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published 24/07/2009 | g-sus
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"Panasonic 3DO Video Games System"

The Panasonic 3DO was one of my favourite consoles, not only of the ninety's, but of all time. When it was first released it cost a staggering $699.95 in the U.S. I can remember that I was about the only person who had one but I thought that it was a brilliant console.

There were a total of 7 versions of the 3DO released. Though some of them were only released in certain countries.

The Panasonic 3DO had controllers that are similar to the super nintendo's and they felt very comfortable in your hand with a nice tight fit. Also another thing which the Panasonic 3DO lacked in (other than the price) was the controller ports. On the main body itself there was only one controller port, so the other can be found at the top of the main controller. It was almost like a daisy chain.

The 3DO was very big and it was wider than the first generation Xbox. The games were on disk format and this was kind of a new thing at that time. Sega had already released a CD format with their megadrive add on but the 3DO was the first console to only use disks.

The graphics on the 3DO were not too bad but at the time it used the 'Polygon Shapes'.

The sound was also good in the 3DO and but sometimes the sound could become out of sync and it just fixed itself.

When the 3Do came out its main competator was the sony playstation. The playstation was all round a better console but still the panasonic gave it a good competition.

There was a large libary of games which were released for the 3DO and some of the more popular ones were street fighter, need for speed and fifa. However there were alot of terrible games which were released for the 3DO such as 'Plumbers don't wear ties and sex. Which you can imagine form the titles were barely even games. The panasonic also had a very large adult catagory which was never very popular.

The panasonic was never really a threat to any other console thought it did release a lot ofvery good games which are still remembered today. The 3DO was very popular in japan and it sold millions of units. Games which were released in Japan never say the U.K nor the U.S.A but yet games from the U.K and U.S.A were all released in Japan.

The 3DO still is one of my favourite consoles of all times and I still have mines 15 years later.

My personal experiences have been very good with the 3DO. I have never had any problems with it and it has never broken. The sound, graphics and library of games was the main selling points of this onsole and thats why I got it. Many people didn't purchase the 3Do simply becacuse it was too expensive.

The 3DO recieved the 'worst console release of 1993' by EGM and I can see why. Competition was very big and the price didn't sit well with many people.

I would recommend this console to any video game collecter but other than that I don't know why anybody would want to buy one today.

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