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We hope, you will find the suitable product for you in our Packets & Cereals section. You can choose from categories like cereals, pasta, rice, packet soups or sugar among others. Read our reviews, compare prices and don`t forget to share with the other Ciao members your opinion. We also would like to recommend you our ... more

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I'm a gluten for punishment for this flour power !!

25.05.2015 Review of Sainsburys Basics Plain Flour

"== SAINSBURY’S BASICS PLAIN FLOUR == === Introduction === I get through a lot of flour, especially when my grandchildren are staying. At the moment I have a 13, 11, 8 and 4 year old staying so I am baking like Mary Berry – the kids like to bake too. So ..."

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Hot, spicy, and oh so nicey!

21.05.2015 Review of Seewoo NS Shin Cup Hot & Spicy Instant Noodle

"I absolutely love ramen noodles. I grew up with them in the house as a quick and convenient snack, and sometimes I'll still turn to a packet of noodles for dinner if 'm tired and don't feel like cooking. Occasionally, I'll even go for the ramen that come ..."

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Shreddies a wholesome wheaty cereal.

15.05.2015 Review of Nestle Shreddies

"== My Purchase. == I do not buy this cereal very often but when I choose to do so they are often on offer as to me that is when they are most tempting to buy mostly because they last longer in the house than some of my more popular brands of cereal, but s ..."

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sweet without sugar

15.05.2015 Review of Splenda Low Calorie Granulated Sweetener

"I use to drink a lot coffee and i hace to say is the better "sugarless" option for my coffee, i dont feel he strange flavour in the mouth like others products like a medicine ,kind a bit bitter-sweet . Is easy to use, dont smell and disolver so fast. ..."

Read full review by lecrau79

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