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published 22/07/2001 | SueMagee
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Not for me
Pro On a cold day it was nice and warm in the store.
Cons You can keep warm for a long time whilst trying to sort your problems out.
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"The Old Computer's Tale"

I know I’m an old computer. My memory isn’t what it used to be, and my hard disc is a bit, well, full, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when they went out one day to buy me some more memory, and came back with all these boxes. When they unpacked it I thought it looked like a bit of a flighty piece, Presario, she was called, with a flat screen, and all sorts of other frilly bits, and the next thing I know I’m in the loft.

Well, walls (and ceilings) are thin and you can hear what’s going on, so I was a bit shocked that they didn’t turn a hair when the whole thing crashed whilst they were trying to set it up, wiping the hard disc, and they have to spend hours on the telephone before they can get it going again. Seems to me they’ve been spiffed - that’s what we in the trade call it when you’ve been pushed into buying something mainly because there’s a good bit of commission in it for the salesman. Finally they get it going, and, yes, she’s a lot faster than I am, but not, it turns out, as reliable.

Next day he goes to work, and she turns the computer on, uses it for a while, and then comes back a bit later. It’s had another turn, and all she can get is funny colours. When he comes in he spends hours on the telephone, and they still can’t get it going, so everything’s put back in the car, and taken to PC World. First problem - they haven’t got the boxes. This appears to be an insurmountable problem until he tells them that it’s theirs not his. Next problem, if there’s something wrong with it, it must be a virus, which is his problem, not theirs. A virus, from playing Free Cell? I wouldn’t normally tell her secrets, but, I ask you!

The Presario, they say is a very reliable model and Compaq have an excellent name so it must be his and her fault. He has to be sent out to sit in the car to calm down, and she continues the argument. Finally they agree to exchange the computer. She shows the salesman the one she’s interested in, and asks if he’ll turn it on. It won’t work. The salesman wiggles all the wires and finally picks it up and shakes it. Finally it shudders into life. They decide that it’s the model they want, but they want a new one, not the one on show. They haven’t got one. The salesman points out the benefits of taking the one in the shop - it’s on special offer, with £50 off. She points out that the “£50 off” price for this computer is still more than the price they’re advertising for the same model when it isn’t on special offer. There is some reason for this, but it seems to be incomprehensible to all concerned, and doesn’t lead to any alteration in the price, and it certainly doesn’t lead to a sale. Thank heavens they were learning some sense. The salesman keeps trying to persuade them to take another Presario, but they won’t.

Finally they come away saying that they’ll take the computer they want, but only if they can have one in a box, untouched by PC World hands. I’m brought down from the loft, my screen polished, and I’m treated very lovingly. I feel appreciated.

Days pass, and he rings up. The salesman they must talk to is with another customer and he will ring them back as soon as he is free. An hour later he rings up again. The salesman they must talk to has gone home. The salesman won’t be back for several days. After several days he rings up again. The salesman they must talk to is busy and will ring them back. The salesman doesn’t. He faxes, but gets no reply. Finally he manages to get in touch with the salesman. The model that is required cannot be got for love, or money, or even a phone call, but a very good deal could be done on a Presario. He rings off.

Finally, he goes into the store. He encounters another salesman, and idly points to a rather familiar Presario standing in a corner. “Oh”, says the salesman “that one’s faulty and it’s going back to Compaq”. “Have Compaq got a good name?” he asks. “No”, says the salesman “not really. Now I could do you a good deal on this Packard Bell...”

He got a refund. He says he’ll never go there again.

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Comments on this review

  • EZZ1 published 06/11/2004
    Good story, has definetly put me off now.
  • emmorticia published 13/05/2003
    Hmmm....so many problems...but I like the style of writing! Em x
  • Pauley123 published 22/08/2002
    Great op. Made me smile in the realisation that its not just me who has been spivved by PCW. In fact, due to various experiences I no longer shop in any Dixon Group shops (Currys Dixons and PCW). You've just made me realise I have a couple of good op opportunities to impart myself.
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