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106 - Severely updated - Still no Tricks


Majorly updated, more solid, better inside and out, still economical

small engine, still basic, little high on the price

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OK a bad title! I tried to make it rhyme!

I have written an opinion on a 106 before, this went into the general Peugeot 106 category, it was a Mardi Gras, this new car we have is an independence as you can see. I will be talking about the car in general, and comparing it to the old 106 as well.

I have driven this new car of ours for a couple of months now, and, dispite my initial reactions, I have now got used to it, as you do, and now I can only praise it!

Now, this is a three door 106, the old one was a five door, and this makes such a difference. The new 106 has, bigger side doors to allow people to get in easier, and seems very big inside in comparison. The front of the car does seem very much bigger, this is obviously nice, and even with a dark interior, the car does not look small. The space in the back is basically the same, still quite small, although it does seem that you may get a little more leg room, but not something a family would like to get used to I doubt. The seat does not just pivot forward, it also runs along its rails in order to make getting into the back of the car that much easier. Something owners of older cars will know about! Still no fully reclining seats ;-) but they do go back a fair bit. (I have checked simply for the purpose for this opinion of course!)

Speaking of the family, the boot does seem to be a bit smaller. One point is that the jack and the wheel nut wrench (what is it called again?! Can you tell I know nothing technical about cars?!) are located in the boot instead of in the spare tyre (still located under the boot) and so this takes up a bit of the room, and, maybe it is because it is only a three door, but the boot is noticeably smaller. The glove compartment is also smaller in case that matters at all!

The engine is still a 1.1, but seems to have more edge to it (what I wrote about in my last opinion). This is an X-reg car, and, being ex-display has done a few miles, but the engine must still be pretty tuned. The exhaust on the old car seemed very heavy, this engine is much quieter, in fact I am not always sure if the engine is turned on! This means that when driving the car you can push the revs up quite high before changing without getting a massive roaring engine sound like you may get with some older cars.

The shape of the car is a lot smoother. I said the wheels looked very skinny from the back on the old car, but this one is much better. Thicker tyres it seems, and the suspension seems to be set a little lower, so the wheel arches on the rear wheels look better. The gap was too large before, now with lowered suspension is looks much less like it is going for the four-wheel-drive stance.

The interior is much improved also. The material on the seats of the old car were a bit cheap-looking now I have comparison. The new interior is black with little green figures of men jumping around, bit hard to describe, but it is very subtle. My friend’s mum has a Y-reg 106, and the interior (hope he doesn’t read this!) is nasty! Sorry if you have one, but the dark green colour of the car on the outside (the most popular colour to choose it seems) is on the inside too in massive swipes of a paintbrush it looks! Not nice at all! I was also told that the new models which come in red have a very nasty orange colour in the interior… if it is your thing fair enough! The other bits of the interior are also much better. Black plastic for the dashboard looks nicer than the grey of the old car, and it seems like the plastic is of a much better quality, more solid. I do not think plastic is the best word for it, but I am sure you know what I mean. Maybe Peugeot found that as the 106 was so popular it was a good idea to improve on the general features like the interior.

The car does seem generally more solid. The windscreen wipers for example have a much stronger plastic cover on them, and the rear wiper is a lot smoother and slower. I found with the old car the wiper went too fast, and when trying to clean it with water ejected from the top of the windscreen, the wiper moved it away before it had time to get too far down the windscreen, now the wiper is slower the water is able to run right down and the water seems to come out much faster too.

Extra’s. Well, no sunroof on this car, but I was told it is an extra £200 to have one fitted (if you have the car made to suit you from the production line) which is not too bad, depends how fussy you want to be. I felt the dashboard was better now. The rev counter which I longed for is now there! The clock has been replaced by the rev-counter, and the clock is now digital, and placed just above the miles-clock, which is also digital. One problem with the old car was that the miles-counter got stuck (on the one you can reset!) and we had a ticking noise every hundred yards! Bit worrying to start with, and more so when it kept happening. This cannot happen with this car.

The old 106 had an immobiliser fitted as standard, but this car does not have any security features to deter a thief (i.e. no flashing red light on the dashboard) but we have been told the key (slightly chunkier to the old one) has a special digital code which means it can only unlock that door, and start that engine, so I guess that is something, although having a dead lock or something would have been nice. Although, the immobiliser had the very annoying ‘beep’ it made every time it was enabled/disabled, I do not miss that!

Not a major aspect, but I do believe should be incorporated on more cars, is an extra brake light. In the dark some brake lights do not show up as well as they may along with the normal rear lights, and having an extra brake light situated at the top of the windscreen is just a nice feature to have. The front windscreen also has a small patch of sun-block type dots. These are only really near the top of the windscreen near the rear-view mirror and go along a bit obviously, again, thoughtful touches please the more observant of us!

