Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish

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Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish

Pearl drops gently polishes and whitens your teeth to help restore natural whiteness and shine for a brighter smile.

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Review of "Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish"

published 29/08/2006 | Hezoid
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Pro You do get results and the taste isn't too bad either!
Cons It takes a while to see any result, it's also quite pricey.
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"Smile like a Hollywood Film Star - Nearly!"

I'm quite heavy tea drinker, as well as drinking the occasional coffee, wine and other teeth staining food & drink. I've noticed recently that my teeth are suffering as a result of this and have become quite yellowy. Yeuk - not nice! So I decided I wanted to do something about it. Thus when one evening in Tescos I noticed that their Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile whitening Toothpaste was on a BOGOF offer (buy one get one free!), I couldn’t resist buying some to try it out. So here’s my review of how I go on!


The company that produce the Pearl Drops brand is Church & Dwight Co., Inc, which is an American company that has been on the go for over 150 years. Their website can be found at and contains interesting information about their various brands and products (such as Arm & Hammer, Arrid, Nair, Brillo etc) and also information about the company itself such as their corporate principles and history. I’m not going to repeat what the website says in this review, so if you’re interested in finding out more about the company I’d suggest you check the website out.


This is a fairly easy product to get hold of. You can buy it at Tescos as I did and no doubt most other supermarkets, and you can also buy it at Superdrug, Boots (including Boots online), and many other chemists. Like I said, it's not particularly hard to find.

I'm sure if you searched online ie via Google or another search engine you'd probably be able to find some places that sell it on the internet too, and of course, as ever, there's always e-bay to give a try!


My tube came in a carboard box, which is white in colour and has fetching gold and white graphics for the writing and also the usual Pearl drops logo of white writing on a blue circle. There is also a partial picture of a woman’s face with her eye, part of her nose, and of course her lips and perfect teeth showing, on the front of the box. The box has various bits of information on it such as the directions of use, ingredients and the blurb about the product etc. It also has a promise/claim on it that the product will give you 2 shades whiter teeth in 3 weeks (more about that later!).

The tube itself is white with the same kind of writing/graphics as the box has and pretty much the same information on it as the box too, such as blurb, directions and ingredients. The tubs is made of plastic, and rather than the usual squeezy tube that you'd expect normal toothpaste to come in, Hollywood Smile comes in a tube that stand upright on its lid. The lid is a screw on lid but it's fairly large as the bottle stands on it, so not too fiddly, and your other half will have to put the lid back on to stand the tube up, so less risk of them leaving the lip open/off! The size of the tube is 50mls which is the full sized version (I’m not aware of there being any other sizes of it available) and this lasts a fair while, several months I’d say with regular daily use.


You may have seen the advert on TV for Hollywood Smile which promises that using it will get your teeth 2 Shades Whiter in 3 weeks. You know, the one where that annoying woman with impossibly straight, white teeth spends the whole advert comparing her teeth to white items around the house such as a string of pearls and a white rose? Well anyway, the box makes the same promise/claim too, supposedly based on a clinically proved formula. On the back of the pack it announces: ‘Transform your smile with the beauty of dazzling white teeth.’ Hmm, I’m already cynical! The pack claims that if you brush twice a day you’ll notice a 2 shade improvement in whiteness after just two weeks. It even contains a free whiteness guide in the box (basically a bit of card with different shades of white printed on it) so that you can monitor the results for yourself. It also claims to be the ‘ultimate 3 week whitening treatment guaranteed to whiten your teeth or your money back’ and also says ‘For whiteness you can actually measure or your money back.’ Of course you have to check the small print for the terms and conditions of the money back offer on the pack. And how does it achieve all this? Some blurb about having a ‘unique advanced micro-polishing system’ and ‘peroxi-white particles which release active oxygen onto enamel’. Whatever that means! Oh, and I mustn’t forget that apparently ‘The micro-fine particles help lift stains and plaque from the enamel surface to reveal your teeth's natural whiteness and shine.’ Ok. Convinced? I wasn’t! Well, I must have been convinced enough to buy the product in the first place, but I didn’t really believe the claims and the blurb on the packaging. To he honest I didn’t even understand half the blurb on the packaging…
So anyway, enough about what it promises to do. I’m sure you’re more interested in what it actually does do, rather than just what it claims to do…


Well, you’ve probably guessed by now that this product is a whitening toothpolish, designed for daily use to help whiten your teeth. So, does it work? Does it live up to its claims? After having used it for over a month now, I personally feel that it does on the whole live up to it’s claims. Maybe the bit where it talked about transforming your smile and dazzling white teeth was a bit of, umm how should I phrase this? Artistic license? Basically a bit of an exaggeration! My teeth are still not exactly dazzling white, but I‘m pretty convinced that they are a couple of shades whiter than what they started out as before suing Hollywood smile. They also feel very clean and fresh after each use of Hollywood Smile, and my breath feels much fresher too. I’m not sure if it really is kind to teeth and whitens without causing any damage, but I’ve not had any problems with mine since I started using it so I can only assume that it is. Overall I’m very pleased with the performance of this product and feel that it has lived up to my expectations.


