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Paris Hilton Just Me Perfume Eau de Parfum

Just Me Perfume by Paris Hilton 100 ml Eau De Parfum Spray for Women Womens Perfume Design House: Paris Hilton Type: Eau De Parfum Spray Size: 100 ml ...

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Review of "Paris Hilton Just Me Perfume Eau de Parfum"

published 31/01/2010 | hillhead
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Pro A Long lasting Frangrance At A Very Good Price.
Cons None.
Staying power
Design of the bottle
Value for money

"Paris Hilton..... It Might Not Only Surprise "Just Me""

Just Me, bottle, packaging and gift box.

Just Me, bottle, packaging and gift box.

Reason For Using Just Me:
I never really thought I would ever be using any perfume by Paris Hilton in my life time and was very surprised when I received a bottle of it from her "Just Me" range for Christmas from my best friend. I have nothing personal against Paris Hilton either, but I really thought her products where aimed at younger teenaged girls so was quite curious as to why my friend had chosen a perfume by her, to give to me as a gift. I am in my late thirties and this fragrance would of been something I would of picked out for my teenaged daughters to wear. My friend also knows that I am not too keen on celebrity fragrances either because they really do not wear well or last in strength very long on my skin.

Well I had never tried or even smelt the "Just Me" perfume before, but was very keen to give it a whiff on Christmas morning, so I opened up the packaging and bottle straight away to try it out. I have tried out Paris's perfume before though, as my daughter had received "Heiress" for her Birthday, but it is not one I would personally wear myself. On first impressions of smelling "Just Me" I thought it was a very similar fragrance to Lancôme's "Miracle" perfume which I quite like really, so was very surprised indeed with "Just Me". I have also read many mixed reviews on the" Just Me" perfume by Paris Hilton so I thought I would review this fragrance myself and give my own personal opinion of what I honestly think about it.

A Little Bit About Paris Hiltons Perfume Range:
Paris Hilton launched her first perfume 'which is actually named "Paris Hilton" in 2004. It was quite popular at the time and seems to have sold well. She has to date, six perfumes under her name and a few men's fragrances also (although I do not think I would buy my Husband any of them for obvious reasons). Paris won the "Celebrity Perfume Of The Year" with her "Heiress" perfume range (despite being crowned "Worst Celebrity Role Model" of 2006). Well it looks like her fragrances will be around for a while also as they do seem to sell quite well and are popular with the younger girls. Most reviews are actually good ones about her products though 'to my surprise'. Paris's " Just Me" perfume range was launched in 2005 and although I have read mixed reviews about this particular fragrance, the majority of them are actually quite good ones.

Gift Box Of The "Just Me" Perfume:
The gift box that the "Just Me" perfume comes in actually is quite nice in my opinion. It is a metallic pink and silver gift box with the words "Just Me" printed in a deeper shade of pink on the front of it and it has all the information you really need to know about this perfume clearly printed on there also. All of the ingredients included in this perfume are clearly stated on the back of the gift box, which is useful I find. The gift box also comes with an outer removable sleeve, that fits over the gift box and it looks very nice also. This outer sleeve is finished in black, has a picture of Paris Hilton herself posing in a beautiful red dress and she is looking very elegant indeed. I personally think it is a nice touch that's been added to this gift box as it makes it look quite expensive, but it was quite an initial shock being handed a Paris Hilton product with her photograph on it as I certainly would never have chosen it myself.

Well overall I really think it is a nice girly gift box that this perfume comes in and it certainly looks good enough to hand to a friend as a gift in also. The outer sleeve can be completely removed though and it could be handed to a friend in the pink and silver gift box that's underneath it so that Paris Hilton's photograph is not the first thing your friend sees when unwrapping it, as it could be off putting for some people who do not like her.

A Little Quote From The Back Of The Gift Box Reads:
This fragrance turns heads. You will be asked, "What are you wearing?" With a smile you reply, "It's "Just Me!" By Paris Hilton. Read on to see if I agree with this.

