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We hope, you will find the suitable product for you in our Packets & Cereals section. You can choose from categories like cereals, pasta, rice, packet soups or sugar among others. Read our reviews, compare prices and don`t forget to share with the other Ciao members your opinion. We also would like to recommend you our ... more

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A delicious start to the day

21.07.2014 Review of MornflakeGold Plum & Almond Oatbran Granola

"For as long as I’ve know Mr P (and that’s a long number of years – 31!), he’s always insisted on Kellogg’s Cornflakes for breakfast which, much to my horror, he has then proceeded to load with extra sugar. For once influenced by seeing a doctor on TV ext ..."

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Alpen Original Muesli - Crunchy, High in Fibre and Juicy Raisins!

18.07.2014 Review of Alpen Original

"I bought Alpen Original Muesli (The Swiss Recipe) 750 grams at 2.79 GBP from Tesco. I found it to be a very healthy morning cereal with HIgh Fibre and sweet raisins! The content of 750 grams was also value for money compared to any leading cereal option ..."

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Uncle Bens Long Grain Rice

18.07.2014 Review of Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice

"...our house and we tend to stick to Uncle Bens Long Grain Rice as we have always found it to be tasty and easy to prepare. We tend to use their packet rice, which takes about 10 minutes to prepare in a saucepan, but I do always keep a ..."

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Took my breath away (literally)

23.06.2014 Review of Mama Tom Yum Noodle Soup

"My first encounters with any noodle brand would end in the result of either a tasty outcome or just a sad attempt. This product is by far my most favourite noodle brand for many reasons, and I will tell you why... --Overview-- Pre-packaged in an amount ..."

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