The taste is pretty much what you'd expect. It tastes minty, like most toothpastes, though it has a slight sweetness to it, a little like minty chewing gum. It's quite a nice taste, and it's very fresh feeling in your mouth. Unless you can't stand minty toothpastes then you will most likely like the taste of this product.


Hollywood Smile Whitening Toothpolish is white in colour, with tiny little blue dots in it. It has pretty much the same kind of thick, gloopy texture that normal toothpaste has, and also has a very fine little blue grains in the white paste, I can only assume that’s the micro-polishing system that the box talks about, though they don’t seem to scratch your teeth at all or damage them in any way.


The smell is very sublte, and pretty much and is just a kind of general minty type smell, similar to other tooth whitening toothpastes, and has a slightly more sweeter smell than normal toothpastes, perhaps more like a minty chewing gum smells. It's quite a fresh smell, which is pleasant and not at all off putting. The box claims that Hollywood Smile with freshen your breath, and it's certainly no lie! My teeth feel just as clean and my breath smells just fresh as when I use my regular toothpaste, if not more so.


Hollywood Smile is fairly simply to use, in fact it doesn't really differ from how you'd use your normal toothpaste! You simply unscrew the lid, squeeze some of the Tooth Polish onto your toothbrush, brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse. The info on the box recommends that you brush twice a day in order to notice the 2 shades whiter in 3 weeks difference. It also states that the product isn't suitable for children under 7.

The website assures me that Hollywood Smile can be used daily as you would with a regular toothpaste and can be used instead of your regular toothpaste or in conjunction with your regular toothpaste, depending on which suits you best. I have tried using it just once a day and using my regular toothpaste the rest of the time, and I’ve also tried just using it on it’s own the recommended twice a day. I’ve been happy using it either way, though you’d probably see faster results using it twice a day as a replacement for you normal toothpaste. Perhaps after you’ve used it for 3 or more weeks and started to see some improvement in the whiteness of your teeth you could switch to just using it once a day, and using your regular toothpaste the rest of the time. Just a suggestion anyway!


The box says that Hollywood Smile whitening Toothpolish has advanced micro-polishing system and peroxi-white active oxygen, and also that it contains fluoride to help strengthen you tooth enamel and protect against decay. Here's a list of the ingredients listed:

Sorbitol, Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Alumina, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, PEG-12, Aroma, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Pentapotassium Triphosphate, Zinc Peroxide, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Saccharin, Limonene, CI 74160, CI 77891. Contains Sodium Fluoride (1300 ppm F)


At £4.99 for a 50ml tube it's not cheap for what is essentially a whitening tooth paste (well all know that really toothpolish is just a fancy name for toothpaste. However, considering that after a while you do start to see results, and I’ve personally found that generally Hollywood Smile is better than most whitening toothpastes, it's not too expensive, certainly more affordable than going for other whitening methods. It's good value if you can find it BOGOF, like I did!


From the information I‘ve been able to gather from the internet (their website doesn’t give any information about their animal testing stance whatsoever), Church & Dwight Co., Inc do appear to test their products on animals. I’ve not been able to find out to what length they do this, whether they use ingredients that have been tested on animals or whether they even go so far as to test their finished products on animals. I’d suggest that if the issue of testing on animals is a strong one with you that you avoid Church & Dwight Co., Inc brands and products. I’d also suggest e-mail them via their wesite as mentioned above and asking them directly what their stance on animal testing is, so that you get the information straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.


Pearl Drops Daily Shine
Pearl Drops Party Sparkle

Pearl Drops Electric 50ml
Pearl Drops Freshmint & Spearmint 50ml
Pearl Drops Daily Whitening Icemint 50ml
Pearl Drops Daily Whitening Sensitive 50ml

Pearl Drops Smokers 50ml
Pearl Drops Smokers Whitening 75ml
Pearl Drops Smokers 1+1 Mouthwash 400ml

Lots their to suit just about anyone, including ones for use with an electric toothbrush, for sensitive teeth and a good range of products for smokers, who tend to suffer with yellowing teeth more badly due to nicotine staining. I’m not sure if all the shops I listed above as stocking Hollywood Smile also stock all of these other products too, but I know for sure that Boots has a really wide range of Pearl Drops products so that’s probably your best bet if you wanted to buy one of these products instead.


If your teeth are looking less than pearly white these days and you want a bit of help shifting those stains but don’t want to spend the time and money using a full teeth whitening program then I’d recommend you go for Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile whitening toothpolish. OK, so you’re not going to suddenly find yourself with dazzling white teeth after just one use, it will take a while for you to notice a difference, but at least it’s not going to be any extra faff of hassle if you have a busy life and daily routine since all you need to do is change from your regular toothpaste over to this. I’d definitely recommend you to give it a go if you happen to see it on offer anywhere!


You can find out more information about this product and other products by Pearl Drops/Chuch & Dwight Co., Inc at their websites, and .

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  • treesaregreenandtall published 21/03/2009
    Brilliant review! Went out and bought the product :)
  • djs89uk published 15/09/2006
    That's a really well written and detailed review. You put a lot of hard work into your reviews. Well done
  • salem_witch published 15/09/2006
    It is a shame it doesn't leave you with dazzling white teeth!
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Pearl drops gently polishes and whitens your teeth to help restore natural whiteness and shine for a brighter smile.

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