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Review of "Parcelforce"

published 23/02/2008 | Tink27
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Not for me
Pro Cutomer service Dept (Head Office) seemed genuinely concerned
Cons bad service, rude staff, waste of money!!!
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"ParcelForce . No 'force' behind it at all!"

hmmmm...words to describe Parcel Force??? that one's easy - CRAP! Can you believe, I'd been waiting for a parcel for a month! Waited in about 5 times...wasting precious time...wasting money calling them...only to have nothing delivered and now to find out that it's been returned to sender, even though it's THEIR problem!!!

I'd been waiting for an important parcel to be delivered by Parcel Force. The first attempt, obviously, I missed, as I was away from home and was not expecting the delivery that day. So I came home and found the delivery card and called the North London Depot. Through the automated service, I arranged to have my parcel delivered to my local post office(second attempt). Three or four days went past and I still had not received anything via the post office, as they kept saying nothing had arrived. So I called the North London Depot again, asking what was happening. They said the parcel was too big to be delivered at the Post Office. I asked why they hadn't called me to tell me that. They apologized, which I accepted and I re-arranged the delivery, (third attempt) for Wednesday 13th February . The girl on the other end of the phone, said that I should expect the delivery between 1pm - 5pm. So expecting the delivery to be between these times, my mum had an arrangement in the morning and came back before 1pm only to find another delivery card, dropped at 11.25am.

I came home, called Parcel Force North London Depot, and told the gentleman that I had been expecting it between these times as this is what the girl had told me. He said himself, this was inaccurate information. I accepted this, and then re-arranged redelivery for the next day - Thursday 14th February 2008 (fourth attempt). I asked my friend to stay at my home, to take in the delivery. She waited in ALL day and again, nothing showed.
I called the depot, feeling extremely frustrated, and asked kindly, what had happened. They said that the driver had come back late Wednesday night and therefore, the parcel was still with them and it had not been sent out with the driver on Thursday. I was very upset and asked if they would be kind enough to redeliver to my aunts address only a couple of roads away the next day Friday 15th February (fifth attempt). They said that this would be okay.
My aunty, who is elderly and was very ill that day, stayed in all day, sacrificing an appointment she had wanted to make to see the doctor. At six o'clock, when I had come back from work, she called to only inform me that the parcel still had not come, though earlier that morning, a Parcel Force van was outside and the driver had knocked on her neighbour's door. My aunty went out and said the delivery was for her, but the driver said it wasn't. Feeling completely let down by Parcel Force yet again, I called to ask one last time, for the parcel to be sent today (Saturday 16th February ) - (sixth attempt). I talked to a girl whose name I did not get. She sounded like the same girl I had spoken to on the previous Tuesday when making my Wednesday delivery. I called asking her what exactly had happened to my parcel, and that I wanted to make a Saturday delivery, which I would not be charged for.
My mum was very frustrated and asked to speak to her, which I allowed her to. When my mother handed the phone back to me, the girl said that if I kept passing the phone to other people (even though it was only my mum to explain the situation, then she would not be able to deal with it. She asked if I wanted the delivery or not tomorrow, which I said I did want as long as it does actually come. I was in the middle of saying to her that if the parcel does not arrive that I would take further action but before I could even finish my sentence she hung the phone up on me. I couldn't believe it! I called back wanting to find out her name, but someone else answered and did not tell me though she sounded as if she knew who it was when I told her I had only called about 5 minutes before calling again. I said that that behaviour was completely unacceptable! I am a receptionist, and yes, I have difficult customers too, but I would never treat one of my customers in the way she had, and definitely not hang up, especially since I had not been abusive to her or swore at her.

As regards the delivery, I was expecting my delivery to arrive Saturday 16th February. But being unsure whether or not it would definitely come or not, I called the depot to confirm. At first the gentleman said that the parcel was not issued to come out today. After telling him that I was expecting it, he talked to one of his colleagues and said to me that yes, it was coming that day. But, still nothing arrived! This is the SIXTH attempt and I can't believe the poor service I have received, The fact that the gentleman whom I spoke to today said it was on its way, proves to me that someone was lying to me, which is completely unsatisfactory!

I'd been away for the past week and therefore have not been able to get in contact until today (Saturday 23rd February ).I called only to be told that my parcel has been returned to sender, yesterday. I was so upset as I needed this parcel 3 weeks ago, when it was due as I am starting up a business. That has now delayed me and my business will be delayed until I receive my parcel.

So the situation now...I don't know where my parcel is EXACTLY, WHEN it's coming, or IF it's even coming back!

So I think you can guess what my conclusion of ParcelForce is gonna be. Yep - RUBBISH! If you have a business or are thinking of using them, lets just say, THINK TWICE! - especailly the North London Depot because some of the staff and the service recieved is appalling!

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  • Lizamabug published 23/02/2008
    Much more of a rant than a review - but those that have dealt with Parcelforce can't really argue with you! At one place I worked at, a place that sold chocolate gift sets often including glass bottles of alcohol - the parcelforce collections team used to play a game whereby they'd dropkick the parcels to see who could boot them right to the back of the van! One of many bad experiences with them. Elle x
  • Susanimber published 23/02/2008
    Very good review, one particular parcelforce person who delivers to us likes to throw the parcel at the door from the end of the drive and not try and hand it to us or if he decides to knock he sits in the van writes up the sorry not here leaflet and tries to knock and put it through the door, once I did not get to the door quick enough, my husband had to go and collect the item and people were queuing out of the door with the same problem.
  • martinwi published 23/02/2008
    A very helpful review. I hope you have complained to the sending company about all the hastle you have had from them. Parcelforce... no way, ParcelFARCE!
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