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Out of This World - Graham Swift

Out of This World - Graham Swift

In 1972, Robert Beech, First World War survivor and present-day armaments maker, is killed ... more

by a car bomb. The event breaks the career of his
son Harry, a news photographer, and comes close to
destroying his granddaughter Sophie. Ten years
later, the Falklands War has begun and both Harry,
now working as an aerial photographer, and Sophie,
visiting an analyst in New York, are haunted by a
past that has scarred and divided them. As tense
as a thriller ...a powerful and exciting book that
raises uncomfortable political questions' The
Times It appeals to the emotions, the intellect
and the imagination, and its elegance is as
durable as Greek art ...a novel for those who
still believe in the importance of fiction, indeed
of art' Scotsman The novel succeeds brilliantly.
The impression is of having been shown all the
majesty as well as the emotional complexity of
history' Time Out Not a book the reader is likely
to forget, Out of this World deserves to be ranked
at the forefront of contemporary literature' New
York Times Book Review Brilliant clarity and
depth' Mail on Sunday

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This is a story of conflict and loss, love and hope against a detailed backdrop of 20th century life and all its shortcomings. It is written by the author of "The Sweet Shop Owner"; "Waterland" which won "The Guardian" Fiction Prize and "Shuttlecock", which won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. From the PublisherA moving exploration of conflict, loss and loveFrom the brilliantly rejacketed backlist of Graham Swift, winner of the 1996 Booker Prize. A moving exploration of the conflict, loss and small miracles of love affecting a group of people and different generations changed by personal and world wars. "One of his generation's finest, with an imagination of rare immediacy and vitality" The Times; "A born storyteller" Daily Telegraph --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Product details

Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title Out of This World
Author Graham Swift
Original Release Year 1988
ISBN 0140107312; 0330353705; 0330355554; 0670820849; 0671658271; 0679309381


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