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... I was shopping in a local branch of 'Pets At Home' pet superstore and saw the ideal product - the "3 Pack Tin Covers" seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, and I handed over the sum of £1.09 for the pack which I thought was a fairly reasonable price. The packaging for the product ... Read review

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COVER the TIN, or food's in the BIN..! Review with images

AdvantagesInexpensive - Easy to use - Work well..

DisadvantagesNone for me..

"...can covers are available from Pets At Home in a choice of three sizes, but when I was shopping in my local branch there were only two sizes available: the smaller size, which are turquoise in colour and ideal for canned cat food, or the larger size which were a bright pink colour and looked to be more suited to canned dog food. I am not sure what the third size is, as I have never seen them in-store. I find that a reasonable 'seal' is provided by ..." Read review

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Cover Up!

AdvantagesEasy to store and use, cheap, Last well

DisadvantagesNone from me

"...really! ==Pets at Home Tin Covers:== _‘The Pets at Home Tin Covers will keep your dogs tinned food fresh and tasty.’_ ===My Findings:=== When just using half a tin I had the remaining half left over, I used to over with a plastic food bag and put in the fridge for the following morning. Doing this I found the smell from dog food would still leak and linger in my fridge. Be being vegetarian this wasn’t a nice experience at all and the smell of dog ..." Read review

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Cover that stinky mess up!


DisadvantagesNone whatsoever

"...all things pet related in Pets At Home and have to admit to spending rather alot on our beloved animals. Because Daisy Beau stays at my flat so often (shes been here the past 3 days and nights lol) I of course have to feed her. Now mostly Daisy eats dried food but from time to time I treat her to cnas of stuff for a change, which can be very hit and miss but because shes a small dog she never eats very much and I end up with half an ..." Read review

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Pets At Home Tin Covers

AdvantagesStops pet food smells in my fridge

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...so a quick trip to Pets At Home was in order. The tin covers come in packs of 3 and cost just £1.09, my local Pets At Home had 3 colour choices white, blue and pink, I got some pink ones. They come in simple packaging just a small plastic bag attached to a card label, this has the Pets At Home logo on it and the words Tin Covers across the front. The tin covers are simply plastic lids that fit ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Pets At Home Tin Covers

AdvantagesCheap, durable, do the job!


"...tin covers from my local Pets at Home. These tin covers are suitable for both dog and cat food tins, and they simply cover the opening of the can. This prevents smells from leaking out and it also ensures that if the can is knocked over (eg by a dog trying to get it off of the surface) there will be no leaks or mess - which is good as dog food isn't the nicest stain to have! It's also important to keep the tinned meat covered up for hygiene reasons ..." Read review

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