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Overcoming Worry - Kevin Meares

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Overcoming Worry: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Bahvioural Techniques (Large Print 16pt) - Kevin Meares

Overcoming Worry: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Bahvioural Techniques (Large Print 16pt) - Kevin Meares

Pages: 632, Edition: Large Print 16 pt, Paperback, ReadHowYouWant

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Introduction by Peter Cooper Ch. 1 The experience of worry 1Ch. 2 Using this book 22Ch. 3 Everyday and problem worry - introducing Generalized Anxiety Disorder 30Ch. 4 What is CBT? 62Ch. 5 Becoming more aware of your worry 82Ch. 6 Marking out the...

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Self Help; Personal Development
Subgenre General
Title Overcoming Worry
Author Kevin Meares
EAN 9781845296360


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