The Perfume Bottle:
On first seeing the "Just Me" perfume bottle I was very surprised that it was very bight pink in colour. From first seeing the gift box, I thought the bottle would have been either clear or silver in colour. It really is a very similar looking bottle to the "Lacoste Pink" perfume that my daughter uses. All my daughters are pink mad, but I have to admit that I am not a pink person really (well not bright pink) and thought the bottle looked slightly cheap, but it certainly will be loved by younger teenaged girls. I guess it is stylish though and with the times, but a nice clear, or lighter pink in shade bottle would of suited me better. That's just my own personal opinion though.

Well the "Just me" perfume bottle is slim and is a long cylinder shaped one that's mostly pink in colour. It is made of glass and you can actually see the perfume inside (which is good) as it lets me know how much I have left in there. It is quite plain in design really, but has a nice shiny silver band around the lid with the words "Just Me" by Paris Hilton printed onto it. The band and spray pump are made of metal and are not plastic like a lot of perfumes are, so it is quite well finished in my opinion. The perfume bottle has a small clear plastic lid that pops on and off easily enough, but is coloured bright pink on the top of it to compliment the colour of the bottle I guess.

The spray pump on the "Just Me" perfume bottle works very well in my opinion and is easy enough to press down. It really lets out the perfect amount of perfume in just one spray that I like, as some perfume sprays can sometimes let out too much liquid and overpowers me with their scent at times. The perfume itself is clear in colour 'which I rather prefer in a perfume also", as some amber coloured ones have stained my clothes in the past.

Well overall the "Just Me" perfume bottle is ok in my opinion. It is probably my least favourite perfume bottle I have owned though. My daughters think it is beautiful... (because it is bright pink and modern I guess) but I think it looks slightly cheap even though it is finished in metal and glass. The bottle of the "Just Me" perfume that I received is 50ml in size, is slim in design and fits well into my handbag also. The only downside to this perfume bottle really is that it is 'bright pink', but that is just my personal opinion and I am sure some girls will love it though.

The Fragrance Itself:
I really was pleasantly surprised when I first tried out the "Just Me" perfume. I really did not know what to expect with it at all and thought it might be sweet in scent for some strange reason. Well on first trying it out on my wrist I really was very pleased with it, as on first whiff of it seconds later, I really could smell a pink pepper type of smell which I really love in a perfume. I used to be a fan of Lancôme's "Miracle" fragrance and this perfume 'to me' really was very similar indeed. In fact you would find it hard to tell the two apart in my opinion. I honestly was surprised I liked this fragrance from first smelling it on Christmas day as I rarely like celebrity perfumes at all. I also noticed very quickly that "Just Me" was a lot stronger in fragrance to most celebrity perfumes that I have tried before. It certainly was not overpowering or sweet though. I really was extremely pleased and surprised with this "Just Me" perfume.

Well after wearing this fragrance for around half an hour I really could start to smell a slightly sweeter, berry type of smell from it, a bit like raspberries, but I could also smell a musky floral smell in there also. I really did not think of this perfume as being too sweet either. I think the combination of everything included really blended well to reveal a very sophisticated aroma that I was still loving after a few hours of wearing it. I really think this is a lovely warm oriental, fruity, floral and musky fragrance that is combined very cleverly indeed.

Top Notes:
*Pink Peppercorn.

Middle Notes:
*Lily Of The Valley.
*Ylang Ylang.

Base Notes:

After around six hours of wearing "Just Me" I really could smell the musky base notes that this fragrance contains from my skin. I love musky smells and am very surprised that it really comes through well in this perfume and after some time from first applying it." Just Me" really will gradually take you through all of it's notes in one day and really is a pleasure wearing it. It certainly makes me feel fresh and good about myself when wearing it also.

Longevity And Strength Of Just Me:
I have honestly tried out a lot of celebrity perfumes in the last few years and have never bought a second bottle of any of them. Some do smell ok I admit, but it is the strength and non-longevity of them that stops me re-buying any of them. I find them all either too sweet, too mild in scent of they completely fade to nothing after just an hour of wearing them. Well "Just Me" is the first celebrity perfume 'that I have used' that can be smelt after one hour of wearing it and this smell can honestly be smelt the very next day from your skin also. It really is not overpowering though on first applying it and it totally surprised me I have to admit.

