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Peppa Pig: The Game (Wii)

Join in Peppa and George's favourite games and activities. Play as either Peppa or George to complete 11 highly enjoyable games and activities. There ...

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published 03/10/2010 | lazytowner
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Just want to say Hi and thanks for taking the time to read my reviews. Am back after a long break..
Pro helps your child to count, co-ordination
Cons boring games
very helpful
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Not so Happy Mrs Chicken"

My son is 4 years old he loves playing on the Wii and is a big Peppa Pig fan so a few months ago we decided to buy him this game.

To start playing you have to type in your name using a qwerty keyboard which is easy to do, you then decide if you want to be Peppa or George and then you pick your level, easy, medium or hard. Finally you click on play which takes you to a different screen.

There are 11 mini games to choose from and most of the games you can either play against the clock or you can have continuous play.

~Hide & Seek~

In this game you have to find George by clicking on the items that have flashing dots, you can visit various rooms by clicking `A` and pointing at the door.

My son quite enjoyed this game, he found it easy to click on the various items in his search for George and got quite excited when he did find George.

~Bubble Bath~

It is bath time, George is playing with Mr Dinosaur and knocks the bottle of bubble bath into the water. In the this game you have to burst as many bubbles as possible, it is better to have the timer up otherwise this game can get very boring.

My son had a lot of fun playing this game and it was quite amusing when the duck kept getting caught in a bubble and was rising out of the water!

~Happy Mrs Chicken~

In this game you have to keep pressing the A button for Mrs Chicken to lay an egg and the idea is to lay as many eggs as possible and then when the time is up all the eggs hatch into chickens.

My son was not impressed with this game and once the chickens hatched the first time he quit the game to try out one of the others.


The idea in this game is to pour the mixture into the frying pan and then flip a pancake, however this is a very hard game to play even on the easiest level and the last time we played this we only managed to flip 2 pancakes in total and none went on the plate.

For an adult you need a lot of concentration to be able to play and my son is unable to play it.

~Polly Parrot~

In this game you pick 3 items such as Peppa Pig, an Elephant and a red car you then click on the parrot and Peppa will say "Peppa Pig is a Big Car" the parrot will then repeat it.

~Car Wash~

Daddy Pigs car is covered in mud and could do with a wash, all you have to do is pick up the sponge and cover the car with soap suds. Then you click on the hose and hold down `A` to spray the car clean, you can even point the hose at George which makes him laugh!

~Fly a Kite~

In this game you get to fly a kite with Peppa the idea is that you have to miss the raindrops if you hit one you lose a life and if the raindrops hits your kite 3 times it is game over.

My son liked moving the kite around the screen and once he figured out that he had to dodge the raindrops I found that he concentrated more on the game.

What I like is you get to choose your kite which can be a house, car, dinosaur and there are loads more to choose from.

~Car Trip~

This is quite a fun game you will see various colours and if you click on the colours funny things start to happen with the car, like clicking on blue winds the window up and down, yellow is the horn and red is the lights.

If you are playing against the clock you will have to look carefully and pick the right colour or the game ends.


In this game you have to keep moving your little snowball across the screen until it makes 2 big balls to make a snowman, once you have made your snowman you get to choose what to put on him.

This is quite a fun game as you can put various hats, scarfs and and coats on the snowman. The only thing is there in no ending to the game so you have to quit to end it.


First of all you need to pick a picture there are 9 pictures to choose from, the picture then comes up on the screen and you will see lots of colours running down the screen. You just simple click on the colour you want and then click on the bits you want to colour in.

My son loves this game and will spend quite a lot of time colouring in, you can even save your pictures to show off to your friends and family.

~Muddy Puddles~

Peppa and George get to play muddy puddles, just click on Peppa or George (depending on which character you are playing) for them to jump in a puddle and to score some points. You can jump across to the another puddle and carry on jumping and the idea is you beat your opponent in our case George.

What do I think?

My son is a huge Peppa Pig fan and I thought he would love this game but it is so boring, yes there are a couple of good games like the Bubble Game and Hide and Seek but even then I find once my son has played them for a few minutes he wants to do something else.

Also the controls can be quite difficult to use sometimes, my son can easily use a wii controller for other games but he does get very frustrated with Peppa Pig.

The Pancake game is very annoying, if an adult can barely play it how can a young child? The colouring game is quite good but the problem is if my son picks white he cannot see the cursor button because it turns white like the background and he has to ask for help to change colour.

On the plus side the game does teach young children eye co-ordination, concentration, counting and they also get plenty of practice clicking or pressing on the `A` button.

Do I recommend this game? - No save your money and choose a different game!

We paid £15 for this game in Asda you can currently purchase it for £9.99 in Asda

Age 3+

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  • Dentolux published 17/10/2010
    Disappointing how many licenced games aren't value for money.
  • RICHADA published 03/10/2010
    Guess the 50% drop in price reflects the quality of this. R
  • mumsymary published 03/10/2010
    One I will not be getting for my grandaugter then
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Join in Peppa and George's favourite games and activities. Play as either Peppa or George to complete 11 highly enjoyable games and activities. There is something for everyone in this fun and entertaining outing with Peppa Pig.

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