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Passion And Warfare - Steve Vai

1 CD(s) - Guitar Rock Instruml - Label: Relativity - Distributor: Sony Music/Arvato Services - Released: 10/1993 - 5099746710927

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Review of "Passion And Warfare - Steve Vai"

published 02/09/2004 | JaYmEZ
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Pro Some fantastic playing and great rock tunes
Cons Some songs lack direction and musicality
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"A funny old album..."

The Man Himself... from this years G3 i believe.

The Man Himself... from this years G3 i believe.

Steve Vai, now in his 40's and still rocking :-) taught by THE ledgendry Joe Satriani this is one of his mosy famous albums.

So the track listings….

Besides all the stupid little voices on this album…. Most especially the kids voices…anyhow the music …

01. LIBERY = This opens with a nice laid back multi layered guitar sound slipping into the lead, which carries on the main theme. It’s all very docile for the main part, but does pick up about 40seconds in with some powerful synth instruments and guitar parts. This song screams patriotism and has a quality of freedom about it. Although it’s a short track it serves well as the opening track.

02. EROTIC NIGHTMARES = The typical rock, and heavy power chords of rock open this track going into a slightly over the place feeling melody, which seems to me to be heavily laden with effects that make it sound artificial. When it breaks to a new section about 2mins in it’s a dual guitar melody that sounds quiet effective, but this track as flash as some of the playing is never really seems to settle into anything that you can follow. This depicts quite fittingly the title with turmoil and chaos the main theme followed by another movement into a ballad sounding love track. Not a bad track, just not great listening.

03. THE ANIMAL = Opens with a laid down and fat drum beat, flying into some heavy, grunge like rhythm guitars. A nice introduction which leads into the main melody. Here Steve gets a groove going mainly from the drums, but the lead guitar sounds pretty cool, and is laced with many techniques that produce sounds that keep the melody interesting. ( Being a guitarist I could go on about these, but I wont… just to suffice they sound cool ) There’s an odd funk feeling to this song, but overall a smooth track.

04. ANSWERES = Probably one of my favourite, and I think that the studio version doesn’t do the live version any justice. Just check out “ G3 with Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson ) A tinny rhythm guitar, and more synth effect provide a some what artificial background track for the lead guitar, but ignore those. When the lead starts finally after 2mins messing around, it’s really nice, and easy on the ears, shame the song doesn’t go on for more. However in the effects of other instruments some of Steve’s tricky and delicate work can get lost a shame really. Overall a funky track… just short ! under 3mins !

05. THE RIDDLE = Very much like “The Animal” in sound, this could almost be an extent ion or break. Some of the melody can make you cringe a little, but maybe its me that it grates against. There is some fantastic playing in this song don’t get me wrong, but you can only be in awe of that for so long before you demand some tune….This tune seems to me to be a miss match of many tunes put into some odd remix…( and why spoil the music with stupid voices in the background about 4mins in??? why oh why? )

06. BALLERIAN = A different styled intro with an introduction done on keyboards and guitar, sounding very synth like, and yes it goes on the whole way through….with some odd little guitar breaks. This very much reminds me of those little kewlery boxes you used to get and when you opened the lid the little figure would dance round and your hear music to…
07. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD = Now a track I can and will sing praises about! I’ve heard this lots of times, and I have seen it live to. An amazing emotion filled track, with a simple background track which doesn’t detract from the guitar. This song is just emotion in its raw form, and sounds like Steve could break down at anytime. The playing is just fabulous, and this track easily has to be the best on the album, combining a great melody, and fantastic guitar technique.

08. THE AUDIENCE IS LISTENING = Yet more stupid voices…grr… Anyhow after that, comes the music! At LAST! Opening with the kitchen sink of guitar sounds…i.e. anything and everything it breaks into a funk styled rhythm guitar of a complex rhythm, and kicks in with a great riff almost sounding metal in character. The song gets kicking and the lead is fast, choppy and bounces along with the melody, crashing into smooth mini chorus type sections. Overall if they got rid of the stupid voices this would be a great track and something that you’d hear off Bill and Ted ! ( He actually played on those films btw… The final solo was also one of his songs, and every air guitar clip to I am led to believe  a little information for you there…)

09. I WOULD LOVE TO = A lovely bouncy opening, has the hints of some 1980’s love song from Top Gun. The melody breaks in and is very reminiscent of something that Joe Satriani would do. A great lead carries this song and makes it a joy to listen to, probably a good work out song too!

10. BLUE POWDER = “A Ballad about peace and love and stuff” as its introduced. A sad sounding sound with a slow tempo and lone guitar playing a melancholic melody, full of big bends and sustained notes. The song slowly builds and I do question some melody parts but it shouldn’t detract from the song.

11. GREASY KIDS STUFF = This seems to sound like many of the tracks before, but it still has a nice palatable lead melody, with an edge to it. A playful song almost, it bounces along quite happily for the song duration. Ok song, besides the odd and some what scary title.

12. ALIEN WATER KISS = Actually this wins the oddness title award…The song is short….YEY in my opinion. It opens with some odd wind sound effects and horrible, nasty guitar and keyboard sounds the kind that give you headaches listening to them. There’s no real “ music “ about this whole track, and its just not even worth listening to, maybe it got left on the track listings by accident. HIT THE SKIP KEY AFTER TRACK 11 !!!!

13. SISTERS = A nice clean guitar opening, melodic and relaxing with hints of the Hendrix song “Little Wing” , I like this one! There’s a soft and delicate texture to it, which has a soothing effect. A nice track, not one that readily stands out, but would sit well in the back ground, or if your mind is on something else …like me writing this review now!

14. LOVE SECRETS = Opens with a dramatic, and somewhat panic sounding introduction. A rather mixed and confusing song, where the intro is the whole song. There really isn’t much in the way of musical theme development as it never takes off into that nice lead guitar as you would expect it. Another track to miss.
In conclusion, you may think that I am being harsh, but half these songs are a hit and half are a real miss ! This is definitely, to me an album which is more of a show case of skill. Sure there are some nice songs, but no real consistency. If you are planning to get into listening to the sort of stuff Steve has some much better songs from other albums. There no doubt he is a masterful player, just in some songs he lacks musicality, where other players such as Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, etc come through. Check out Mr Vai on the latest G3 2004 with Satriani and Malmsteen in Detroit for one hell of a show! If not then I would highly suggest that you check out Satriani’s stuff for better listening.

Steve’s stuff is just too hit and miss for me. Therefore i only recommend on a weak recommendation.

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  • n13roy published 24/02/2005
    Yes, I agree with you on this...Hit and Miss is a good description....Nice track details again on this review.....Roy
  • l1nda published 08/09/2004
    great review! Lin
  • MAFARRIMOND published 03/09/2004
    Not one I am familar with. I will listen out for it. Maureen
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