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published 17/05/2017 | Mac83
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Pro Great view from the observation deck
Cons Some tickets are a bit pricey for KL standards
Is it worth visiting?
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Family Friendly

"Top 5 Things To Do at Petronas Twin Towers"

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

The Petronas Twin Towers are located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a city which has lots to see and do, from sightseeing, exciting food, plenty of shopping and this must-see iconic building located in the heart of the city. We stayed in Kuala Lumpur as part of our two week holiday for a city break before the relaxing half of the holiday further into the Far East. Our accommodation during the stay was the superb Traders Hotel well-located in the city and a well-known place to have a drink at the Skybar on the 33rd floor of the hotel and enjoy the panoramic views.

(You might like to check out my review for the Traders Hotel if interested in browsing for accommodation to go with your KL trip).
About the towers

Petronas Towers is a 451.9m metre tall steel and glass building, named after Malaysian oil company Petronas with office spaces used by a range of multinational companies, where tower one is occupied by the Petronas oil company and tower two, other multinational organisations including Barclays, Microsoft and IBM. The ‘Skybridge’ atrium connects the two towers which is 58m long at level 41 and 42 and level 86 is where the observation deck is. The construction of these towers began in 1992 and took 6 years to complete, and at that time it was the 2nd tallest building in the world, after the Burj Khalifa, Dubai. However it is now the 8th tallest building in the world. But looking up at it, it still looks like the tallest building in the world!

Visually the towers look stunning, day and night – lit up at night and reflecting the daylight during the day and always sparkling because of the steel structure catching the sun to make it gleam.
Location / How to get there

The Towers are located in Jalan Sultan Ismail - if you are planning on visiting the towers by car or taxi, we found this to be the best way to get there, as the taxi rides don’t cost too much in KL and doesn’t take too long to get hold of a taxi, however traffic at times may slow you down if you are in a hurry to fit loads into your day. The towers are roughly 40 minutes away from KL International airport.

Opening hours

Tower One is open to the public from 09.00 to 21.00 on Tuesdays to Sundays however closed on Fridays between 13.00 to 14.30 and closed all day on Mondays.
Things to see and do at the towers

Although the towers are occupied by multinational companies for business, the observation deck and the lower floors of the towers are free for the public to walk around – at the base of the towers is the Suria KLCC shopping mall and the philharmonic hall is near the front half of the lower floors.

Below is more detail on our recommendation of the top 5 things to see in and around the Petronas towers:

1. Skybridge / Observation deck: Number one on our list has to be the observation deck – as much as admiring the building from the outside is really spectacular, looking out from the observation deck is another experience altogether. You will need around a few hours here. First you will go up to the bridge which is half way up the building and can walk on the bridge atrium between the two towers to enjoy the glass bridge experience. From there you can go further up to the 86th floor. The view from the observation deck felt like a bird-eye view as it is so high up. Looking out for the KL Tower in your panoramic view you can see the city buildings and the large green areas however we were told that there can be haze some days which is very common in KL, but it didn’t affect our view too much. The other thing which can’t be helped is the building you are standing in doesn’t appear in your view of the skyline of course, so you could otherwise get tickets to the KL Tower observation deck which is not far from the towers in order to have the Towers in your skyline. Just a tip however, if you really want that view of the Petronas Towers from high up or if don’t feel you want to purchase a ticket to go the towers, you might prefer booking a table for a meal at the revolving restaurant on the KL Tower – this way you get the view from high up and you also get to enjoy a nice meal at the same time!

Entry fee: The price of a ticket is around 80-85 Malaysian Ringgits each which is around £14- £15 (or around 30MR for a child’s ticket under 12 years which is around £5- £6).
(Pre-booking is not a bad idea in order to ensure you get the right number of tickets for the day you require, which is what we did from our hotel as they only have a certain number of tickets per day only. Fees for other entries can be also be bought together with the observation deck at the booking desk of your hotel. Otherwise it can just be booked at the towers when you arrive)

2. Suria KLCC Shopping Mall: This is number 2 on our list as this one is packed with luxury stores and is shopper’s heaven with endless designer brands, cosmetic shop, food shops and lots more. There will be lots of walking around, as the complex is a 6 storey building located at the foot of the towers but it’s nice and open so you will be able to find everything you were looking for and much more. We did however find things are quite pricey, with tags similar to UK department stores so you will probably find limited bargains here, but still it is worth a browse. Either way there is so much inside we definitely were not bored and time just flew. We stopped for a bite in between shopping in the busy food court and we found all of this is part of the KL experience and a must do even if it is just going in for 20 minutes.

