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published 18/01/2007 | exup35
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Pro more space than a standard 206, looks
Cons spare wheel, noise from rear windows, inconsistent pefrormance
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"206 SW - eye catching 206 styling,"

This is the second 206 SW we have had since new, and the third 206 in total. This was my partners choice of car as I was mainly on the motorbike and she would be using it the most.
With the arrival of our child the standard 206 wasn't quite big enough for the luggage, so we went for the SW version (1.4 engine). Despite what the press say, the boot is alot bigger than the standard 206. there is no parcel shelf to remove, just a retractable blind which draws across the boot space if you don't fill it to the roof.

The first model we had was ta Agean Blue 1.4 Entice, which had the CD player, electric windows (front) and power steering. The 2nd SW was the Silver Verve 1.4. This had everything the Entice had, but also included alloy wheels, air conditioning and an internal central locking/ deadlocking system.

Driving the car is pretty much as a standard 206, the handling is nice and neutral and manoevuring into tight spaces is suprisingly easy.

The 206 SW is due to be replaced by the new 207 SW, which like the stndard 207 over the 206 is bigger all round. Seems that this is the general trend with motor manufacturers. New models are always larger, have bigger engines, more power and as the model keeps growing physically in size, somewhere along the line, a different model comes out to fill the gap (- if you pardon the slight pun).

Fuel consumption is about 35 - 40 mpg depending on how you drive it, but its driving the car which highlights some of the minor faults of the car. Especially comparing the two 206 SW's we have had.

The engine performance on the 2nd SW seems down on the first, wether the engine has been slightly tuned or with the extra weight of the air conditioning unit (which shouldnt be that much surely). The newer car has less grunt at the bottom end, and this doesnt translate into a rush of power further up the rev range.
Also the seats in the Verve are more sporty, with the style going on towards a bucket seat rather then the Verve's standard style. If you dont get the seat adjusted just right, this can give you terrible back pain on longer runs.
The only other driving niggle I have is when the rear windows are wound down while moving. At speeds above 45 mph, the trubulence created by the window and the shape of the car itself seem to create a loud pulsating effect. When I first encountered this I had to stop and check the cars exhaust was OK, as it sounded like there was a problem. You either have to put up with it, or ask the person in the back to close the window.
One big oversight is the spare wheel, which is a spacesaver. My partner had gone on holiday with our daughter, her sister and parents. The car was loaded with luggage and was parked in the airport car park. On returning from holiday, they discovered that one of the tyres was flat, so they changed it, only to find the full size wheel would not fit in the space left by the spare. The car was now full of luggage so the only option was for her Dad to sit with it in his lap for the journey home. (There was ALOT of grumbling about this when they came through the door and is one of the first remarks they make when remembering their holiday that year).

All 3 206's have been reliable and the SW's have never let us down. The original 206 brakes did need servicing within about 18 months of owning the car as they were begining to seize.
As this is the 3rd though, the other two were traded in when they became 3 years old. We never had to change the standard tyres on either before selling.

There is good competition out there from other manufacturers, but we have stayed with what we know as the car is attractive, and easy to drive, even with the little quirks. Would we have another? Perhaps not, but this isn't because of anything wrong with the 206SW, its because the next time we come round to trading in, the 207 SW will be available, and I think that is what we will be looking at next. As a secondhand option though, there are very good examples out there and I would recommend it, even if the press don't like the car

Edit 15 March 2007

The car has just had its first service and other than the normal stuff, it was also to fix a problem with wiring under a Peugeot recall. The clucth biting point is still quite high though, but as its not my car and the girlfriends its up to here wether she wants to have it adjusted, for myself though I would prefer a little more play before the clucth disengages so I know it isn't slightl being worn when the pedal is all the way up..

As for the engine power issue, Im not so sure its the power thats lower, I now wonder if the gearing ratios have been altered slightly as there seems an awful big gap between 1st and 2nd gear. This isnt too much of a problem as 3rd gear onwards seem ok. but it does mean the car bogs down slightly when going into 2nd gear, especially when going up a steep hill from a low speed or standstill.

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  • sigmatech published 25/01/2007
    Good review, I have the 307SW almost 4 years now, well finished but reliability not the greatest - Joe
  • nereesa85 published 24/01/2007
    Its french and that means baba electrics my mum got the litle one about 3 years ago, just as the waranty ran out...waddya know the fuses blew and to this day the display for the temperature, cd player etc still wont work. ALso she can only drive auto, and the gearbox isnt too hot. cant decide what gear to be in on a hill etc. It does have a sports button though...which is probably the only reason she bought the car in the first place!!!
  • Julieshobs published 21/01/2007
    good review. Jules.
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