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Philips 32PHH4309

32 in - Format: 16:9 - Resolution: 1366 Pixel - 768 Pixel - without Full HD (1080p) - without 3D Technology - non-Smart TV

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published 17/11/2014 | alliewallie
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Pro Brilliant picture and sound quality, very easy to use, wall mountable
Cons The dust!!
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"It's not Philips, it's mine!!"

Philips 32PHH4309

Philips 32PHH4309

Last year I was given the option of moving offices at work or having work done in my office to bring it up to date, I think my office is perfect for the work I have to do on a daily basis so I chose to have the work done and was pleased when I found out that included being bought a new TV which would be fitted to the wall to clear some space for me around my desk (because I already had a TV in my office but it was on a large wheeled stand that looked ugly and was always in the way any time I had to walk around the office). I wasn't given a choice about what TV was installed and the purchasing department issued me with a 32" Philips LED TV, I was happy with it because I had not been expecting a brand new TV (my previous one wasn't very old and could have been re purposed but somehow it was easier for work to issue a new one).


This is a 32" LED TV that is supplied with a stand and also has the necessary holes on the back to be hung on the wall. It has Freeview built in and I use this quite regularly and is also HD ready, but I have nothing connected to it to utilise the HD at present.

The TV has a very slim frame that looks nice but I think it looks a little bit too basic and would prefer the frame to be slightly thicker, sometimes when a programme is on that is filmed in bad lighting the frame blends in too much with the picture and I think that is a little bit distracting as I watch but it's something I got used to quickly and I only noticed it because the frame on my TV at home is much thicker. I think Philips have tried to create a minimalist appearance for their TV and it looks good but isn't as impressive visually as it could have been.

The stand is sitting in the corner of my office and again that is basic but functional, I can see where it clips into the back of the TV and if I decided to take it off the wall (if I had the room!) it would be easy to convert it back to a TV that stands on a unit or desk.


I waited for days for the engineer to come and set the TV up and eventually after being fobbed off about ten times I decided to do it myself even though I knew my manager would not be happy about that. I have set up enough TVs to know I was capable of doing it and if the engineer had done his job properly and in reasonable time then I wouldn't have had to tackle it myself!!

I used the remote control and was happy to realise I only had to press a few buttons to access the menu options and once I'd done that the TV set itself up mostly. The menu is laid out and worded to make sense and once you've found the main menu it branches off into lots of sub menus and those are labelled correctly so you don't have to access any menu you don't need to do the job you've started. It took me about 40 minutes to set the TV up but most of that time was spent scanning and rescanning for the Freeview channels because reception is bad in my office and it took several attempts for me to store all the channels I knew I should have been able to find (I think a few are still missing but they're not ones I can think of so they can't be important channels that I watch regularly).

I didn't do any of the fine tuning of the sound or picture until a few weeks after the initial set up because it wasn't necessary at the time but when I did get around to it I found it as simple as when I originally did the main settings on the TV, one of the sound settings was a bit fiddly and I asked a colleague to help with that (he did it within seconds but it had taken me hours to realise I couldn't do it myself!!).


The quality of the picture on this TV is excellent and I have no complaint at all about it. The colours are very natural and the picture is sharp whatever type of programme you're watching, the colour wasn't so good to start with and some of it looked washed out but other sections of the picture were too dark. I spent a few minutes adjusting the settings and it was something that was quick to fix once I had worked out what menu I had to access.

There's no DVD player built into this TV and I wasn't issued one for my office so I sometimes take a small portable DVD player into work and connect that to the TV through on of the very many ports and slots at the back. This meant I was able to watch more than standard TV and also meant I could play a childrens film or DVD series for children who are visiting my office, the TV is located far enough away from my desk that it's not distracting for my interview with the adults and I am happy to entertain the children with a movie of their choice. I'm just thinking back to the types of DVDs that have been watched through this TV and I think the selection I've played have put it through it's paces and I've been happy with the picture on everything from One Direction music DVDs (not my choice and not provided by me!!), bright Disney Pixar movies, rock concert DVDs (again not provided by me but more appreciated than repeated renditions of What Makes You Beautiful!!) and occasional movies for adults that I or my colleagues have chosen to put on when we're working the night shift and have little to do other than wait for the phone to ring.

I think all the different shades and colours of modern movies are shown up well on this TV, when I think of all the different genres I've watched on it I do think it performs very well and it must be a good TV if it can get the correct contrast between the dark shadowy scenes of Alien vs Predator but also show up the beautiful colours of the magical island in the Barbie films one of my small clients brings in whenever she knows we have a long appointment. One of my colleagues connected his Playstation to it one evening and we had a multiplayer game so I can confirm that the picture quality on games is very good too, there's no lagging or blurring even though we were playing a racing game on split screen (my colleague races a lot faster than I do so I checked his part of the screen to make sure I'm being accurate in saying about the picture quality at the fastest time!).

The picture is good all the way to the edges of the screen and there's no blurring at the very edge. I've used the TV in different lighting conditions because I work shifts so at various times it has had sunlight glaring onto the screen and has also been watched in semi darkness with no effect on the picture quality at all, obviously if you have your TV located in direct sunlight it will affect how the colours look but that's not the fault of the TV and if that is the case you should think hard about another area where you can put it.


