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POC Joint VPD Elbow Pads

Our body armour products developed to protect your elbows, knees and legs come in two versions. Bone are hard shell protectors made of sturdy polyprop...

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published 16/12/2016 | danielclark691
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"POC Elbow Pads"

POC Joint VPD Elbow Pads

POC Joint VPD Elbow Pads

First impressions

The POC brand is known for its safety equipment. I have seen various helmets for off-road biking, and safety wear for various other sports. If you are an adrenaline junkie then you are likely to be aware of the POC brand, though for me I am more used to my sensible sports, such as tennis and football. Still, with all sports you will find that injuries can be picked up, and you will always find your weaknesses with any sport. I find that from time to time my elbow will give me problems, as will my shoulders and knees. This is just natural to happen over time, and the more pressure you put your body under the more these problems will reveal themselves to you.

Here we have the POC branded Elbow Pads. This is a product that is designed to protect you from straining joints and muscles, and the additional padding and support is most welcome when you are prone to injuries in specific places, such as the elbow in this case. The black pads may not seem much, but when you take a close look at the strategically placed straps, the foam padding and the curved design of the material, you will realise how serious this kit is.

My experience

There are various different versions of the POC protection pads. The hard shell protection pads are made of a sturdy polypropylene material. These pads are designed for bone protection, and are sturdier, and although they do have some flexibility to them, the protective areas are solid. The second version, which we have here, is the soft protection pads. These soft protection pads are designed for joint protection, and offer more support as opposed to direct protection. With some sports you may require bone protection, and one example of this is the hard shell pads seen in American Football. The hard pads are very useful for contact sports, but the soft pads that I have here are more for when you are training, protecting your joints. When you are out running you may have certain weaknesses. Perhaps you need additional support for your ankle or a knee that has given you problems in the past. Well, with the POC soft protection pads you will find this support useful.

Here we have the POC Elbow Pads. These pads are obviously to be worn on your elbows, and they fit onto your arms and sit at the joint between your upper and lower arm. Fitting is easy enough, though I say this having had a bit of a struggle initially. POC describe the material as VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough). I cannot think of any other product I have owned made from this material (other than other POC products). I am tempted to say it is a bit like neoprene, but it is actually nothing like it and has more of a material feel to it, if that makes any sense. I think neoprene would be too restrictive as a material.

When you are putting the pads on you will notice that the VPD is curved to fit the curve of your elbow. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the bulky foam insert. The foam insert is essential for giving you additional padding, and as it doesn’t restrict movement once worn in it is worthwhile using it. It is a shame that on initial fitting I found the padding uncomfortable, but after bending my arm a few times I soon adjusted it and stretched the foam to fit the natural contour inside the VPD.

The sizing is something that people will have differing opinions on. I find that I buy large in clothing that I buy because I am quite tall, but as I am very slim I decided to choose the medium size in this product. This was still a little bit big, but when I did try the small size on I found that it was too small. The slightly larger size does slide down my arm sometimes, but perhaps that is unfair to say. I would describe it more as working its way down my arm, something which I imagine all of these pads will do anyway, I imagine.

The black colour is not going to be hidden easily under all clothing, but I have never had a problem with this. The protection offered is something I can rely on, and I know that this elbow pad will protect and support my elbow when I playing tennis, for example. Again, it is worth mentioning that I am not restricted in my movement, or at least not as some people may think. My initial concern before buying this product was that it could impact on my movement, but this is not the case. I am aware it is there, but this gives me confidence that I can rely on the support.

Price and availability

Priced at around £40-£50 the POC Elbow Joint Armour is not cheap. This is something you will buy and use for a long while, and as it is a specialist piece of equipment I imagine sales are quite slow and the development costs are high in comparison. You must also bare in mind that POC do not have a lot of competition, other than the cheap and universal fitting of the sock-like products out there. Shop around by all means, but online you will be able to choose from a wide range of retailers, whereas on the high street you will not be afforded the same luxury.

Final thoughts

Overall I would have to say that the support on offer is most welcome to all sports that I play. If I am playing tennis I obviously find this support much more beneficial than if I am playing football, but as the pads are not restrictive it is better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes I find that the pads are restrictive around where the collars are. This is where the straps are located, and you have to find a happy medium between tight and not being too restrictive. Around the joint area there are no such restrictions, but the support offered is very effective.

Cost is obviously going to be a concern for some people, and I imagine some shops may allow you to try them on if you ask nicely. You could also send them back if ordering online for a full refund, though you would have to check that this is available before any online purchase.

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Product Information : POC Joint VPD Elbow Pads

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Our body armour products developed to protect your elbows, knees and legs come in two versions. Bone are hard shell protectors made of sturdy polypropylene and joint are softer, even more flexible protectors made of Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough (VPD), which fits perfectly to your body and yet provides you with an excellent degree of shock absorption. The elbow version of our soft VPD protection, highly pre bent shape and with a core that will adapt to your body. It will provide you with both comfort and security.

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