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Outlaw Golf (GameCube)

Genre: Sports - Golf - Publisher: Simon & Schuster Interactive - Developer(s): Hypnotix - Age Rating: 12+

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Review of "Outlaw Golf (GameCube)"

published 03/11/2016 | jb0077
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It has been fun all the reads and rates I have received were highly appreciated thank you.
Pro Plenty to do and easy to play.
Cons It just is not Mario Golf.
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Outlaw Golf, good golfing on the GameCube."

Outlaw Golf (GameCube)

Outlaw Golf (GameCube)

My golf game collecting consists mostly of Tiger Woods titles (no surprises there eh?) But there are a few more out there titles and this is one of them Outlaw Golf which is available in a number of systems but this one I am writing about is the GameCube version.

My Purchase

I bought this game online and pretty quickly when I saw that the seller had it listed a fee pounds cheaper for the same condition as most of the other sellers did. I paid £5.49 for the game in very good condition and once again I got what I had hoped for, the game was in very good condition all around and most importantly complete with booklet.

Getting Started

So before you load this game up you should know that you can play this game with up to four players in simultaneous gameplay and the game requires a minimum of five blocks of space on a GameCube memory card for your game saving.

As usual you will be asked to create a save file (takes but a moment) then you are taken to the main menu that has all your choices set out for you. There are two main modes of play but each have a variety of ways to play plus there is the options section where a number of adjustments can be made.

Play Modes

If you need help then visit here as the tutorial has lessons on all the important aspects of the game, there is a selection of easy to follow lessons where you just pick which one you want to play in any order you want.

Exhibition has a number of play options available to you...

Stroke play, a game that the winner is tallied by the total number of strokes each player took and comes in with the lowest number, for up to four players here.

Match play, this is for two players and the winner is determined by the number of holes they won, so whomever has the highest number of wins is he overall winner.

Skins, you play for money in this mode and the winner is determined by whomever won the most cash buy winning the most holes, this mode is for two to four players.

Best ball, a team game for four players and this goes by best individual score per hole.

Scramble, another four player team game in which players select a ball to play and after each shot the teammates must also shoot from the same spot.

My one and only, this is for one to four players and you basically play a standard round of golf but you only have a putter and one other club.

Casino, for two to four players an ante is place on each stroke and whomever wins the hole takes the pot.

Time Attack, it is for one to four players and the goal is to simply be quick as like in chess you are timed as you play.

The Tour

For this option you will select the available character that you would like to play as and you will note that they come with a caddie. There are four to select from at first but another six can be unlocked by playing through the tour. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses in four categories which are...

Distance, Accuracy, Composure and Control.

Once you have made your selection you will go to the event screen where you will see that there are three courses in total (all fictional) and each one has ten events to play. So that is thirty events total and that is not bad but you also have the outlaw range which has twelve games, this is used to help you upgrade your golfer as each time you win a game you also win points to put on the four categories that I mentioned earlier. But it is beating the events in the tour itself that will allow to unlock new players.

Not all the events in the tour are full courses though but this did not bother me, I found that these smaller events actually make the game more interesting.

How Is The Gameplay?

Good actually, this game is a golf title that can be picked up, loaded and played within minutes, that is provided you have played some type of golf video game at some point.

Basically when you have set up your shot you press the A button then pull back on the Left Stick and that is all there is to it, so the complexity is in the setting up of your shots and not in actually taking them. You just need to know what your golfer is capable of and try to execute that as best you can.

The courses are not your typical affair either as you have Turnpike Valley Country Club set in New Jersey with a highway overpass is a feature, or you can play at the Crusty Leaf Country Club where there is a trailer park and a creepy looking forest. Lastly there is the aptly named El Diablo Country Club which is set in supposedly a searing hot desert.

So with the novelty courses is the gameplay as good as the likes of the very impressive Mario Golf Toadstool Tour? No not so much but it is still a decent golf game in both terms of the novel characters, user friendly gameplay and extra content. There is a couple of things you can do here that you cannot do in the Mario title though, you can beat up your caddy here and you can properly taunt other players which is pretty cool.

The Graphics

This game looks really good with some really nice attention to the details, it is not just the courses that look good but the settings used and the animations are all pretty sweet looking. Everything is nice and bright and there is activity going on around you while you play which I really liked.

The Sound

Average sounds overall, certainly decent enough not really much to shout about, the backing music is exactly what you would expect for a game like this as it is a rock themed soundtrack.

The Verdict From jb0077

I liked this game, it is no Mario Golf for sure but it definitely stands on its own and is worth spending a bit of time with if you are into the genre.

In my opinion the...
Graphics 4/5 Very good indeed everything has nice detailing.

Sound 4/5 Decent for sure, a soundtrack that suits the game plus good vocals used for the golfers themselves.

Gameplay 4/5 Good, not as good as Mario Golf but definitely good for a golf game on the GameCube.

Features 5/5 There are lots of play modes available here.

Multiplayer 5/5 Supports up to four players simultaneous, what more could you ask for.

Difficulty 5/5 Easy for amateurs but still challenging for advanced players.

Overall 4/5 A good golf game for sure, it is not the best that I have played but if I had this new back in the day then it would have had some serious punishment via me and my friends.

Thanks for reading, ©jb0077 2016.

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Product Information : Outlaw Golf (GameCube)

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Genre: Sports - Golf - Publisher: Simon & Schuster Interactive - Developer(s): Hypnotix - Age Rating: 12+

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster Interactive

Developer: Hypnotix

Release Date: 4th November 2003

Age: 12+

Genre: Sports

Sub Genre: Golf

Max Number of Players: 4 Player

Platform: Nintendo GameCube


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