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... The winner of the little quest was Pedigree Adult 100% Complete Nutrition with Meaty nuggets. I really love the bag as it’s bright yellow background and red decorations means that I can see it nearly as well as I can smell it…and yes I know dogs see in black and white…I lied…so sue ... Read review
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Bryn Parry Studios Pedigree and Chum Mug

Bryn Parry Studios Pedigree and Chum Mug

This mug features various dogs and written underneath Pedigree on one side, the other has ... more

a small dog and written underneath and ChumBryn
Parry best selling fine bone china mugs are made
in the UK in Stoke on Trent. These mugs are
dishwasher safe and have the capacity to hold just
under half a pint of liquid.Only one mug included,
both sides of the mug have been included in the

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Postage & Packaging:  £2.95
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Leadoff S.W.A.L.K. Pawfect Pals Stamp Collection 4.75''X4.75''-Pedigree Chum

Leadoff S.W.A.L.K. Pawfect Pals Stamp Collection 4.75''X4.75''-Pedigree Chum

CRAFTER'S COMPANION: S.W.A.L.K. Pawfect Pals Collection Stamp Set. This unmounted rubber ... more

stamp set will allow you to quickly and easily add
inked images to any project. This package contains
one set of stamps on a 4-3/4x4-3/4 inch sheet.
Available in a variety of designs (each sold
separately). Number of stamps vary by design. Made
in USA.

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Community Level 6Scarlet_Ri...



AdvantagesWell balanced mix of proteins and oils

DisadvantagesSlighty expensive

"...a half-breed even though her pedigree says otherwise. I heard my owner twittering on to her partner the other day. Moaning on and on about the cost of dog food and grumbling that she couldn’t take advantage of the 3 for 2 offers on dog food because Pansy was so particular. It meant that she ended up with six bags of dog food, three bags of Winalot for the bitch and 3 bags of Wagg for moi. Then she said she needed a bigger kitchen as she had no ..." Read review

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Community Level 6memphisto_...


Chum For My Choosy Chum Review with images

AdvantagesDog loves it, variety of flavours available

DisadvantagesPrice, Smell

" try a pack of Pedigree in the pouch form; this was an instant hit & was gobbled up straightaway, result! I then bought a few cans of the meaty loaf variety & a couple of tins in jelly. The variety in jelly was more of a hit, so I bought my beloved dog a 24 can pack from Makro. I will write my review on Dexter's favourite variety, which is Pedigree with lamb in jelly, which is the can that goes first! ABOUT PEDIGREE: Pedigree is made by Mars ..." Read review

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Fussy Little Bitch

AdvantagesAsk the dog

DisadvantagesAgain ask the dog

"...been ever so keen on Pedigree Puppy formula mixed with Pedigree Complete mixer, so we naturally assumed that the jump to Pedigree Dog Food would be no problem. You can buy these tins separately for around 49p per can, but as usual there are deals to be had by buying in multi-pack. 6 cans for £2.69. They come in a variety of flavours; the one we chose for Tasha on her first venture was the Chicken variety. The tins containing the meaty feast ..." Read review

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Paws Up For Pedigree! Review with images

AdvantagesGood quality dog food

DisadvantagesA bit expensive

"...She had been weaned onto Pedigree Chum Puppy food, so we continued to buy this for her, as it was what she was used to. We didn't want to upset her delicate puppy tummy by changing it to something else. We also have an old Jack Russell X Chihuahua called Katy. We buy her various types of food, as she gets bored after a while. She's on Winalot at the moment. She does like Pedigree Chum, but it's a bit more expensive so we don't buy it for her very ..." Read review

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Pedigree for a pedigree..that's CHLARRSS..

AdvantagesComplete nutrition.Tried trusted quality brand.

DisadvantagesExpensive.A bit too rich/makes Basil smelly see op.

"...sure,Basil thrives on it. PRICE: Who says Pedigree chum isn't on special offer? Thanks to a grim determination to suceed where other "Equally hyped up and quality brands" fail,I found a beauty of a bargain in Tesco's this morning. That's right.Not petsmart,or a reputable pet shop/warehouse; Just plain and simple-Tesco's. As we are on a strict daily budget,I tend to now buy Basil (our german shepherd dog incase you still don't know)food in ..." Read review

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