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Payment Deferred - C.S. Forester

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...’ First published in 1926, ‘Payment Deferred’ was one of his first books, and his first novel. Although it has frequently been reprinted by various publishers since then, it had surprisingly been out of print for some time until it was reissued by Penguin in 2011. The story William Marble ... Read review

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Payment Deferred (Penguin Modern Classics) - C.S. Forester

Payment Deferred (Penguin Modern Classics) - C.S. Forester

Title: Payment Deferred Binding: Paperback Author: C S Forester Publisher: PENGUIN GROUP

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A chilling whodunnit-in-reverse Review with images

AdvantagesGripping, brilliantly atmospheric story


"== C.S. Forester == Cecil Scott Forester (1899-1966) is generally remembered as the author of swashbuckling adventure stories, particularly the Captain Hornblower saga. In his early days, before he hit his stride, he was also a historical biographer and, in this case, writer of murder stories – not detective stories, rather whodunits-in-reverse. In the words of crime and historical novelist Andrew Taylor, he was _’the improbable pioneer of a very ..." Read review

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Author C.S. Forester
Title Payment Deferred


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Gritty crime novel, with a good pace and lots to keep you interested.
I found main characters from earlier books in the series were poorly described at times (*)
Fast pacy book
Wish I would have read the first book although not essential (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (P)
Superbly wrote. A must read.
Bad language, child abuse. (*)
Good characterisation, perhaps some useful social history
Poor plot, no mystery, rather disturbing and generally unsatisfying (*)
Fascinating mystery cum adventure story combining the past and the present
None (*)
Facinating story
Long Chapters!! (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (F)
Wonderfully unique way of telling an excellent story
A epilogue would have been useful (*)
A great debut crime novel set in London
not compelling, poor/weak ending (*)
Formulaic person gets murdered and our protagonist sets out to solve the murder.
see advantages as it depends what you like. (*)
Characters and the unpredictability of the story.
Slow going and hard to believe (*)
A very entertaining read.
Possibly will not appeal to all. (*)
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