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Peugeot 206 1.1

Peugeot present the 206 S 1.1 5dr Hatchback with 5 Speed Manual Gearbox, Front (FWD) running on Unleaded Petrol

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published 02/12/2015 | JRCarter
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Pro reliable, cheap on repairs, comfortable, easy to drive
Cons very basic, not great fuel consumption
Value for Money
Road Handling
Fuel consumption

"The Perfect First Car"

Peugeot 206 1.1

Peugeot 206 1.1


I feel I must begin this review by admitting that I have very little knowledge on the inner workings of cars, and am certainly not qualified to write a specialist review about one. However, I have been driving my Peugeot 206 1.1 for over two years now, and feel it is my duty to share the experience with fellow consumers, as I certainly got lucky having this brilliant little motor for a first car.

While learning to drive, ~3 years ago, my Dad and I went to countless second-hand car garages searching for my first car. After almost choosing a Ford Ka (because of the price, certainly not the look!), we came across this stunning, dark blue 206, as shown in the picture. Compared to the previous cars we had looked at, it was in brilliant condition, with only a few minor scuffs. My Dad was getting tired of driving me from garage to garage every evening, and I knew this was the car I wanted, but the price was too high for me to admit that; £2500. Somehow, my Father must have worked out how much I wanted this car, as he later informed be he had made a few calls to the garage, and haggled the price down to £2000, which he informed me I could afford with the money in my savings account. Since then, myself and my Dad have gotten a lot of use out of this car, and it has out-performed all my friends first (and in some cases second, third, fourth and fifth) cars.

The Car

As I said in the introduction the car was in great condition, showing signs of a few minor bumps. The engine seemed pretty clean, and had evidently been looked after, considering the car was a 2005 model. Equally, the tires were almost completely knew and their were no marks or damages to the interior, and only 70,000 miles on the clock. The car was literally in perfect working order; nothing needed replacing and everything worked exactly as it should. This was a major bonus, as nearly every other car we looked at needed work before it was road-legal. The Peugeot has a 1.1 litre engine and five doors. Here are a few specifications:

- CylindersL4
- Displacement1124 cm3
- Power44 KW @ 5500 RPM, 60 HP @ 5500 RPM, 59 BHP @ 5500 RPM
- Torque69.3 lb-ft @ 2800 RPM, 94 Nm @ 2800 RPM
- Fuel SystemMultipoint Injection
- FuelPetrol
- CO2 Emissions148 g/km
- Top Speed98.2 mph OR 158 km/h
- Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph)15.4 s
- Drive TypeFront Wheel Drive
- GearboxManual, 5 Speed
- Front disc breaks
- Rear drum breaks
Learning to Drive in the 206

Having this car at my disposal while learning to drive was excellent, and certainly favoured by my parents, who didn't dare let me in their relatively new Audi! Seeing as the 206 is not exactly a super car, there was no worry of me slipping off the clutch and accelerating forward at break-neck speeds. Fortunately, I quickly got the hang of driving this car, and the great condition of the steering, tyres, breaks and engine made it a perfect first car. Similarly, the relatively small size, while still having 5 doors, made it a little less likely that I would hit anything!
Value for Money

Although the cost of the car may seem quite high, considering it was my first car, it has certainly saved me money. Over the two and a half years I have been using it, I have only had to pay for one new set of tyres, and of course, petrol. Other than that, the car has never required a part to be fixed or replaced, saving me a great deal of cash when compared to my friends. For example, one of my friends parents bought him a £4000 2010 model Volkswagen. Since purchase he has had to spend £1500+ on repairs. Similarly, another friend of mine has spent £100-400 on cars, and is currently on his fifth vehicle (due to accidents as well as faults with the cars. And finally, one of my friends spent £1500 on a 2005 model Corsa, and has since replaced the entire engine, the exhaust, the alloys and much more, costing him upwards of £2000. Out of everyone I know, my 206 was the only car that did not require further money to be spent on it since purchase; which is exactly what is needed for a first car!
Fuel Consumption

Unfortunately, the fuel consumption of this car is a negative aspect. It is not shockingly bad, but is certainly not good, and is seemingly the worse when compared to my friends cars. My car, being a 1.1 petrol now 10 years old achieves ~30mpg. This makes running the car rather expensive, especially for a student, and is one of the reasons I chose not to bring my car to university with me. Fortunately, as it is my first car, I have rarely used it for journeys longer than an hour, commonly traveling just 10 miles at a time. My friends VW, for example, gets 40+mpg, making his a lot cheaper to run (not that my friends seem to believe that, and insist on rarely paying me petrol money!). However, his car cost twice as much as the Peugeot, and a great deal more in repairs.
Road Handling and Breaking

Before purchasing the vehicle we made sure to check the car didn't pull to one side when breaking, which it didn't, and it hasn't since. I'm not exactly certain how one should go about reviewing the handling of a car, having driven only a few cars, but I honestly can't complain. It doesn't have the handling of a brand new Audi, but for a ten year old, first car it is just fine. It is not too heavy, nor too sharp when cornering, and very easy to get the hang of when learning to drive. I have, on multiple occasions, gently stroked the curb, as I'm sure most new drivers have, but this is undoubtedly my fault, and should not reflect badly on the handling of the vehicle. I have heard many stories about the ease at which one can roll a Peugeot 206, due to its slightly higher height, if taking a corner too quickly. On one occasion (and only one!) I did unfortunately enter a corner way too quickly, and was lucky to get out without a scratch on myself or the car. While cornering sharply, and applying the breaks the car leaned a great deal, but at no point did any wheels leave the ground. Instead, the back wheels slid out to the left, clipping the bank, before correcting themselves. My friend, sat in the back behind the drivers seat told me he was certain the car was going to roll, as he had experienced a similar situation in his car, whereby two wheels did in fact leave the ground. Fortunately, the 206 kept its four wheels planted firmly on the tarmac/ bank, much to my appreciation.

