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Are you searching for the best Painting and Decorating equipment in the UK? Then you have come to the right place! Here you can find paint, adhesives, preservers, basecoats, textured paints, varnish, removers and Paint Brushes and Rollers. Compare prices and buy from the UK's top decorating online stores today! Be sure ... more

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Standard Paint (17)
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Paint Brushes, Rollers & Pads
Paint Brushes (31)
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Varnish, Wood Stain & Finishes
Wood Stain & Treatments (25)
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Adhesives (81)
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Fillers (9)
Decorating Equipment
Wallpaper Strippers & Scrapers (24)
Dust Sheets (5)
Wallpaper Stripper (16)

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A Shiny Copper Finish

11.06.2017 Review of Rustoleum Metallic Brilliant Spray

"With me planning a wedding and doing a lot of decorations for it one thing I had purchased was a lot of wooden table numbers and signage, it looked nice but was quite plain just on its own so I had seen a few ideas online of spray painting wood to make it ..."

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For a "mushroom" but not a "g'riller"!

28.05.2017 Review of Gorilla Glue

"Okay, let’s get the corny joke out of the way first before the review proper begins. “Where did the chimpanzee put his toast? Under the g’riller!!” I’m no great shakes when it comes to DIY, but I DO know that there is no such thing as the perfect glue or ..."

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Unibond tile adhesive and grout - easy to use for non experts

22.03.2017 Review of UniBond Tile On Walls Antimould Shower & Bathroom

"Unibond Wall Tile anti mould Adhesive with grout Those who regularly read my reviews might have noticed a distant lack of reviews recently. The reason for this dearth is that I have been down in London staying with my daughter and partner to help them so ..."

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This Gorilla has got a very strong grip!!

02.02.2017 Review of Gorilla Glue

"== •.¸¸.• Gorilla Glue •.¸¸.• == _ “For the toughest jobs on Planet Earth.” _ === •.¸¸.• Introduction •.¸¸.• === We first bought some Gorilla Glue eight years ago, when I gave my daughter one of my grandmother’s crystal fruit bowls on her wedding; sadl ..."

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