Entry fee: Only the cost of your purchases!

3. Aquaria: This is located adjacent to the towers on the concourse level and requires a separate ticket. This was on our list of things to see from the beginning as long as we had the time, as it sounds very impressive and have placed it as number 3 on my list of recommendable things to do (if you also have the time, as you will need at least 2-3 hours here to make the most of the experience). At this Aquaria, you will be able to see over 5000 different types of marine and land creatures if interested in marine life, including a glass tunnel with sharks, where you get to actually touch the sharks with experts. There are lots of interactive things to do here, along with diving into a tank to properly experience the underwater – something we didn’t get a chance to take part in. The other thing to bear in mind when deciding whether to purchase tickets is that this Aquaria becomes very crowded and there are queues to see certain things so you will need loads of spare time. There are also feeding shows which we got to see, but you need to make sure you time it well in order to get a chance to be there to watch them. Another thing to bear in mind as you may be wondering how this fits into the KL experience, but you probably just need to move away from the idea that it is not really linked to the city theme-wise, it’s just a fun tourist thing.

Entry fee: Around 68-70 MR for adults tickets which is around £12-£13 and around 50-60 MR for children (free for under 3 year olds), so quite a pricey ticket.

4. Petronsians: This is a science centre for visitors located on the 4th floor of the Suria shopping complex, and run by the oil company Petronas and number 3 on our list of recommended things. You could probably spend around two hours here. There is a separate fee for this but worth visiting if you want to escape away from the busy city, great fun for kids as it is interactive and educational for all ages and since it runs along the theme of the petroleum industry it is relevant to where you are, with interactive displays, stage shows and some rides for kids. The only other thing I would say is not to expect too much from this, as it is good, but it’s not really a unique experience. It’s perfect if you want something for the indoors, other than shopping and it does rain heavily in KL at times and otherwise the heat is too strong, so it’s nice to use this for escaping. Visit it if you enjoy a bit of science and history but give it a miss if you want to save some Ringgits for other things as it’s not the cheapest things to do in KL, according to the entry fees.

Entry fee: The fee to enter is 30 MR for adults, which is around £5 - £6 and 15 MR for children (3-12, free for 1-2 year olds)

5. Water fountains at night: Although is last on my list, I think it would be suited somewhere on the top, but I’ve tried to combine most recommended with the best order to do things! So this is last as it’s also something for the evening and a relaxing place to unwind and take in the local atmosphere surrounding the KLCC once you’ve done all the rest. Nearby the Petronas towers is an enormous park outside the hotel for the daytime which features a waddling pool, a jogging track, a playground and lots of areas of trees, as a recreation area in the city and right in front of the entrance of the Suria shopping centre are these incredible musical lit-up fountain – at night, they look fantastic. We sat here for a while a few nights taking in the atmosphere and watching the fountain display with the light show and music. It does get very busy around this area as lots of locals come here too.

Entry fee: No cost of seeing the water fountains
Food & Drink

The food and drink is located in various places around the Petronas building but the main spot is the food court in the Suria KLCC shopping centre on the lower floors, where there are a wide range of food shops and supermarket styles shops to take things away or stop and eat there. A lot of it is just standard shopping mall types of restaurants and coffee shops around the building, and they also sell a large variety of packed food, snacks, drinks and authentic local food, like Sushi which you could pick up for around 30p! The food is very inexpensive. You can also pick up alcohol from the supermarkets if you want to take it back to your hotel room and store in your mini fridge, which works out cheaper than the mini-bar!

Worth visiting?

The Petronas Towers is a must-see if you are in Kuala Lumpur for a stop-over or a city break. It is one of the most recognisable buildings in the KL skyline.

Depending on the amount of time you have in Kuala Lumpur, buying tickets for the things available to do inside the towers is a good idea but we personally felt pre-booking too much in advance was a bit too restricting in case we decided to change plans at the last minute. There is the option to buy tickets on the day.

If you still don’t have much time in your day to wait around queuing for tickets, the Petronas Twin Towers are really nice just seeing it from the outside, as getting a few pictures of the iconic building is a memory itself and something to take away, but going into the main entrance and walking into the lobby is worth doing too just to get a feel of the building whilst your there.

In terms of going up the building, I think that is just choice – you will have a great experience viewing from the observation deck, but it costs around £30 for two people – also don’t forget there are other options to view the city from high-up so you don’t have to miss-out – i.e. Dinner at the KL towers or a cocktail in the Skybar of the Traders hotel.

Either way, the Petronas Twin Towers is a beautiful building which can be admired from inside and out. So whatever you choose to do make sure you enjoy it whilst your there!

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