My mum always complained about how the neighbours parked in our cul-de-sac. We all did. They park badly, deciding to park on the road and not in their own drives. We have to generally reverse out of our drive, and with vans half blocking our path, vision and steering is critical. Firstly there is the slight curve in the wing view mirror on the outside of it which enables you to see that bit further round, and secondly power-steering. Something my mum craved! I did slightly, but being strong enough to cope with the old car I was OK if we did not have it. Both these are on the new car but were not on the old. Power steering is becoming standard now really, and is nice to have when manoeuvring. Both nice features on the car, even if my mum says she does not feel the difference with the power steering! Women drivers….. careful! Just joking with ya ladies ;-)

The steering wheel is slightly smaller I believe (felt that straight away) but it was chunkier. It feels a lot nicer when grabbing it to steer, and with the airbag in it, the safety aspect is also there. The gearstick also has a bit of loose leather from the top of it running to the base, so the actual stick is not showing like on the old car, which did make the gearstick particularly cheap. The knob at the top of the gear stick is also slightly bigger, and is much nicer to get a grip on, (no dirty comments please!) something that gives me a bit more confidence when driving. If something is thicker you get a better grip on it, and that is what this car gives you.

The wheels, as well as having a better standard of tyres on, the awful hubcaps have gone! They were bad. Replaced with, hubcaps yes, no alloys on this car, but they are better. They show the wheel nuts, still made of the plastic (I think) of the other hubcaps, but do look generally better

The stereo, more important to some than others. The type of tape player in the car comes as standard (sorry cannot remember the brand) and has digital radio (crikey!) as well as bass, treble, balance and fade digital adjustments. The volume is adjusted by a knob still, still digitally done though. A CD player comes as standard in the newer models (like my mates car) and is the same brand as the tape player. The speakers are obviously not of Kenwood standard, but give a nice sound and do not distort too early in the sound stakes.

For the lazy of us, the new Citroen (I think) does everything for you such as automatic windscreen wipers etc. this car does nothing of the sort. Standard basic car in that sense. It does not have electric windows, although the new Y-reg’s do, and the buttons are situated just under the end of the handbrake if you know where I mean? In my car instead of electric window buttons I have five (I think) slots where I can store coins! Lucky me! There is also a much bigger space in front of the gearstick (one of the those handy places) where tapes and house keys can be stored, much bigger space than on the old car. The doors also have a look more storage space for the CD cases or any cloths you keep in the car.

The actual driving is nice. It purrs as it starts, and the driving is very smooth. I push the revs up quite high (and no, it is not because I am young and am a boy racer!) when changing gear, giving the car a bit of steam before releasing of the clutch fully gives a nice smooth transaction. With five gears now (only four on the old car) I find that motorway driving is nicer, I do not have to listen to the revs go higher and higher, making it sound like the car is going to explode! The gears themselves are much smoother. I particularly like moving from fourth to third (do I sound sad now?!) as it is very smooth. No real effort is needed to change gears, making the drive comfortable. The car seems faster too. May sound strange as it is still a 1.1 litre engine, maybe this is because it is a smaller and lighter car, and the engine is new, although I did hear from somewhere the engines are of a better quality now. The car is obviously still slow in comparison to other smaller cars which have larger engines. Some of the new 106’s (Zests I think) do have a larger engine which is obviously beneficial.

The car seems very economical, only small so… my mum is not moaning about petrol money too much so it cannot be too bad! It was about five and a half thousand to buy, as I said, ex-display/test-drive model, so it had done seven-hundred and fifty miles before we had it! Generally, a standard model with not too many extra’s, brand new is about seven thousand pounds. To be honest, too much I think. In the garage near one of the schools I go to (an all girls school actually, I will leave you thinking and not explain!) I have seen R-reg Saxo’s for four and a half thousand, a better deal I think. Depends on how new you need your car to be.

So, good car! I actually moved the rating of the previous review I did down to three stars after the comparison to this model. The car looks nicer, feels nicer, is more solid and has been given a good update. The price…maybe a tad high, the engine, could be bigger. Still no maor tricks with - aim of the title!


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JemJem97 29.08.2004 18:06

Great review! It's helping me to choose my first car! Great job! ~ Jemma x

nearlyfivefoot 16.07.2004 17:02

Nice review - I have an R reg Zest 3 model, which has all the features you were moaning yours didn't have - sunroof, electric windows, 5 doors, etc. But I generally agree with everything you said! Sarah x

tinaoliver200 23.03.2004 14:52

I must say congrats on getting CMW and enjoy it. first review on this site i have read and i must say i am very impressed, in my eyes i would say that the peugeot 106 is a womens car i would say. anyways great op and good luck with CMW.

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