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published 02/09/2014 | xxfoxyredxx
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"A really nice cola!"

I love pop. In some places it isn't known as pop, so I'm told! Anyway for the record I'm talking about carbonated soft drinks and one in particular, Pepsi Max. I love pop in general and I'm a bit of an addict to be honest, gulping my way through tons of the stuff at the rates of knots in a week. Fizzy and bubbly for me please! It's my drink of choice and I've never grown out of it and think I'm too old to stop now!

Just lately I've gone off Coke and Pepsi though in all versions. Well to be fair I've never been a huge fan however like I'm sure many people do I purchase it out of habit.

Having gone off the 'diet' versions of pop lately I was unsure when I purchased this no sugar drink and to be honest I hadn't tried it before but hey I'm all up for new experiences in life! I do try to buy lower calorie versions of things as in my mind if I can get a drink for say a calorie I'd rather have that than a can of pop costing me over a hundred calories a time particularly with the amount I consume in a day as it. I can't see the point of gaining weight for nothing!

The Packaging:

I bought this in a 330ml recyclable can with a ring pull situated at the top. On the front of the can in large lettering I'm told it it Pepsi Max and the Pepsi round symbol is shown and there is an at a glance nutritional guide given and I'm finally told that it is'maximum taste, no sugar'. The back of the can is similar but without the nutritional guide on it but size is stated (as I've listed already). On another section of the can I'm told it is 'Low calorie Cola Flavoured Soft Drink With Sweeteners - Best Served Chilled' and then the ingredients are listed, a full nutritional table is on there, contact details for Britvic (the manufacturers of Pepsi) are also listed, I'm told the can is made of steel and is recyclable, website details are given ( and the best before date is stamped on the bottom of the can. Nice enough packaging this is with all the information you could possibly need on it.

The Drink Itself:

Well I was rather excited at trying a drink I'd never tried before. Having gone off as I said previously diet versions of anything resembling cola drinks.

For me diet colas can be too sweet, too salty (yes the bubbles tasting salty in one cola I tried), too flat, too much like syrup I wanted to gag on it and lets not forget the aftertaste of some of these products either. The list is endless as to why I quit cola of late to be honest but I avoided it like the plague!

This however was a pleasant surprise. I served mine cold and in a glass. The dark brown liquid fizzed as it hit my glass and looked and sounded pleasant. It even had a fruity aroma though of what, well that beats me to be honest and I've never worked it out lol.

Max taste? Definitely! It sparkled which gave it a light approach on the tongue. It doesn't taste too sugary giving it a syrup like texture in the mouth that coats the tongue which I hate. No it's light and sweet enough though not laden with sugar as it contains none!

Fruity this is in an odd way and I felt I could taste a hint of lemon (not listed in the ingredients) which gave it a powerful kick in my mouth refreshing me as I'm not used to with cola drinks. I found this actually to quench my thirst instead of add to it.

The bubbles don't stick around long though and it does go flat as it warms up to room temperature. When this happens it just wasn't pleasant but it took half an hour to do this so I cant really complain about that. So you do need to open it and drink it quite quickly.

I couldn't taste sweeteners in my drink either and no nasty after taste that made me want to reach for more drinks or water or anything. When the drink was gone it was gone! I never had a bloated belly after drinking it either which really did make a pleasant change! I also found that I was having a sweet craving day and this drink actually put paid to that which saved me yet more weight gaining!

Am I a fan? Yep I am, for sure. It wasn't too sweet or sickly, was bubbly and light and full of positives, the main positive being the flavour! For me this is a supreme cola and packed full of a punch beating the competition!

At one calorie per standard can (330ml), no sugar, no fats, no saturated fat and only a trace of sugar I can see no reason why anyone would avoid it unless your not a cola drinker of course! It seems to me to be a healthy enough version anyway unless you wish to avoid caffeine or aspartamine. It doesn't say how much caffeine this contains but for me I did find it to give me a sudden burst of excess energy.

I am listing the ingredients so people can make an informed choice whether to purchase this or not as when it comes to what this contains I really have no idea what is good and what is bad so will leave that for you to decide!


Carbonated Water, Colour (Caramel E150d). Sweeteners (Aspatame, Acesulfame K), Phosphoric Acid, Flavourings (including caffeine), Preservative (Sodium Benozate), Citric Acid. Contains a source of Phenylalanine.

Comes in a variety of sizes and can be all over the place. My can I'm reviewing cost me 49p in my local Nisa shop.

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Comments on this review

  • catsholiday published 08/09/2014
    In the USA they call all fizzy drinks - soda
  • xxfoxyredxx published 03/09/2014
    Im a west midlands girl euphie we all call it pop here but when i lived in london i remember asking me mates kids if they wanted a glass of pop and gettin laughed at for it and I couldnt understand why for ages lol x
  • euphie published 03/09/2014
    Where I'm from (Northern Ireland) it's not called pop but you would talk about getting a mineral which is the same thing
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