The sound is very good and the volume is responsive, each volume setting audibly alters the sound of the TV and that's good because the previous TV I had installed in my office I had to change through five or ten volume increments before it would make any difference to how loud it was.

When the TV was first installed I was going to bring in a small speaker because my office is large and I was concerned about the space between the TV and where the main seating area is, the speaker is still in my spare room at home because it was obvious straightaway that I wasn't going to need it and even when the TV is turned up enough to be heard throughout my office it doesn't cause the sound to thump or sound distorted at all.

If I can go back to One Direction and the rock DVDs I can say music is as good through this TV as the spoken word, obviously as the TV is in a work setting I don't turn the music up as loud as I would at home but on occasions when I've been the only one in the office I have been known to crank the volume up when a song comes on I like and I can tell you that the music and sound is almost as good as when I play the same song through my stereo at home. A TV in this price range won't have the same internal qualities to make the bass, treble and other nuances of music come through as clearly as on a dedicated stereo but that's to be expected and I have no complaints about how music sounds at all (and no complaints about any sound that comes through this TV actually).


I have all the basic Freeview channels on this Philips TV and they all work as they should. The Freeview programme guide can be a little bit erratic sometimes but that's a problem I have encountered on other TVs too, it's an annoyance but I think anyone who regularly watches Freeview that is built into a TV will recognise the fact that sometimes the timings are out and at other times there may be letters or whole words missing from programme titles. I think that's a problem with the aerial but I don't know how it can be fixed because as far as I know we have a good aerial in this building, I think this may be connected to how many times I had to scan for the Freeview in the first place but I don't understand how reception can be so good for the picture quality but not good for some of the Freeview functions.

It's rare I watch Freeview but one of the children's channels is a regular feature on this TV, it doesn't show very famous programmes but a couple of my visiting children like it and I think it proves just how easy this TV is to work when I tell you a five year old found no less than four different channels one day last week without anyone helping him at all (and they were the channels he was looking for, he wasn't just surfing for anything to watch).


I think this is one of the easiest TVs to use from start to finish. The remote control is laid out very well and that makes all the difference between working the TV easily and not having a clue where to start in my opinion. There are a few buttons on the bottom edge of the TV but to fully control it you need to use the remote, everything can be accessed using the buttons on the TV but it makes things more awkward and confusing. The remote control features DVD play buttons but this is because you can connect other entertainment devices to the same remote control, this is a good idea and even though I don't have a specific DVD player for this TV I can see this function would come in useful to save you having to use two remote controls if you want to play a DVD through the TV.

It's so easy to use that I can't think of anything to say about working the TV because it's no different from any other TV that works well. The channels always change exactly when you press the button on the remote control and everything else is equally responsive, if you have a setting to change it doesn't take very much effort or brain power to work out how to do it in one of the sub menus and finding something to watch is easy because the TV flicks though the channels so fluidly when you're surfing.

Nothing has ever gone wrong with it and I've made use of the ports to plug in my digital camera if I have images I want to view on a larger screen than my laptop, it has had the Playstation I mentioned earlier connected to it a few times and also my portable DVD player which is connected to the TV on quite a regular basis. I think someone used it to play Xbox on when I was off work because I found the back of a controller on my desk and I can't think of any other reason why that would have been there!!

The only problem I have with it is the dust that gathers all over the frame and screen of the TV. Our housekeeping department are very effective in their roles and I also wipe it over myself regularly but it seems to breed dust and because of the very thin frame even the thinnest layer of dust is very obvious. I've had this problem with other TVs and know there's nothing I can do but it's annoying because my office isn't dusty and the whole building I work in has no problem with dust so I don't know how the TV keeps getting so covered in it!!


I would have recommended this TV before but even more so now I've looked online and seen how cheap it is. You can buy the Philips 32PHH4309 brand new for £179 and used TVs are being sold for less than £80 with descriptions that say they are in as new and full working condition. With those figures in mind I think you get a lot of TV for your money and it is highly recommended by me and by everyone else who comes into my office to watch it!!

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Product Information : Philips 32PHH4309

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32 in - Format: 16:9 - Resolution: 1366 Pixel - 768 Pixel - without Full HD (1080p) - without 3D Technology - non-Smart TV

Product Details

EAN: 8712581718275

Manufacturer: Philips

Type: LCD

3D: without 3D Technology

Screen Size in cm: 81

Screen Size in Inches: 32

Screen Format: 16:9

DVD Player / Recorder: No




DVB-T2: No

Electronic Program Guide (EPG): Yes

HbbTV: No

Web Browser: No

Web Content Access: No

USB Recording: Yes

2D to 3D Conversion: No

Application Store (IPTV): non-Smart TV

Horizontal Resolution in Pixel: 1366

Vertical Resolution in Pixel: 768

Full HD: without Full HD (1080p)

Brightness in Candela/m²: 250

Frame Refresh Rate in Hz: 100


Number of HDMI Inputs: 2

Number of Scart Interfaces: 1

WiFi Connectivity: No

DLNA certified: No

USB: Yes

Number of Common Interface (CI) Slots: 1

CI Plus: Yes

RMS Wattage: 10

Energy Efficiency Class (EU): A

Energy Consumption per Year in kWh: 50

Standby Power Consumption in Watts: 0.29

Width in cm: 72.6

Height in cm: 42.4

Depth in cm: 6.4

Weight in kg: 5

VESA Mount: VESA 100


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