: Jesse Peretz
WRITERS: Jesse Peretz, Evgenia Peretz & David Schisgall - story)
Evgenia Peretz & David Schisgall - screenplay

Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel
CAST: Paul Rudd ... Ned
Francesca Papalia ... Sadie
Elizabeth Banks ... Miranda
Peter Hermann ... Terry
Adam Scott ... Jeremy
Rashida Jones ... Cindy
Zooey Deschanel ... Natalie
Emily Mortimer ... Liz
Steve Coogan ... Dylan
Kathryn Hahn ... Janet
T.J. Miller ... Billy
Shirley Knight ... Ilene

~~~~~~ THE STORY ~~~~~~

Ned, played by Paul Rudd is selling his home grown fruit and vegetables at a local market. A policeman comes up to him and asks if he knows where he could get some marijuana. Ned says he doesn't but the uniformed policeman continues with a sob story so Ned naively gives him some. After some persuasion Ned accepts $20 for this and then finds he has been stung. The policeman arrests him and he goes o jail.

Personally I think that is entrapment but the scene was just one to show the audience how gullible Ned is. He is not nasty nor malicious, in fact his stupidity is all as a result of him being naive and rather caring which is kind of sad. This is not a slapstick comedy like 'Dumb and Dumber' which I thought was utter drivel but is not a laugh out loud comedy.

As Ned comes out of prison he finds life has changed and his girlfriend and dog, Willie Nelson, have been joined by another man, he has been replaced. This is kind of how the film develops.

“Omar: [speaking extremely slowly] I'm Officer Omar Coleman. I'm your parole officer.
Ned: I'm Ned Rochlin. Why are you talking so slow?
Omar: [now speaking normally] I just figured, looking at your sheet, that since you sold grass to a uniformed police officer that you must be retarded.
Ned: Yeah, I get that a lot.”

There really isn't much more of a story and any more would tell too much. It is more situations Ne gets himself in with his family.

~~~~~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~~~~~~

It is hard to say what is comedy about this. It certainly isn't slapstick and it is not intellectual wit either. It kind of misses its audience or doesn't know what audience it is aiming for. It is not the teen market of 'American Pie' and 'Dumb and Dumber', it is more like the Owen Wilson character in 'Meet the Fockers'. I cannot honestly remember laughing at any point in the film. In fact I think it would have been better to make it a light drama with slight comedy element instead of pretending it was a comedy.

The acting was okay, some good performances but they were not belly laugh funny. The funniest part of the film was the dog's name “Willie Nelson” in my opinion.

I actually found Ned a very likeable character and felt a bit sorry for him . He was like the recue puppy you bring home who bounces around happily creating havoc without a clue that he is leaving a wake of destruction behind him. You cannot help but actually like the man.

You feel that Ned has a very sunny outlook on life despite spending time in jail. He realises it was the smartest move but doesn't blame to cop for setting him up.

He relationship with his family is also a bit sad as he accepts them all and sees the best in them while they think his positive outlook is a sign of weakness an hence the tile of the film. It is rather deeper than just a slapstick comedy in that it does make you think that in fact it is the cynicism and selfishness of today's culture that helps someone like Ned with a good heart and a sunny outlook get the rough end of the stick just for being decent.

Some comedy is based on pathos , remember the r bean scene where he plans his New Years' Eve party with cuddly toys wearing newspaper hats and spreads Marmite of bits of twigs for Twiglettes? You laugh but really feel so sad for him and that is kind of what happens in this film.

The music was fitting with a number of memorable songs like “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree “, “Beautiful” by Carol King and rather fittingly given the name of the dog “'Ol' Blue” by Willie Nelson as well as around sixteen other good tunes which did give a feel good feel to the film.

~~~~~~~~~ WHAT THE CRITICS SAID ~~~~~~~

Entertainment Weekly:
“I do wish the movie's ending weren't so squishy. It's been changed from the finale that Sundance audiences saw earlier this year and now reeks of focus-group testing”.

Philadelphia Inquirer:
While this hugely likable cast is, indeed, hugely likable, no one's sweating things at all. The comedy's relaxed, moony rhythms imbue it with a certain charm, but can result in a certain stop-and-start awkwardness, too.”

Wall Street Journal:
“Goofily funny, and silly, and in many ways follows the currents of contemporary comedy into the gulf stream of inanity. And yet Ned turns out to be a strangely moving figure, a comic foil worthy of affection, perhaps even respect.”

The Hollywood Reporter :
“Shambles along with all the purposefulness of its title character, a kind of near-beer Lebowski who's neither reckless enough to cheer for nor misguided enough to disdain.”

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film 68% on the Tomatometer while the audience though less of it with 51%.
The Metacritic score was 60 based on 39 reviews.
Imdb gave it 6.4

It id earn 25 million at the box office so wasn't a financial flop. It has not, unsurprisingly been nominated for any awards and never will be I feel.

~~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~~~~

Hard to say really as it depends what you want from a film. My husband and I both thought it was okay. It was overly slapstick stupid which we hate and it was not offensive at all. It was a pleasant enough light hearted story with an empathetic lead character played by Paul Rudd. In a few weeks time I may well have forgotten I have seen it, that is the kind of film it is, pleasant but forgettable. It is the kind of film I watch on planes as thy require little brain power. And sometimes I have forgotten what I watched by the time we get to our first hotel!

Thanks for reading
25th January 2017

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