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Passion8 Padded Fully Adjustable Wild Cheetah Sex Swing

This new Cheetah Sex Pleasure Swing not only holds more weight but is fully adjustable while you are in the swing! Deluxe padding means this is the mo...

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Review of "Passion8 Padded Fully Adjustable Wild Cheetah Sex Swing"

published 13/02/2012 | sorehead
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Pro It is marvellous if you have mobility problems
Cons It takes up a lot of floor space
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"It's A Love Thing"

As regular readers of my reviews will be aware, I make no secret of the fact that my dear wife and I enjoy a full and active sex life. Over the years we have tried many things in order to spice up our sex life, but now we have been married for over 21 years we are still looking for new and different ways to keep the romance going and the excitement in the bedroom still as it was when we first got together. Sometimes, it has to be said, we run out of ideas, not to mention steam, but every now and again we get our heads together and write lists / ideas of what we both would like.

When we first got together, and while we were still courting, we tried to make ourselves a DIY sex swing. I have always been good with my hands and excellent at DIY. In those days, I wasn’t able to locate the kind of thing I was after, so invested a lot of money (not to mention, time) in chains, hooks, elastic, padding and industrial strength cable and chain and made us a sex door swing. The idea was simple, and I constructed a plan / model beforehand to ensure I was able / capable of putting my plan into action and constructing a swing that would allow either my wife or myself to be suspended above the door to our (rather small, two bed flat). The swing looked good after it was finished but unfortunately, as I had made it myself, there was no way of keep unharnessing it from the door frame in between uses and it was a permanent construction which was a bit of a conversation starter (or stopper, in some case) whenever we had visitors to our humble abode. Added to this, was the fact that the actual door frame was unable to bear the weight of our respective bodies being suspended from it long-term and it was starting to show some signs of buckling.

Overall, I have to say that looking back, it was a solid built contraption. It held both the weight of my wife and myself (not together, of course) and served the purpose for which it was built. Unfortunately, due to the lack of materials available to me at that time, and my rush to get it up (so to speak), I didn’t perhaps make the straps as comfortable (or as large) as I could have done. There was a considerable lack of padding to the straps which held us up as we swung and this caused some unfortunate abrasions and grazes. Added to this was the fact that in hindsight I should perhaps have made it with three supporting straps, rather than just two, as I believe this may have made it a lot more comfortable and stable when strapped in. Over time, we eventually lost interest in it and when we sold the flat and moved on, we left it for the next owner to make of use of it.

You can imagine, then, our joy whilst watching one of our favourite TV programmes (Sex Tips for Girls on Channel 4) when they featured one of these amazing contraptions that you can actually purchase from certain online adult stores. We jotted down the name of the website and went off to have a gander. We were delighted to find that the company not only made the ‘door swing’ model, designed to fit over any standard door frame, they also made a selection of models, to suit every taste and budget.

As a couple, we decided the door swing (or Cheetah Sex Pleasure Swing as they now call it) was a bit ‘old hat’ – i.e. we’d tried that in the 80’s and hadn’t been too impressed. So, looking around the site we discovered that they also did another two models Joy Division and Joy Division Deluxe! We decided that the best bet would be to go mid range and buy the mid range swing as the prices were so high. What we were really after was the Love Swing and Frame Set but at £245 it was way out of our price bracket.

My other half was disappointed that we couldn’t afford the top of the range model so I had a look on a ‘certain’ site I am a member of where members can recycle ‘adult only’ equipment or exchange for something of similar value. You can imagine my delight then when I stumbled across the very thing we were after. It was a ‘collect only’ item and the owner stated it was in excellent condition and used only a few times as his partner had passed away and he had no need for it as it was taking up too much space in his spare room.

The same evening, my wife and I traveled to collect the most magnificent Love Swing and Frame Set. It was better (and much bigger) than we had anticipated. The guy had not managed to have time to dismantle it and it was all set up so we could see exactly what it looked like in all its glory. He said he’d only put the item online an hour or so before we had contacted him and had expected some time wasters but was pleased to see the back of it. He helped us to dismantle the poles and we put it onto our roof rack and took it home. It was dark by this time so no chance of any nosey neighbours or twitching curtains.

I immediately got to work setting it up in our basement. It was very easy to put it back together and I was very pleased to see how strong and sturdy the poles are. They fitted together well and I felt confident that it would be able to bear our weights – we are both rather large people so we needed to be sure we were going to be safe once strapped in and suspended.

We didn’t try it the same night or even the following night – we waited until the weekend when the little lad was out at his cousin’s house and we knew we had the evening to ourselves. I have to say it was perfection. I suffer from arthritis and as I say, we are both large people so getting ourselves comfortable whilst having sex can be problematic at times as I am more often than not in a bit of pain and find contorting my body into various positions rather uncomfortable and painful.

This swing and frame takes away all of that as it enables us to have an array of wonderful lovemaking positions whilst suspended in mid air. It makes me feel like a young bloke again as sex can now be more adventurous for us both without the worry of one of us getting muscle cramp or straining ourselves too hard. There are three thick , luxurious and deeply padded straps on this love swing. One strap holds my wife on the upper of her torso, one mid body and the other supports her buttocks. The straps are fully adjustable and comfortable beyond belief. The frame and swing can hold a maximum weight of up to 400Lbs so this is quite adequate for either of us and gives us peace of mind that it is able to bear our weight easily without the worry of thinking we might crash to the floor at any minute, as we used to do with my home made effort.

I personally like the fact that our Love Swing is fully portable so if we wanted to take it with us on holiday (or if we ever move house again) we are able to do this. Once it is up however, I have to say that it does take up quite a bit of floor space and it’s not something you’ll be wanted to keep constructing and then putting back down again. Once it’s up you’ll want to keep it up.

I love the fact that as I am suspended, mid air, I have a real sense of weightlessness. The feeling is wonderful and I personally feel this adds to the sensual experience and makes our lovemaking sessions so much more powerful and meaningful. It has certainly brought us a new lease of life in the bedroom department and we both enjoy taking it in turn to be strapped in. I have since bought myself a book on various positions you can try out whilst using the Love Swing – positions I had never even considered before when making love in the conventional way, and I have to say, every one has been a huge success.

Overall, I am delighted with our Love Swing. I realise it is not to everyone’s taste, and each to there own and all that. However, for us, as a couple, it has opened up a whole new life in the bedroom and this can only be a good thing. We will have been married for 22 years in June of this year and I have to say I never thought I would still be enjoying learning new positions and experiences after all this time married – but thanks to our Love Swing, we are.

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  • AnneLorraine1 published 13/02/2012
    Interesting read!
  • catsholiday published 13/02/2012
    Well that is a first - not read a review on one of these before.
  • mrufo published 13/02/2012
    My own sex life is pretty crap. E...Paul
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