There have been very few occasions that have forced my to break suddenly, but on the few occasions I have, they have worked very well. As I said in the intro, the car keeps a very straight line when breaking, and has disc breaks on the front wheels. Fortunately, I have never been in any sort of collision with another vehicle as my breaks have never failed to stop me before it was too late. On one commute to work I was traveling down a very narrow country lane. A car was coming the other way round the long bend rather fast, so I braked heavily and pulled as close to the hedge as I could. I stopped very quickly, but the oncoming driver did not, whether this was because he braked too late or for some other reason I do not know, but his car mounted the bank, skidded past me, clipping my car on the way past, before driving off. If my breaks hadn't been the quality they were, the collision would have likely been a lot worse than it was.

When in normal, day to day situations the breaks still perform brilliantly, and allow for smooth, controlled stops, even in the slowest of track. They are not too sharp or sticky, which is something I have noticed with other cars - although this is likely because I am used to my 206. This made it a lot easier to learn to drive in this vehicle, as I wasn't nervous when applying the breaks, and soon got the hang of it.

I'm sure most of you will be aware, the 2005 1.1 Peugeot 206 is not famous for being the most luxurious car. The interior is very, very simple, but not at all uncomfortable. If you compared it to a newer, far more expensive car, it may seem poor, but when compared to similar vehicles, it is standard. I have never been driving and felt at all uncomfortable, but have never driven for longer than an hour and a half without stopping. The fabric of the seats its slightly rough, and no at all squishy or cushiony, but is still comfortable, yet obviously cheap. I have never heard any complaints from any of my friends, as to the comfort offered by the 206, and I personally prefer my car to my friends cars, but I guess that's expected! Unfortunately, when all five seats are full of adults, it becomes incredibly cosy, as far as to say; claustrophobic. This isn't too much of a big deal when the car is full of 20 year olds, but my parents and their friends find it very cramped and uncomfortable when giving them lifts to and from places. Again, this is an issue shared by many small cars like the 206, except this 206 had the added extra of five doors, rather than three - making it easy to get in and out of the very small space!

The relatively smooth ride of this vehicle maintains the decent standard of comfort. The suspension absorbs most small bumps in the road as it should, making it very easy to travel short distances, as well as longer distances, without and discomfort. However, in the past year, when approaching speeds ~50-60mph the car shakes/ vibrates slightly. It is only a very minor vibration, and doesn't necessarily cause discomfort, but is slightly annoying. I have been reassured by my mechanic that there is nothing wrong with any aspect of the car, and the vibration is likely caused solely by the age of the vehicle. other than this, for what it is, I really cannot complain about the comfort.


As you can imagine, the 2005 1.1 Peugeot 206 is a rather basic car, with few additional features. It has four doors, five seats and a decent sized boot - big enough to fit a small bike in, or three longboards! The car has electric windows in the front (exciting I know) and manually adjustable windows in the back. There us also a very simple radio, that has no ports for plugging anything in, but it is possible to connect a phone to the radio via the cigarette lighter, if you own the right adapter. Other than these standard car features, I really cannot think of anything else worth mentioning.
Final Comments

All in all the Peugeot is not the flashiest or most luxurious of vehicles, but as a first car it has been almost faultless. The low maintenance of the car over the two and a half years I have been using it has been brilliant. It was excellent to learn to drive in, and has been exactly what I wanted it to be ever since. I am struggling to find any faults with vehicle. I can see how this car may not offer the luxury's or incredible comfort that many people over the age of ~25 may look for in a car, but I strongly recommend this to any first time buyer, or any parent with a child learning to drive. Owning this vehicle prior to taking my driving test saved me a great deal of money on additional lessons and ensured I passed my test first time. When compared to my friends similar vehicles, that are also common first cars, the 206 beat all of them hands down - in my opinion of course!

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Product Information : Peugeot 206 1.1

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Peugeot present the 206 S 1.1 5dr Hatchback with 5 Speed Manual Gearbox, Front (FWD) running on Unleaded Petrol

Product Details

Body Type: Hatchback

Available Trims: Urban; S

Fuel Type: Petrol

Country of Origin: France

Number of Doors: 3; 5, 3, 5

Range: Peugeot 206, Peugeot 206 Plus

Range + Engine Type: 206 1.1

Manufacturer: Peugeot

Power: 60

Long Name: 206+ 1.1e

Insurance Group: 2, 3

Engine Size (cc): 1124

Towing Limit (kg): 700

Boot Capacity (litres): 1130

Height: 1433

Width: 1652

Length: 3822

Weight: 985

Type: Car

Release Date: 01.01.2005

Transmission type: 5 Speed Manual Gearbox

Classification: Compact Car

CO2 Emissions: 148 g/km - (Man)

Emissions Class: EU3

NCAP Rating: NCAP 4 Star Rating

Acceleration (0 - 62 mph): 15.1 seconds - (Man)

Maximum Speed (mph): 98

Warranty: 3 years / 60000 miles

Cylinders: 4

Fuel Capacity (litres): 50

Torque: 70@2800 lb/ft

Driven Wheels: Front (FWD)


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