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Panasonic MC-UG302

Upright Cleaner - Mains Power Supply - 1900 Watt - Bagged - without HEPA Filter

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published 18/07/2011 | costas1234
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Pro £50 price and range of features, and quite durable and reliable
Cons Does not clean deep but what to expect from a £50 vacuum.
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Value for money

"Panasonic vacuum cleaner"

Panasonic MC-UG302

Panasonic MC-UG302


I have owned this upright vacuum cleaner twice over the past 10 or so years. This hoover made by Panasonic has proved itself reliable and effective over the years. I have owned my latest one for around 3 years and still works as good as new. I find this device is quite heavy to carry around from room to room but the hoover was bought quite cheaply at £50 from Argos and I have had no major problems with this hoover at all. In short I would say that the relatively low price and reasonably good hoovering make this a good purchase. The Panasonic brand is highly reliable, amongst the leading corporations within the household. It is safe to say that this vacuum cleaner and brand is not within the Dyson league, but at least the price is not overly inflated.

The Panasonic MC-302

The product comes with a few product benefits such as being super lightweight, though I do not completely agree with this claim. Then I move on to the vacuum cleaner which states that it has a 1900W clean filtration system. On the whole the filter stays clean, but only when the dust bag is full, then I have found that dust blows out of the filter which is not good. The good thing about the cables are that they have to be neatly tidied and placed around a handy holder which loops the cables around. The power button on the side is also useful for easy powering and switching off. The hoover is quite easy to move around and would pose not many problems for most people. The device is also good in that the vacuum can be adjusted at certain angles to allow effective cleaning movements with the device. I have no problems when using the tilting mechanism and also the vacuum does have a nice roller at the front of the base. Another thing to note is that the vacuum cleaner has edge cleaning on both sides and the suction part is located at the front of the base. I like this machine because it hoovers effectively. The hose can be removed to clean in some awkward places and the device comes with a few useful attachments. I like this machine as a result and I really can not think of many disadvantages accordingly. I do not have pets of my own so really can not comment fully here, though I have read a few short reviews of this product and some reviewers claim that this vacuum cleaner is effective in cleaning and taking away dog hairs from floors. Separately I have found this a really good hoover because I can clean my bedroom with minimum fuss. The definite negative would have to be when using this machine to clean/clear staircases because it feels a bit heavy to keep lifting the device every few stair steps. Another advantage is that this piece of equipment does have well designed storage space for some of the attachments as well.


The manufacturer claims to have excellent level of cleaning around edges, and have found that largely this proves to be the case. I have found that the device does not hit skirting boards or make them dirty or result in scratching surfaces. The Panasonic MC-UG302 is very good. The cable allows the user to effectively clean a good sized room without having to unplug the cable and start again. The length of the cable is approximately 6 meters. The hoover gets the dirt and crumbs off the floor, but I strongly accept that these hoovers do not deep clean dirt fully. They do not go to the base of the carpet but they clear the top and middle parts well. I like the results that the Panasonic vacuum cleaner achieves. The suction is quite powerful but the bag has to be almost or fully empty for the suction to be able to fully clean. For thorough cleaning I have to use the attachment on the nozzle of the hose. The attachments are useful in removing dust from curtains and Venetian blinds. The adjust height system is good as it adjusts to different types of flooring. There is also a spring which automatically adjusts according to the surface level used.


The build quality of the Pansonic MC-UG302 is quite good but I find a bit heavy to move around from room to room on an effortless basis. The good part of this vacuum cleaner is that it has a strong handle around the area where the power button is located. It has been used to pick up small bit of rubble in the past.


Well I find the noise of this device to be quite noisy, though it is not something I really recognize this point so much when cleaning the rooms in the house almost every week. In my house I have tiled floors mostly on the downstairs and carpetted areas in the bedrooms and on the stair case. I would not say that this hoover is deafiningly loud but I have to admit that this vacuum cleaner is reasonably loud. This part of the user experience does not matter so much in the bigger picture of things. The Panasonic MC-UG302 also makes some noise when collecting the dust and small pieces of dirt and crumbs on the floor.


I have to say that the safety of this vacuum cleaner is very safe. I find the hoover easy to use and good on the stair cases and carpeted areas because the attachments that come with the hoover as well as the cable being quite long makes this vacuum cleaner very safe to use. The only negative thing I have noticed when using this hoover is that if the hoover bag is full, there is no real way of knowing this feature until the hoover starts spewing dust. This is the only occasion where I would rate the safety downwards. Other than that I would say that this hoover works well and effectively enough. It does pay to check the bag every few months or so and users would have to replace the hoover bag accordingly. It is safe because I have noticed that the base of the hoover remains in firmly in place when I am cleaning a few steps on my stair case and the hoover stays still.

Ease of use

It is easy to press the power button on. It then makes noise and it is switched on. The handling is easy though I do find myself feeling to be a bit aggressive with the machine. The handle and moving around to clean the room is straightforward. I do find myself having to go over a few places sometimes though not too much with this machine.


Taking the dust bag does require getting some replacements from a specialist shop, and also the bag took me around 20 minutes to replace. This part of replacing the bags is a bit fiddly and not the most straightforward task to complete.

Another part of the maintenance is that the hoover rejects picking up penny coins and big pieces of rubbish. When picking up coins the hoover machine makes a racket and spits it out eventually. Also when picking up too many big pieces of rubbish the suction area can also get blocked up. The vacuum cleaner also does not like thread. This point continued when the suction part gets blocked up, it can take a while to carefully remove the objects or items that are in the way.

Value for Money

I would say that this vacuum cleaner is value for money. I paid £50 a few years ago from Argos and would give this hoover a deserved 8/10 for effectiveness, but around 4/10 for the maintenance and its slightly heavy build design. In the past 10 years I have only replaced this machine with the same model once, so in some respects these machines are built to last a long time. I can't comment on the user manual as I threw away the box a long time ago. The hoover itself is placed in a storage room in my house and the handle makes it easy to carry around. The vacuum cleaner came with a good few attachments that can be used to clean behind sofas, corners of rooms and hard to reach places.

I do not have pets in my house so I also can not comment on how effective it removes dog hairs.

Manufacturers Specifications

1900W Motor
4.5 Litre Dust Capacity,
Electrostatic Filtration System

Final thoughts

I paid 5 tenners which has lasted me years of vacuuming and keeping the carpets looking like new. To this latter point I don't wear trainers or shoes in the house especially not in the carpet areas. Furthermore this has kept the need to vacuum at a minimum. For most categories this vacuum scores high marks from me, with the exception of maintenance and removing the dust bag. The weight of the hoover depends on the amount of dust in the bag itself which adds to the weight, but I would say that the approximate weight of the vacuum would be around 6kgs. At £50 for this vacuum I think it is a bargain. I have seen in addition this hoover retail for slightly higher for around £80, though my impression is that the hoover merits this price range.

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  • dawnymarie published 22/07/2011
    A superb review x
  • Novabug published 19/07/2011
    It's true, the word Hoover has became a replacement for Vacuum cleaner, much like Biro for a ballpoint pen and Blu-Tac for any removable sticking substance. :)
  • louisechackett published 19/07/2011
    Great review!
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Product Information : Panasonic MC-UG302

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Upright Cleaner - Mains Power Supply - 1900 Watt - Bagged - without HEPA Filter

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EAN: 5025232541355, 5051549255579

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Type / Shape: Upright

Multifunctional: without Multifunction

Type of Dust Container: Bagged

Maximum Wattage: 1900

Power Supply: Mains

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