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Peugeot 306 1.4

Hatchback, Saloon - Automatic, Manual - Petrol

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published 04/08/2011 | marshall1993
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Pro Nice design, reliable, sturdy
Cons Interior is soo last year! Not the most economical
very helpful
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"Peugeot 306. My little baby! :D Puts those boy racers to shame!"

Peugeot 306 1.4

Peugeot 306 1.4

P Reg Peugeot 306

Mine is light blue in colour, and has 5 doors. and has a 1.4 litre engine (1360cc) it is a "New Peugeot 306 LX" It is a manual 5 speed ( gear) car.
This is my first car since passing my driving test and have had it for about a year now. He is called Pierre! :)
Now i will warn you i am a girl, and i live up to the stereotype, I am not the most knowledgable on all the bits and bobs, but I will try my best. I had a look at the 306 online to get a bit more background information, and it was in 3 phases, of the car. My car is from phase two. Similar to the early 306, but with a more rounded front design.


The car has quite a nice shape to it. The bottom of the sides, curve in and then out underneath the doors. Overall it is a compact looking car. It is a hatchback car, with quite a spacey boot. Even more space can be added for loading by pulling forward the bottoms of the back seats, and by flipping the backs over the top, creating a level and protected space, with room still for two people. Alot can be fitted into the boot when it is like this. In my past experience objects as long as 6-7 feet long can be fitted into the back with a bit of careful planning. With 5 people in the car, there is still enough leg room for all, the front passenger can still have space, while someone in the back can sit comfortably, surprising when you look at the car from the outside. The car seats are comfortable, and It is comfortable to sit in a drive. The drivers seat can be adjusted in position from the wheel, as well as height. Using them both together, almost anyone no matter how tall or what size, can find a comfotable driving position. A nice little addition I think for a car like this.
Some cars tend to have the look of a tin can and looks like they have been made out of tin foil, especially in the ranks of small first cars. This is not the case with the 306. It looks like it could take a bashing and survive to drive away triumphant. When driving you certainly feel the momentum behind the car.

The dashboard and the steering colounm are made out of black plastic. It isn't too shiney but has a sheen to it. It looks a tiny bit dated, but when all polished and a few teddies it looks nice. Classic black is timeless right, little black dress and all that? It has a swooping feel to it, sort of wave like, making the radio and heating area a parallelogram shape as it tails off. It has all sort edges and looks modern in that sense.

There is one thing I am not a fan of and that is the soft interior of the car. Bearing in mind that it is a bit of and old car, fashion and design were different back then, the seats have a multicoloured dogtooth design down the centres of the seats, with a velour border. Not to my taste. Also the foot wells seem to be carpeted in velcro!? This made it really difficult to clean out, i had to get a wire brush to try and get little specks untangled from the carpet, and being black velcro it shows. But I wouldn't let this be the main thing to consider when choosing to buy, or not to buy this car, they can be covered with personalised seats which you can buy cheaply now, and maybe have a professional clean of the velcro, every once in a while. It doesn't add to the cost of the car too much as you don't have to do it too often and it just gets all those pesky little bits and bobs out of the carpet to make it look extra tidy.

*Running Costs*

It does guzzle the petrol. However, this isn't set in stone, as fuel prices are all over the place at the moment, but it isn' the most economical car I have come across, and me and my family have come across a few (we don't always have much luck!). In general though, the car can get 40-60 miles per gallon. Oil consumption is normal as far as I can tell, however, the radiator's water levels does very quite a bit, but that might just be my car, but i would check the levels very regularly, before you go out, just in case. Buying Peugeot parts aren't too expensive, especially if they are small parts, so if something does need replacing, it isn't going to cost an arm and a leg.
It is in insurance group 9 and while not the cheapes to insure, it could be alot worse.


It took about 11 months to see a really substantial issue with this car. The head gaskette had blown, and the oil had leaked into the radiator. It was time to break into my purse (gutted!!) The old owner had put K Block into the gaskette to seal the leak, (he put 2 bottles worth in) this made the car overheat, and meant that there was no room for oil, hence the car being rather dangerous to drive. This issue happens with alot of cars, and is in no way a reflection of the make or model of the car, however I would keep an eye out for early signs, as it is a pretty big job if left too late. (watch out for coffee like water in the radiator) The head gaskette was a bit difficult to get to but in any car these days it is usually the case.

Apart from this issue, the car has never given up the ghost suddenly for no reason like some cars, and has been quite reliable throughout. I have done some long journeys in the car, and it has always coped well, the only issue i do have is that it gets very hot in the car, and it can over heat if stuck in traffic for too long. I am planning to do a fair few hundred mile journey in the next month or so, I will update and let you all know how well it does.
I am planning to keep this car for a very long time, and it feels very safe and sound to drive.


The acceleration from stand still isn't exactly 0-60 in 2 second, but it's acceptable. It takes 14.2 seconds to reach 60, I found after doing a bit of research. When I first drove the car the acceleration was quite dire, but that was down to other issues, such as misfiring. It is quite a nippy little car, and although it isn't the smallest for a first car, it is still quite the spritely little fella! The car has power steering and handles really well on the road, compared to much newer cars, the power steering isn't as great, but it is still pretty decent, considering the age of the car, some newer cars don't have power steering. The car has a top speed of 102mph. I rarely go over 70mph myself, but it reaches the 70s easily from my experience.

The car has quite a booming noise to it when driving, it often puts some boy racers to shame! (Makes me feel quite smug, with their little 1.0 litre Clios trailing behind! All bark and no bite!) But it isn't so bad that it draws too much attention, it sounds like a nice healthy bumbling sound.

*Gadgets and Widgets*

Comes with a casette player and radio, it is fairly simple to replace that though, you just have to put a bit of force behind it :)
An electric sunroof is also included, which can open two ways, it can slide across, or it can open upwards, like a non electric sunroof.
Electric windows in the front seats, and manual ones in the back seats, which I think is quite nice.
There ISN'T dedicated air conditioning in this car, but personally, I think that is a total waste of time.. open a window? You can put the Heating on cold, if you really wish.
There is all the basics, like Hazards, and the demisters etc.


Perfect car for a small family. It has bags of room and is very practical.
Good for first time driviers, who find a van isn't practical, and also find themselves shifting alot of stuff around and loading and unloading (which I do alot of).
Bit of an all rounder really, it isn't flashy, but if well looked after and in the right colour it can look very pleasing to the eye.
Reliable, has the same issues other cars have if you're a bit unlucky, but that can happen with any car.
I am pleased with my car, I had a bit of doubt with what I had to fork out with it, but I am an unlucky person. I see alot of them on the road, and they aren't produced anymore. Peugeot must have done something right with them!

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Product Information : Peugeot 306 1.4

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Hatchback, Saloon - Automatic, Manual - Petrol

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