Just Me is classed as a daytime fragrance by the actual manufacture, as it is light and fresh, but I honestly have wore it in the evenings going out over Christmas myself, as to me it is suited this way also. If you do not like overpowering and heady perfumes like me, "Just Me" might well be for you because not only does it smell sophisticated in scent, but it can be smelt by others and it will last all night long. It really is the best perfume longevity wise in the celebrity range that I have used and there has been many I have tried.

I actually put on "Just Me" last night after showering and 15 hours later, sitting here writing this review, I can still smell the base notes from my wrist. It really lasts very well and it is not often you will find a perfume that will these days.

Just Me in my own opinion is aimed at the younger market (well I got that impression from it) especially because of the bright pink bottle it comes in, but I honestly think women of all ages would be very happy wearing this feel good fragrance. It is a young, modern, yet sophisticated perfume to me and should be tried out by everyone. It certainly is worth checking it out for yourself to see what I mean.

I also wore "Just Me" to a party at my Mothers house on Boxing night and my eldest daughter, my Mother and her friend all asked me what I was wearing. They all thought "Just Me" was really lovely and said they where getting some of it for themselves. Now I am smiling to myself as I read that quote I wrote earlier above that is printed on the gift box. Yes it will get you noticed and complimented on. Well it certainly has when I am wearing it. My hubby seems to like this fragrance and has complimented on it so I guess that is very important also.

My Overall Opinion:
Well, when I was out shopping a few months ago I would not have given Paris Hiltons perfumes a second glance because I thought they would not last very well like all the other celebrity ones I have tried before. My friend also phoned me on Christmas day and I thanked her for buying me this perfume. I also asked her why she had chosen it? Her reply was "I know you like the Miracle perfume, so when I smelt this from a friend and seen it for half the price of Miracle, I thought it would make a good gift for you for Christmas". She really is a cheap skate, but I can honestly see her point. If you like the Miracle perfume then you certainly will like "Just Me".

The gift box to "Just Me" is a nice looking one really, but I was quite disappointed with the perfume bottle. This is only my personal opinion about it though and I know a lot of younger girls who are into bright pink things in a big way will absolutely love it. I just feel the bottle is a little too young for me really and a little bit cheap looking. I will have to admit in liking the "Just Me" perfume a lot though. I honestly cannot believe the beautiful warm scent "Just Me" has though and how it lasts in strength so long. I certainly will be replacing this bottle when it is done as "Just So" is now up there in my top five fragrance list.

This fragrance (although it can be smelt from afar) is light, flowery, but not in an old fragrance way and is one that I often take a deep smell of when I am wearing it. I really do love it and am very pleased with this perfume overall. My youngest daughter also seems to love this perfume as I found it in her bedroom yesterday. I have now hidden it from her as she would use the bottle in a week, but I will buy her some for herself as it really is very reasonably priced indeed.

I really will highly recommend the fragrance of the "Just Me" perfume to others. You will either love it or loathe it, but it is one to check out as it lasts in fragrance strength extremely well. I will award it 4/5 stars as I can now see why Paris Hiltons perfumes have won "Celebrity Perfume Of The Year". I am deducting a star for the bright pink bottle that looks cheap to me and is sort of embarrassing to carry around in my handbag, but this perfume is by far one of the best celebrity fragrances I have yet to try. Well done Paris. I certainly will be checking out a few others in her range now, but hopefully the bottles will look better though. A big thumbs up and a very pleasant surprise. Honestly, give it a try. You might really like it also.

I honestly do not Know how much my friend paid for this fragrance. I just checked out Amazon UK and have listed their prices for the three sizes that this fragrance comes in for you, just in case you are interested or to compare shop prices with. As you can see below it is very reasonably priced.

30ml ~ £8.53
50ml ~ £12.95
100ml ~ £16.24

Summary: This Fragrance Certainly Surprised me.


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  • ilusvm published 10/04/2010
    Excellent review. It's not one I would even consider but after reading your review I am quite intrigued! x
  • silverstreak published 04/04/2010
    I wouldn't have dreamed of trying this either. I'd have to tip it into another bottle just in case somebody saw me with a Paris Hilton perfume!
  • xhoneybeex published 27/02/2010
    FINALLY back with that E :) x
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